Marry Cheat Steal Repeat

woman-money-3CDAN – C list actress. I had to look her up on IMDb because I didn’t recognize her name. I should have. Judging by her resume she has been on some very hit shows as a lead or co-star. They just are not shows I watch. One of the shows made someone an A lister, unfortunately it was not our actress. She is recently divorced and her husband is a major player in town. I remember when they got divorced but only because I knew his name. The rumor at the time was that the reason they divorced was that constantly cheated on her. Although I am very sure he was, she is not so innocent herself. At the same time he was cheating with everyone who jumped on his casting couch, she was showering her ex boyfriend with vast sums of money that she took from her husband. Whatever this guy wanted she bought for him. When the husband discovered this, it was over for the couple. Unfortunately for her, he had a very good pre-nup drawn up. Now, running out of money she and her ex-boyfriend troll through clubs looking for her next husband.

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