Regaining His Youth


[HollywoodDame] This established male actor that has A-list status has been doing everything he can to regain his youth and appeal to a younger audience. He has had a few surgical procedures and botox. He shelled out thousands on fighting the aging battle, but he suddenly became very cheap on his hair. After buying a box of drug store hair color, he attempted to do the job himself. He ended up botching it and had to have a professional come fix it. He made up a huge story about how it was all an “accident” and claimed he mixed up his leave-in conditioner with his wife’s dye.


It’s Tom Cruise! Source: Hollywood Dame

According to Hollywood Dame:

Our actor hiding his age…Tom Cruise. After ‘Rock of Ages’ bombed at the box office it doesn’t look like all his attempts were worth it.

Congratulations to MaryQuiteContrary, who was first with the correct guess!

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