He Is Trying To Stop The Divorce

[BuzzFoto] This Hollywood actor is in the process of getting a divorce. The reason for the split is mostly due to his repeated cheating. Now that the process has started, he’s feeling deep regret and is doing everything he can to stop the divorce. We hear it’s too late and it will go through, but he’s even offered his wife a promise that he would quit the biz forever if she’ll take him back. 782

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1 comment to He Is Trying To Stop The Divorce

  • allie27

    This is my guest on this one –

    Because of the timing I think this is

    Tom Welling

    He really don’t care about being famous.

    He allegedly had an affair back in 2011 while he was producing Hellcats and Jamie his wife found out.

    He was separated most of 2012. Now they are divorcing and she filed I think this is him.