Diva Friendships Tested

[Downfront2] Is there a crack in these friendships? First, this Diva has got to put up with the publicity hungry girlfriend of her hubby’s collaborator in her inner circle. Now, the Diva’s Actress friend is getting a little loose with her language and is catching pushback because of it. Will the Diva be able to sit this out, or will she have to speak on it?


Publicity-Hungry Girlfriend:

Diva’s Actress Friend:

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2 comments to Diva Friendships Tested

  • JaMeya

    Diva: Beyonce
    Publicity-Hungry Girlfriend: Kim Kardashian
    Diva’s Actress Friend:Gwyneth Paltrow

    Beyonce made a song called Diva, people say Kim and Beyonce don’t like each other, and Gwyneth Paltrow made a tweet on June 1 about a track which got her some backlash. Plus the pictures sorta look like them.

    I love your website, this is my first post too!