Baby Looks Just Like The Fling

babyBlindGossip – This celebrity couple has been together for a few years now. They have at least one child together. Earlier in their relationship, she had an affair, a baby was born, and the couple continued their relationship. As the child gets older, however, it is becoming more and more apparent that the child very strongly resembles the fling. In fact, if you compare the photos of the celebrity child to childhood photos of the fling, they look like two peas in a pod. And, yes, the fling is a celebrity too, although not as high profile as the celebrity couple.

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  1. MollySue says

    I think Suri is the spit of Tommy’s cousin Matthew Mapother – draw from that whatever conclusion you will…

  2. Confused says

    I think Suri looks exactly like Joshua Jackson,tom’s cousin william Mapother, Chris Klein, hartnet and cruise. Lmao All of the men have the same eye shape or something.

  3. myguess says

    it can’t be Suri, it says “at least one child together”…or this is just to messed up with us !!
    I have no idea !!

  4. Dak says

    Can’t be Suri, even though she does look an awful lot like Josh, because the BI says, “Earlier in their relationship she had an affair …” The speculation about Cruise and Holmes is that their relationship began because she found out she was pregnant and Cruise rode in on his white horse to save the day. So Hartnett couldn’t have been an affair during her relationship with Cruise, because it hadn’t begun yet. IF the BI had said, “earlier, before their relationship”, then it would be a perfect fit. Then it says, “at least one child” … kind of confusing.

  5. alice says

    Hasn’t this rumour been going around about Ben Affleck and Jen Garner for a couple of years now?

  6. Kristin says

    Everyone is so mean to little Suri. Poor thing. Just imagine if that were your daughter, and people were saying the terrible things they say about Suri, but were saying them about your baby. Suri is precious.

    I seriously doubt this BI is about her. She looks just like Tom and Katie.

    • Dak says

      This is a celebrity gossip site. If celebrity gossip offends you, you shouldn’t read it. And adults who manipulate the media should not be surprised when there is speculation about all aspects of their lives. They all use the media. Comes with the territory.

      • WHATEVER says

        I think Suri looks exactly like a cross between Tom and Katy. It does say they have at least one child together and I take that as face value. It wouldn’t be them as they only have Suri.

      • Logan says

        That’s not true. Tom and Katie have more than one. They have his adopted children.
        I like the very specific way this was worded–“at least one”, depending on whether you or not consider them both parents of Conor and Bella or not.

      • Howdy says

        At least one “together” probably does mean what it says. Together to me means does not imply that it would be Tom’s other children.

      • Anon says

        “At least one together”–meaning they have one child that they (allegedly) conceived together, but more than one in total, that being the adopted children. Perfectly fits TomKat’s description

  7. queenofgossip says

    Kristin, Gossip is mean, and if you don’t like it, go away.

    I vote Shiloh- Matt Damon’s the dad?

      • Topaz says

        If you can find a picture of Angelina as a baby you will see she looked just like Shiloh, blonde hair and all, the two new ones have exactly the same facial shape too.

      • libby says

        Totally! There is so much Pitt/Voight in those kids, it’s hilarious. They even all look exactly alike.
        Dang, but they do make some beautiful children.

  8. Yan says

    Have u guys SEEN the Brange twins? New pics on perez and they are a carbon copy of Shiloh. Unless Ange went back and cheated in Brad to get preggers again so that the kids look alike, I HIGHLY doubt this is Brange.

    How bout Gwen and Gavin?

  9. Yan says

    So BlindGossip just clearly hinted this couple has morethan one kid….. Soooooo

    I’m thinking Kingston Rossdale. Little Zuma Rossdale doesn’t look like his older bro

  10. Wendy says

    Isn’t this a repeat of a previous blind from this blog? It came out right before Zuma was born and everyone thought the blind was about Gwen and Gavin. Some thought the baby was Zuma while others thought it Kingston. Does anyone else remember this?

    My guess: Gwen & Gavin or Tom & Katie

    • Maria says

      Yeah, i remember that. Another blind item came out right after Zuma’s pics came out that it wasn’t the couple who rushed out the baby pics (ie. Gwen & Gavin)

      • Meah says

        I remember this being thought to be Gwen and Gavin as well. Who is little Zuma looking like these days?
        Its not XTinas kid, that one has no chin just like Daddy.

  11. gg says

    Kingston looks just like Gavin and Zuma looks just like Gwen. Zuma looks so different cause he is so light and has blonde hair.

  12. penny says

    for petes sake people its not SURI!

    Im thinkin little Violet Affleck looks a lot like Michael Varten.

  13. sean says

    OK, clearly not Brangelina and the little saviours. They look exactly like half of each riduculously attractive parent. Probably not Suri, as she was grown in a lab. I will vote for little Violet. Since I am the real daddy

  14. cal says

    Suri has Katies face and is short like Tom. lol
    I vote for Violet, she doesn’t look like Ben or Jen, in fact she looks more like brad Pitt.

  15. Iknowit says

    I think the baby in the photo’s teeth look like Violet, so I’m going with Ben and Jen. Aaron Eckhart is a good guess!

  16. soooooooo says

    Violet. Fact..Jen admitted breaking up with Vartan in Aug 2004. Fact Jen starts dating her costar Ben Afflect around july 2004.
    fact..they married in june 2005. Violet was born dec 1, 2005. Clearly Jen was preg when they got biggie…but, since the breakup was so recent with michael vartan..could there have been a ‘one more for old times sake’ incident? where was ben around march of 2005..was he in boston directing gone baby gone? ive put too much thought into whoever it is..i hope they keep it in the past and go on with their lives. i need a new hobby.

  17. Paula says

    Are you kidding that Violet doesn’t look like her parents?! Ridiculous! She looks just like them both! I was hoping to actually read something I agreed with here.

    • MK says

      I SO agree with you – I seriously see both Ben and Jen in Violet’s face too… I don’t get what everyone else is saying…. I say it’s definitely not this couple…

  18. Hautie says

    I don’t think Violet looks like Ben at all.

    She has that huge gap between those two front teeth along with those ears. Which just makes her look even more country.

    Makes one wonder what exactly is in her gene pool. So I am going to agree with the many guesses that Jennifer G. may have had a little indiscretion.

    Which would also explain why Affleck has yet to stop messing around with the topless dancers… allegedly.

  19. caro says

    not Katie holmes and tom cruise because they only have one child!
    Not gwen stephani and gavin rossdale because kingston seems alike Gavin and a blind item of last year said it wasn’t stephani/rossdale!
    maybe Jennifer garner and ben affleck because violet only seems alike garner and just a little to Affleck!

  20. mama says

    I think that Violet looks like a mix between Ben and Jen, but who knows….

    Liev Schriver and Naomi Watts?

    Just tell us!

  21. Starburst says

    I’ve always thought Zahara didn’t really resemble Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie all that much.

    Haha, just kidding, lol.

  22. dingding says

    I really thing its Jen and Ben. I dont know why everyone thinks she such an innocent ‘good girl’. She cheated on her first husband, scott foley, with michael vartan..she cheated on michael vartan with ben affleck. once a cheater..always a cheater. why does angelina get such flack for ‘stealing’ brad. but jen is regarded as an angel when she cheated on her husband and boyfriend. when jen and ben first got together he didnt want to get seriously wasnt long after his j-lo disaster and he just wanted to play the field. he was out doing his thing and she got mad and went back to her ex…then got preg..but chose to stick it out with ben cuz she was determined to keep him. i wonder if she ever told him the truth or if he only found out after. anyways..its got to be violet…she looks absolutely nothing like ben…but she has jens big ears and dimples..the rest is someone else.

    • MK says

      Damn you Dingding lol…. I dunno why i refuse to believe it’s Jen, but that’s so true – she gets away with the past cheating thingie. I still refuse to believe it though.

  23. Jane Doe says

    I never thought it before, but I gotta say the Jen Ben guess is compelling. They at least have “one child together”(serafina, the new baby). Violet came pretty quick in the picture, and she doesn’t look much like her dad – she could really look like Vartan’s kid. Maybe we’ll see more of her dad’s features as she gets older.

  24. jane says

    hasn’t anyone else noticed the conspicious gap between the baby’s two front teeth in the picture with this blind item? why choose a picture like this? what other baby has a giant gap between their two front teeth…violet, you’re turning violet!

  25. required says

    what about the “two peas in a pod” comment? is that a hint? two p’s in the names or something?

  26. required says

    at least one = more than one, probably a lot more, but it would be too obvious to say they have “a brood” of kids or something like that. angelina is MORE than lax on her policy about being in a relationship and what the rules are (as she has admitted herself in interviews about “lovers” and how she and brad don’t say “i love you” etc.) so i say she and brad had no promises going and between the time they were photographed in africa while he was STILL MARRIED (separated is not legally divorced, kids, and you don’t go to africa with a friend of the opposite sex while you’re still married), and the time when they were exclusive (and her belly began to grow) the homewrecker between billy bob thornton and laura dern and then brad pitt and jennifer aniston (yep, once a homewrecker always a homewrecker) was drifting with someone else. just can’t figure out who? an ex? what movies was she in besides wanted at the time? maybe it’s jonny lee miller??

  27. hmmm says

    holy moses..could jennifer garner have had an affair with her alias costar victor garber? theres many pictures of them together..they had become good “friends” after doing alias and theres pictures of her leaving his house even when she was preg.
    maybe she went to him for comfort after her tiff with Ben. Look at pics of victor garber and tell me that doesnt look like violet. the shape of the face..the eyes..forehead..hes also got the big ears. hmm im just sayin….

    • Jenny says

      Victor Garber plays for the home team. He’s a “confirmed bachelor,” so I doubt it is his kid.

      • ladybug says

        wow… you have to check out this picture of jennifer garner, violet, and victor garber together. i wouldn’t have thought so, but this looks like the culprit!

    • Lukie says

      Victor Garber is super daddy gay.

      I used to run into him and his lover around greenwich and bank in NYC alllll the time…

  28. ms Sherlock says

    I’m not a brangaloonie myself, but those kids are definitely Brads.. they look exactly like him. I’m gonna go google Micheal Vartan now…

  29. ms Sherlock says

    K..Jen Garner has huge ears,ben affleck has little eyes..thier kid looks like them..maybe we are barking up the wrong tree?

  30. rocket says

    Two peas in a pod. Garner n Garber. Victor Garber. He has been seen going with Jen to Dr apts when she was pregnant. How many women would have just a friend go to a personal ob appt? There is more to that friendship than meets the eye. Trust.

  31. dreamyvelvet says

    WOW…saw a pic of Violet from this month, compared it to Victor Garber…Jen was a naughty girl.

  32. SJ says

    Gwen P. dated James Purefoy, another British actor, sometime before Chris Martin. She does love Brits. He is dark haired but has refined features.

    And, there are “two pea’s” in Apple. Food for thought.

  33. Yan says

    but Apple and Moses look so much alike.. they’re like little children of the corn.. ok that way mean.. but seriously.. they look alike.

    • SJ says

      Actually, except for their coloring (Blond) and long, uncombed hair, I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids actually look alike. They have different features. And Apple also has a gap between her teeth, like Violet.

      Except for the blond hair Violet is the spitting image of Jennifer Garner — not any man.

  34. Yan says

    did a little search.. apparently Gwen Stefani wore a few dresses from a maternity store called PEA IN A POD! People raved about this maternity dress she wore.. i think it fits..



    • nycmom10024 says

      Pea in a Pod is not that exclusive. I am a middle class mom in NYC, alll my materity clothes were purchased fom Pea in a Pod. This canzt be a clue.

      Garber is gay, gay gay! No way he is the dad he is a 2nd dad to Jenn G.

  35. Love.bug says

    If it were Ben & Jen and Violet were Garbers, then perhaps their marriage is a sham after all and this would make it possible for Ben to be the answer to one of Ted’s blind items. I forget what name he gave him but I believe that Ben was a very popular guess.

    The item said that the actor fronted the perfect family life but was secretly having romps in the sack with ethnic guys on the side {either latino or black.} Does anybody else recall this?

  36. CMAC says

    Gwen Stefani with her ex Tony (from No Doubt)
    Where does Kingston get the olive skin from?? He looks mixed!!

    • anon2 says

      I agree with you. I have always thought Kingston looked a lot like Tony. Look at their smiles and Kingston is very, very dark. Darker than either parent. He does look a lot like Gavin too so it is a close call. Although I dought Gwen would have had an affair, they did go through that difficult time when info came out about Gavin having had a child with an old gf years ago. I would hate for this to be true (and this is another version of an old blind item that eliminated Gwen and Gavin) because I really like this family but I very much think Kingston looks like Tony.

    • G says

      Gavin has always had the same natural tanned look to his skin, you can tell just by looking at old 90’s Bush era photos. Plus Kingston def resembles Gavin’s older daughter Daisy. So Tony is def not Kingston dad.

  37. mook says

    yep, it’s lil Suri Cruise. there was a story in one of the mags that Chris Klein was bragging to his friends about the tot in a bar and the day after some Co$ goons paid him some hush money to shut up about the relationship.

  38. Marivi says

    Okay… seriously??? I almost never jump in on these blinds ’cause I can never figure them out…. but I just googled pics of Victor Garber and Aaron Eckhart…. and JESUS! I can’t seemed to find any info linking Jen to Aaron, though.

    So my money’s on Victor Garber…. WOW.

  39. cece says

    well its gotta be Jen Garner and someone.. shes the only one with a daughter that looks nothing like the dad.

    • cece says

      j lo’s unfortunate looking babies resemble their father. hopefully they get cuter as they get older.

  40. Lee says

    As if gay men don’t father children. Violet is the perfect mix of Jen Garner and Victor Garber. Look for the pic of him holding her little pink stroller. Twinsies!

  41. rmpc says

    violet looks just like Garber…aand he is always ranting and raving about her (remember he even confirmed jen’s pregnancy!)and everyone knows that jen would do ANYTHING to keep ben

  42. says

    Suri looks JUST LIKE Katie. Look @ older pictures of Katie or watch an older movie (First Daughter) or even Dawson’s Creek. Same eyes, same nose…Suri looks just like her mom.

  43. InThe Know says

    I’ll repeat: “At least one=one OR more” therefore there can be only ONE child, so I don’t know why everyone insists or ruling it out. Secondly, Katie Holmes is on record as being a parent to Tom’s adopted kids, so there’s more than one, if you must.

    It’s Katie Holmes and Suri. Except I wouldn’t call bio-daddy a fling.

    • hmmm says

      InTheKnow, They came on here to give a hint that at least one could be one or more…in essence, saying that you guys were way off with your Suri guess. Thats why they gave the hint. If Suri guess was right they wouldnt have intervened. The couple has more than one child.

      • InThe Know says

        Again, either way, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise consider his adopted kids with Nicole to be theirs. Katie calls them her kids and said in an interview they call her Mom. One or more, it’s still Katie and Tom.

      • InThe Know says

        And if it’s not Katie and Tom, it’s referring to another celebrity couple with scarily similar circumstances as them–which seems unlikely, even in Hollywood. LOL

  44. Yan says

    @ IN THE KNOW… maybe you’re closer to the truth than someone wants you to be.. hmmm…. CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!

  45. InThe Know says

    My first post just pointed out that there were some details off here, but perhaps that’s how they tweak that story to keep from getting in trouble. LOL

  46. london18 says

    Victor Garber is gay. I’ve never seen ANY of Ben in Violet…I think Jen’s features might be really dominant or something, but I’ve always thought her and Vartan continued their relationship even after they broke it off. Hell, I wouldn’t be able to resist him 😉

  47. Chickie says

    Not Vartan/Garner/Violet. I just googled Vartan and Violet. They don’t even similarly resemeble each other.

  48. Chickie says

    Liam and Naomi’s son looks just like him with that awful round face. Dead Ringers. Not Liam and Naomi.

    Don’t like Suri for this one, as we all know that it is either Chris Klein’s or William Mapother and an egg donor, with Katie rumored to be the mother. I don’t think she has ever been pregnant.

  49. Chickie says

    I wonder though if this does mean that this person has been around for years, and we would probably know him when he was younger. I wouldn’t know anyone from their baby picture.

  50. Eliza says

    I’m going with Violet Affleck being the daughter of Michael Vartan and here’s why: Violet’s hair is too blond to make her the child of two brunette parents. Ben’s hair is almost black. Vartan’s hair is a lighter brown — the kind that was probably blond or sandy brown in earlier years. Darn! Both Affleck and Vartan have a prominent cleft chin — so we can’t use that as a clue. But the hair color is a dead giveway, IMO.

    • dum-ditty says

      Ben Affleck was very blond when he was Violet’s age. You don’t have to look too far on the internet to find photos of him as a child, and there is a resemblance. Violet looks a lot like Casey Affleck as a child too.

  51. stark says

    Just so you know, I’ve seen early photos of Jennifer Garner (old church directory) and she was a little toothy. Violet looks just like her. Not that it changes the father discussion.

  52. anonymous says

    If you look at photos of Casey Affleck’s older son Indiana there is a strong resemblance to Violet. Especially in the eyes. I think they both have Ben and Casey’s eyes. Just a thought.

  53. Jo says

    Put a photo of Chris Klein next to Suri Cruise and you have your answer. Its more obvious than a picture of prince Harry next a picture of James Hewitt

  54. dum-ditty says

    Suri looks so much like Josh Jackson at that same age that it’s becoming more obvious day by day. And remember–Jackson was a child actor (“Mighty Ducks”, “Andre”, etc) so there is an awareness out there of what he looked like, and it’s easy enough to find out—anyone that has a minute to do the side-by-side will see it. There’s also timeline that puts Katie Holmes in very close proximity with him, her extra special ex-boyfriend, at the very beginning of her Tom Cruise contract.

  55. dingy says

    NO WAY, Tom Cruise isnt the father. Hes richer than God and an egomaniac. He wouldve had a paternity test if there was any doubt. Heck he probably made her have a complete physical to make sure she was suitable breeding material..then bathed her in Scientology holy water before they attempted to consummate. Then she was monitored 24/7 by scien-goons. No,..not Katie.

    • Logan says

      Tom Cruise is rich enough to do a lot of things…he can even make the world believe he is a hetero, fertile, potent male if he chooses to.

      • dingy says

        right..but with HIS sperm. He clearly wanted biological offspring. That can be accomplished in many ways. Suri is his child….one way or another. IF he is gay, which i doubt but whatever..he still wouldve used his own ..,material. Besides this BI is about a child who is becoming more apparent that she doesnt look like the father. Suri definitely resembles both parents.

      • Logan says

        You think? Tom Cruise’s whole family has a vey distintive nose which Suri doesn’t have. Her features do not closely resemble Tom’s. Hair coloring and eye color are more generic–and are just as similar to Katie’s other boyfriends.
        I think she looks less and less like Tom but more and more like a certain someone every day…

      • Logan says

        I think Tom desperately wanted biological offspring–what better way to squash the two biggest rumors about him that he hated most: A) that he was gay; and B) that he was shooting blanks.

        I always believed the latter to hold more truth.

  56. Yan says

    hmmm…. i JUST looked at Josh Jackson’s pic.. and i’m thinking that.. umm.. yea! Suri looks JUST like Josh when he was little! ***creeepppyyy*** I wonder if Tom Cruise would know.. like and this is all part of his ‘contract’ with Katie. *ponders*

    • Logan says

      A baby was definitely part of the contract, no doubt about it. Perhaps there was some fine print regarding exactly how this baby was to come to be…

      There was a blind item after Suri was born about a A-list celebrity’s doctors being “shocked” to hear he had fathered a child…

      Then there was a Blind Item after Nicole Kidman’s Vanity Fair interview (regarding her supposed miscarriage with Tom’s baby) questioning which big name actress agreed to say a few things that might not be 100% true in order to get a role/script she desperately wanted…

      • Yan says

        *SHOCKED* Hollyweird truly is a place of wonder…

        Honestly.. after looking at JJ as a kid and looking at Suri now.. there’s no doubt in my mind.

        I wonder how they got JJ to agree to it. Another possible ‘role grab’ hmmmm….

  57. dum-ditty says

    Katie cut all contact with Josh. When their TV series ended, she was claiming in all interviews that he was her closest friend of the cast–and that is basically the truth. They were always good friends (and some might say friends w/benefits) who kept in touch. Katie flew all the way to London just to see his play in the West End, and you can bet she didn’t do anything like that for any other former Creekers.

    Yet Josh was the only former castmate NOT invited to her wedding. Funny, no?

  58. dum-ditty says

    More history: Katie and Josh dated exclusively for about a year in the beginning of the TV series and then broke up. She talked about him being her first love in a Rolling Stones article. There are claims that Katie’s publicist set her up with Chris Klein because she was still brokenhearted over Josh. Despite having a boyfriend, there are several reports from the set that Katie and Josh liked to revisit their romantic relationship from time to time over the years. When Katie and Chris Klein broke up for good, Josh Jackson was the first person she went to see.

    A very, VERY short time later we hear that Katie Holmes is engaged to Tom Cruise and supposedly having his love child.

  59. Anne says

    Ben Affleck is gay.

    It is a well know fact in Hollywood, the marriage is a sham just like all of Ben’s other “relationships.” His PR person did even look outside of the dang movies he was in to get his next “girlfriend”.

    I would guess that Affleck and Garner is the answer here.

    • Tracie says

      A female friend of mine has slept with him several times. She was his booty call for a few years whenever he was in Vancouver.

  60. Justathought says

    Never posted on here before, but what about Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber/Heath Ledger?? The little boy is VERY blond and kind of looks like Matilda… Just a thought.

  61. JJ says

    I’ve always thought Suri looks exactly like William Mapother but the Josh Hartnett resemblance is definitely there too.

    I highly doubt it is Zuma Rossdale.

  62. Sammm says

    I’d say Suri as well. Katie Holmes and her ex Chris Klein were not broken up for very long when she got with Tom Cruise. And if the rumors are true that its all a show, one last little affair with Chris is probably how Suri came to be. I really think Suri looks A LOT like chris klein.

    I dont see any resemblence to Tom Cruise in her at all.

    Also, tom and katie are parents to toms older children.

    And yes Kristin, Suri is a very sweet kid.

  63. Nowaynohow says

    Victor Garber is indeed, gay. Which – I’m not the first to say here, but I actually know for a FACT.

    Don’t think it’s any of the Pitt/Jolie’s – because the biological kids all look EXACTLY the same, and if you look at Angelina’s baby photos and Brad’s baby photos they are square in the middle.

    While I would LOVE to believe it’s Suri Cruise, she was broken up with Chris Klein prior and, as Perez Hilton pointed out when she was ‘pregnant’, Katie was visibly pregnant for 11.5 months.

    I think Violet Affleck looks exactly like Jen Garner – but I would love to see how much she looks like her new sister, as that gal grows.

    However – I know in my immediate Family there are folks that have raised children ‘as their own’ who were not biologically theirs – yes, from an affair – and they were still referred to as ‘their’ children. So as long as they don’t need a kidney transplant and find out they are not biologically related…does it REALLY matter?

    I mean – it’s not Loretta Young and Clark Gable any more, now IS it?

    • InThe Know says

      Nowaynohow, you touched upon a key point. Perhaps this blind item is accurate in its story, but not necessarily the finer points and details. If the real deal is the baby-momma was already impregnated by someone else when the now-famous celebrity couple made their big debut, it gets much more interesting…and real.

      The longest recorded pregnancy in celebrity history. LOL. Didn’t so many think it odd at the time? How quickly we forget.

      Maybe the non-biological dad was secretly thrilled at the chance to have another child, loves to promote his family guy image and this time get to claim it as his own. And as you said, maybe it really doesn’t matter to A-list Celebrity Guy that it wasn’t his swimmers at work. He gets to be called “Daddy” by his little one AND get much-desired positive attention from the media because of the cutie in front of the camera. If he’s already in-the-know, doesn’t care about DNA and considers it a win-win for him, the truth never need be revealed.

  64. Nowaynohow says

    OH – and in regards to Suri’s paternity – many years ago, Cruise’s first wife, MIMI ROGERS gave an interview that said PART of the reason they divorced was because Tom was sterile from childhood mumps or measles – and that she wanted a family.

    I heard from folks in Oz that while Nicole did INDEED have a miscarriage, it was the fact that she HAD a miscarriage that did it for Tom, because he knew he could not impregnate her. That was when it was rumored she had an affair with Russell Crowe – before he got back together with his CURRENT wife.

    Ben Affleck was not, actually, gay – according to my friends who do Entertainment news, BUT he, as many others in show business who have had EVERYTHING offered to them, has walked on many a wild side. That was back when he was drinking more. In fact, he gave one of my friends his cell phone with a ‘call me anytime’ invitation.

    Listen, half the drama schools in the country have gay students, then they graduate and…what? There are no gay movie stars? Ridiculous. Montgomery Clift and Cary Grant shared a house in Santa Monica for three years before the studios started marrying them off.

    It’s just the business.

  65. dingy says

    @nowaynohow..mumps can cause sterility..but it many cases it CAN return. So even if he was sterile in his younger years..that could have resolved itself. Besides, im sure he has the best drs money can buy. Whatever his sexual orientation..Suri does indeed look like him and i have no doubts he is the biological parent. In vitro is a good possibility. Besides, he has already openly adopted children..why bother hiding it this time if he wasnt the father.

  66. dingy says

    Besides, if Katie was impregnated by someone wouldnt be from a fling…it would be the frozen sperm of l.ron.

  67. Yan says

    Ha! |I love it.. i dont think any blind item has caused so many responses before! LOL… I’m still convinced its Suri and Josh Jackson. look up his Mighty Ducks pics ppl!

  68. penny says

    WHat about other couples such as Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermott?
    My money is still on Garner.

  69. Megan says

    It’s Tom/Katie/Josh Hartnett.

    It’s pretty clear she was pregnant before she got together with Cruise which would explain her weird shaped stomach towards the end of her pregnancy (she already had the kid!).

    There are reports of Katie making out with Josh H in NYC a few weeks before she got together with Cruise.