The Gift that Keeps on Giving

mother-sonBlindGossip – Which rising young film actor should get himself to a doctor pronto? Turns out that a casual fling he had a couple of months ago was recently diagnosed with a treatable STD. We don’t know who gave the STD to whom. What is interesting though, is that although the star’s sexuality is ambiguous, this particular fling was with an actress. Even more interesting is that fact that she is old enough to be his mother.

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22 comments to The Gift that Keeps on Giving

  • caro

    ashton kutcher?tim robbins?nip/truck son? no idea!

  • caro

    i know they’re too old but they love “ladies”!

  • penny

    Rising YOUNG film actor…Robert Pattinson! or maybe Zac Effron

  • biggiebigyadig


  • Liv

    the entire cast of gossip girl!

  • Liv

    oh wait nevermind it says film actor

  • Tom

    Why does Shia Labeouf pop into mind?

  • vickster

    Franco! Everyone talks about his sexual ambiguity – whether he’s gay or not. He’s a film actor, Spiderman, Milk, etc. Totally him.

  • David D.

    Or maybe Chris Evans?

  • JZW

    I don’t care about the guy, I want to know who the actress is!

  • kiki

    No one really knows who Rpattz plays for… but we ALWAYS guess Rpattz… so I say to heck with single guesses I’m making a list.

    Zac Efron
    James Franco (although I’m certain he’s gay but my theories aren’t everyones)
    Chace Crawford
    Ed Westwick

    I don’t think Franco is “rising” though… he’s pretty much there… Rpattz seems like the type to get cougar’d… although I kind of love him in a “I bet he’s a shy alcoholic and I’m messed up enough to want that” kind of way.

    At least it’s treatable! But seriously whomever it is totes needs to go to the doctor 😐 Shouldn’t he be like “oh that’s never been green before :|”

  • cmc

    I wonder if the girl was Kelly Rutherford. She is older and has access to all those young boys. She doesn’t seem especially promiscuous, but that divorce came on REALLY quick.

  • Britney

    I’ll go with Shia…affair with Karen Allen who played his mother in the latest Indiana Jones movie.

  • Britney

    nevermind, I’m pretty sure Shia is straight

  • Kiki

    I was thinking of Kelly Rutherford as well! The divorce was like “badda bing” and her ex-husband is really, really bitter which strikes me as something akin to the feeling of being cheated on… maybe Ed Westwick is more Chuck than Ed?

    See? We just have to make lists and than narrow it down from there! We need a BG system lol

  • Kiki

    Add to the list Daniel Radcliffe

  • I wouldn’t think it was Franco. Not in a million –

    November 22, 2008
    James franco 10[1]Rumors have swirled about James Franco’s sexuality for a while now, but the MILK star insists that he’s as straight as an arrow. While rumors swirl, it’s been announced that Franco has accepted the part of homosexual poet Allen Ginsberg in the forthcoming biopic HOWL, his second gay role in as many years. Asked about taking on back-to-back gay roles, Franco tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: “(It) don’t make any difference to me. Ginsberg has been one of my heroes and this movie is just so important. “I’m playing him when he was in his late twenties, just after he went to Columbia (University).”

  • MK

    is Drew Barrymore old enough to be Ed Westwick’s mom? …just puttin’ it out there

  • Tabby

    Drew Barrymore is in her 30’s. Ed Westwick is in his early twenties, so I don’t think so.

  • Meah

    I wonder if this is related to the next blind item about the Lost girl dating a teen.

  • hey hey

    I like the Drew Barrymore/Ed Westwick (sp?) guess, they did hook up a couple months ago and Ed has been rumored to be with Chace Crawford which would indicate to the blind’s ambiguous sexuality! I am on the Drew/Ed train!

    • hey hey

      wait a min I got ahead of myself! Ed is not a film star… maybe Chace? Isn’t he in some movie ab to be released? And I think he hooked up with Drew too right??