Fat Ego May Get The Boot

[BlindGossip] There are few things more humiliating than public failure. And it’s got to hurt being pushed out of your own company. For example, back in the mid-1980’s, Steve Jobs was famously demoted and pushed aside at Apple until he finally quit.

But investors don’t play. If you take millions of their dollars and can’t get the job done, they will berate, demote, and marginalize you until you quit or get fired.

This fate is awaiting one of the most famous names in entertainment. In fact, they are so rich and famous that they thought they were invincible. And now they have completely f*cked up a huge opportunity that is costing millions of dollars and lots of jobs.

A sober and responsible person would do whatever was necessary to fix the mess they created. But is this person is acting neither soberly nor responsibly. Are they buckling down to fix the problems? Oh, no! A big, fat ego – coupled with a drinking problem – is proving to be a terrible thing. This delusional executive is running away. They are taking on unrelated outside jobs in the hopes of achieving success somewhere, anywhere. Anything to get that ego reinflated! Suffice to say, investors are furious.

While the executive should get the boot, it’s more likely they will be quietly marginalized to the point of stepping aside.

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