Writer Wants to be on TV

magazinesNYPost – Which magazine writer who’s known in the office as a shameless self-promoter tried to sell her life story as a series? During a meeting with a cable channel, the woman told salacious details about her life to all in the room – including the fact that she’s been cheating on her long-suffering husband (whom she married only because of his social connections and money) with a well-known actor. The gossipy meeting was all for naught, as the scribe was turned down. Now she’ll just have to find other ways to get on TV.

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  1. sssssssssssss says

    Corri Fetman, attorney and columnist for playboy. Famous from lifes short get a divorce campaign….. i have inside info here if this isnt meant to be her she still fits the bill

  2. Kiki says

    You know I swear I read something similar in Vanity Fair..

    Atoosa seems like a choice… she’s traveled the magazine world hasn’t she? She doesn’t seem very popular.

  3. Lehrer says

    This is Tina Brown, formerly the editor of Vanity Fair and of The New Yorker. She married her husband, Sir Harvey Evans, for his money and publishing connections. Her Wikipedia entry says that she is controversial because of her self-promotional techniques. And in the photo, one of the magazines is Newsweek, which is owned by the Washington Post, the newspaper that Tina once wrote a column for.