He Needs Permission from Mommy

mean-momDaily Mirror – Which sportsman with a tough-guy image is actually a mummy’s boy at heart – and isn’t allowed to go out socially, or even cook for himself, without permission from the dominating matriarch?

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  1. E says

    Andy Murray maybe? Although he hasn’t really got a tough guy image, his Mum does seem to have a lot to do with his career, and I don’t think he is seen out a lot.

  2. Anony says

    Is “sportsman” the same thing as athlete? Because Bear Gryllis kind of has a tough guy image and may be considered a sportsman.

  3. laura says

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a good guess. I remember when he broke up with his last “girlfriend” and they said something about his mom not liking the girl.

  4. Kristin says

    I’m going with Ronaldo. Just like Laura said, the reason he broke up with his ex was because Mommy didn’t approve.

  5. lua says

    defo cristiano ronaldo.
    his mum apparently still lives with him, she told him to break up with his previous girlfrieds, and the one before that. and its well known he is a mommas boy