Holy Roller Is Coming Out


[BlindGossip] This very talented actor has been nominated for one major award and won another major award. He has been debating about coming out of the closet for a long time now. That time has finally arrived. We hope he doesn’t pay a price for his honesty.

The timing will coincide with his starring in a new project this fall. We expect that his coming out might upset some in a certain religious community. No, our actor isn’t really a holy roller. He just knows how to pretend to be one. Come to think of it, so does his boyfriend. And his new costar.





It’s Andrew Rannells!

Wow, that was fast! Just 24 hours after we ran this item, Andrew very quietly did a Vulture interview where he publicly stated that he is gay. No big announcement or press conference. When talking about the closeted gay character he is currently playing on the television show Girls, he simply said “I am gay in real life, so I definitely get it…[coming out] is very personal and everybody obviously has to do it in their own time.”

In case you’re been keeping score at home, that’s three lead actors (Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Andrew Rannells) who have recently come out as gay in a very casual and fearless way. We love this trend, and hope it inspires other actors to do the same.

If you aren’t already familiar with Andrew Rannells, just wait! He is the uber-talented star of the original Broadway production of Book of Mormon. He won a Grammy Award and was nominated for a Tony award for his work in that production. His other Broadway credits include Jersey Boys and Hairspray. He is currently guest-starring on the HBO show Girls, but will be starring this fall in the Ryan Murphy (Nip Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story) show The New Normal.

Andrew Rannell’s casual admission was quickly picked up by a number of gay-friendly media sources, including TowleRoad (“I Am Gay In Real Life”) and Instinct Magazine (“Did Andrew Rannells Just Officially And Publicly Come Out?”), but hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet. From Instinct Magazine on May 30, 2012:

Did Andrew Rannells Just Officially And Publicly Come Out?

Is a casual confirmation of homosexuality the newest way for modern celebrities to come out of the closet? Gone are the days when folks put on a huge production and parade to announce that they’re gay in People Magazine!

Following Jim Parson’s official coming out by way of a quick mention in a New York Times profile last week, Book of Mormon star (and star of the hotly anticipated upcoming sitcom The New Normal) Andrew Rannells has laid rumors to rest by officially and publicly announcing he is gay for what is believed to be the first time.

Speaking with Vulture about his upcoming role in HBO’s Girls, Andrew says:

“I am gay in real life, so I definitely get it. But it’s not my story — I wasn’t closeted for any amount of time. I never had a girlfriend who I had that experience with. It’s less that Elijah knew he was gay and continued to date Hannah anyway and more that he wasn’t ready to admit to himself that he was gay. I think that’s probably the more common thing, particularly with young homosexuals. Coming out can be super super complicated, especially when it comes to families and friends —and if you already have a girlfriend, what does that mean for her? I hope that changes over time, but coming is very personal and everybody obviously has to do it in their own time. So, no, I don’t think he did anything bad.”

Congrats, Andrew! Your muffin welcome basket (including our Skype screename and cell number!) should arrive shortly.

Andrew Rannells has never been deeply closeted. He never claimed he was straight, nor took on a beard to pretend he was straight. He just did his job and lived his life in a classy and professional way and didn’t talk about his sexuality in interviews. Now that he will be heading a national television show, it’s as good a time as any to proactively let the public know his preference. That way he can avoid all the silly interview questions about whether he has a girlfriend, as well as all the publicist pushes to hook him up with a beard for fake dates and photo ops.

As of today May 30, 2012, Andrew Rannells’s Wikipedia entry now includes the simple statement, “Andrew is openly gay”.

Lots of you got this right, perhaps because there were lots of clues. NeedNoStinkinBadges was first to guess Andrew Rennells. Syd Wishes also picked up on one important clue (“Pay a price for his honesty?” As in “Hello, my name is Elder Price, and I would like to share with you the most amazing book”?). And Fendi5 was first to correctly guess all three people. Here they are:

Actor: Andrew Rannells
Boyfriend: Gavin Creel (a handsome openly-gay actor who stars in the road production of Book of Mormon)
Co-star: Justin Bartha (who starred in the film Holy Rollers, and will costar with Andrew in The New Normal)

We think that Andrew Rannells and Gavin Creel make a gorgeous couple, and we look forward to interviews and photo captions where they don’t have to be referred to as “good friends” or “pals”. Congratulations, Guys!

Enjoy this clip of the talented Andrew Rannells singing “I Believe” from Book of Mormon (by South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone). BTW, is it just us or does anyone else see a resemblance between Andrew Rennells and Jim Carrey?


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