Smart Daughter Avoids Hovering And Hoovering

[BlindGossip] This celebrity was invited to a party hosted by a group of several celebrities with whom she used to be friendly. She did not want to attend the party, but did allow her adult children to go, as they had grown up with many of the people who were there. The celeb directed her kids to call her immediately if anything suspicious or “too adult” happened at the party.

She soon got a call from her daughter (an actress), who reported that many of the celebs that Mom knew were hanging around a table. On that table were long, long lines of powder, some running the entire length of the table. Several big names were hovering over the table and hoovering up its contents. Among that group:

  • An actress whose beauty has been destroyed more by plastic surgery than by age. She is married to an actor whose career is faring better than hers.
  • An actor who is known for only one role in a nostalgic TV show
  • The one-role actor’s wife. She is an actress, too, and hails from a famously screwed-up family.

Mom calmly asked her daughter what she thought she should do. The daughter – who is a rising star and seems to have her head screwed on straight – immediately pulled her sibling away from the party and headed for home.



Actress w/ Plastic Surgery:

TV Actor:

TV Actor’s Wife:

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