Marry Cheat Steal Repeat

woman-money-3CDAN – C list actress. I had to look her up on IMDb because I didn’t recognize her name. I should have. Judging by her resume she has been on some very hit shows as a lead or co-star. They just are not shows I watch. One of the shows made someone an A lister, unfortunately it was not our actress. She is recently divorced and her husband is a major player in town. I remember when they got divorced but only because I knew his name. The rumor at the time was that the reason they divorced was that constantly cheated on her. Although I am very sure he was, she is not so innocent herself. At the same time he was cheating with everyone who jumped on his casting couch, she was showering her ex boyfriend with vast sums of money that she took from her husband. Whatever this guy wanted she bought for him. When the husband discovered this, it was over for the couple. Unfortunately for her, he had a very good pre-nup drawn up. Now, running out of money she and her ex-boyfriend troll through clubs looking for her next husband.

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  1. genn says

    corrine kingsbury and tate donovan– corrine only got 55k after 4 years

    would have said sunshine tutt and chris kattan– but she walked away with 250k

  2. Dak says

    Ex-husband must be a producer/director type (casting couch reference). What producer/director (or agent, I suppose) whose name people would recognize has an ex-wife who has been in television?

  3. Anony says

    I thought Michelle Pfieffer at first too, but the person who wrote the BI would have definitely recognized her name.

  4. MollySue says

    I doubt Michelle Pfiffer,she still has better name recognition than her husband, plus she was a film actress with a ton of her own money.

    haven’t a clue who it could be, so Dylan McDermott is as good an answer as any.

  5. Jane Doe says

    Just looked up Shiva on imdb — great guess! She is an actress, but she wasn’t on any hit show as the lead or a costar. Totally guest appearances, and that’s it. So don’t think it’s her.

  6. StuntBunny says

    Kelly Rutherford is not divorced yet. The BI makes it sound like this person is in the clubs WITH the ex looking for the next husband. So another way to think about it, is who is familiar on tv but not necessarily by name, that just got divorced, that does the club circuit with the ole ex-boyfriend? I’d check out the gossip sites with photos of the previous night club scene for clues…Anyone come to mind who’s pulled the whole, “it didn’t work out for us as a couple but we remained good friends” angle? (I don’t know myself, I’m just thowing out ideas…)

  7. skinneresque says

    Maybe someone from ER? “One of the shows made someone an A lister, unfortunately it was not our actress.” makes me think Clooney.

  8. JJ says

    Sherry Stringfield? She left ER for some guy (could be ex) and then ended up marrying another guy, Larry Joseph. They are now divorced.

  9. Nowaynohow says

    OMG Jennifer – SO NOT Sandra Oh. She makes a FORTUNE on Grey’s Anatomy and she is one of the stars. Plus she has been in several movies, while her Ex-Husband is a good director, they have been separated for YEARS.


  10. Nowaynohow says

    Plus – SANDRA OH is not a C Actress. She has a bunch of Awards and was an award winning actress in Canada before she came to the US to do ARLI$$

  11. h00bydice says

    This is a hard one!! How many TV shows have there been where a C-list actress has either assumed the lead role or co-starred in it. Blind uses the word “Judging”…Judging Amy?? Could this be Amy Brenneman?

  12. mbizzle says

    There needs to be an addendum to this blind vice. Seriously! It is not Shiva and Dylan McDermott because they got married pretty early and he only had a few movies under his belt, besides she hasn’t been in any TV shows as a main character. Sandra Oh’s ex totally cheated on her before they were married (don’t know about afterwards – but hardly doubt he’d stop). I can’t imagine her being very good at playing the femme fatale part at clubs to find her next husband. Pathetic Terri Hatcher can’t even land a boyfriend and her ex, John Tenney isn’t much of a mover/shaker.

    Addendum, please!!!!

  13. mbizzle says

    What about Linda Hamilton? She was once married to James Cameron, the director of the Titantic and Terminator movies. He would have had a tight pre-nup because Linda was his third wife. He cheated on her with his fourth wife, Suzy Amis, who was in the movie Titanic. Linda isn’t a household name, but played in the TV series Beauty and the Beast as well as Hill Street Blues. Okay I am stretching here, because I don’t see a connection with a TV series and an A-list name coming from it.

  14. anon says

    Don’t think it’s Dylan and Shiva – rumoured that he is gay, that’s why they are splitting. She’s taking him for a lot….

  15. Tee says

    Grace frowm ‘Will and Grace’. What’s her name?? Debra…?
    Anyway it’s her, she did some shampoo ads (headline clue) and all other clues point to her.