Bye Bye Baby

pregnant-belly-bwCDAN – This star tweener actress very recently had a procedure done which avoided the need for a shotgun wedding or awkward questions when doing her next press tour. It also probably saved her the explanation to her current boyfriend about why the baby was not going to look like him.

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36 comments to Bye Bye Baby

  • Britt

    Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron? She strikes me as a cheater, plus we all know how deep in the closet Zac is

  • cece

    Miley is sleeping with an African American dude.

  • Dak

    Okay, everyone is going to assume this is Miley, so I hope whomever put this up is completely sure about it because it’s a pretty inflammatory thing to put out there. Seriously, we’re talking about a young girl here …

    • JZW

      “Completely sure”? Dude,

      a) read the name of the site again.

      b) just because you assume it’s Miley doesn’t mean everyone else will.

      c) you think “young girls” don’t have sex and abortions? You must’ve been living under a rock.

      • Dak

        “Dude”, I’m well aware of the name of the site. Everyone assumes it’s Miley. And you have got to be kidding me … young girls are having sex and abortions? What???? Why didn’t anyone tell me??? Things shur have changed since I was a young girl … Dude.

  • Scarlett

    Kristen Stewart?
    Emma Roberts?
    Taylor Momsen?
    Vanessa Hudgens?
    Ashley Tisdale?

    The possibilities are endless….

  • Whitney G

    Rumors of Miley Cyrus being pregnant and having an abortion have been around for months.

    I’m going with Vanessa Hudgens.

  • In L.A.

    I’m not easily disturbed, but this item has succeeded – we obviously know it’s not Jamie Lynn (The Baby was delivered, right?). Think we need more info…

  • natalie

    Ashley Tisdale is 24!! hardly a “young girl”/tweener

  • Anony

    I think it’s probably Miley, but just for fun I’m going to say it’s Julia Roberts’ niece (the one who was in Nancy Drew)

  • biggiebigyadig

    miley would waaay to obvious. She is pretty much who everyone thinks of now a days when you say ‘tween’. I’m gonna mix it up and say… DEMI LOVATO!

  • David D.

    Bea Arthur.

  • anon2

    ‘Next press tour’ indiciates someone who is doing a movie and will be doing press for it. TV shows don’t have press tours and I guess singers do have some press when they are on tour, but not much. I will go with an actress on this one…just don’t know which one.

    • I Know

      TV shows do have press tours whenever a new season is about to launch. For example Evangeline Lilly is making the rounds for the new season of Lost right now.

      I will guess Taylor Momsen for the simple reason that the poor child is a trainwreck. I doubt a druggie will be responsible in terms of birth control.

  • GeeMoney

    Dakota Fanning. Ha ha ha!

  • Britney

    Well Miley does have the Hannah Montana movie coming out, she will be doing a press tour for it I’m sure.

  • DC Gossip Dude


  • anonymous

    emma watson??

  • Yan

    LOVED the Bea Arthur guess LOL

  • stinkweed

    Bah! So not Emma Watson.

    Miley has a live-in boyfriend and a movie coming out. She’s a good guess.

  • Sammm

    Even though I think it would be awful and a simple answer, I’m still going to say Miley.

    1. Press for Hannah Montana Movie

    2. She is publicly dating a guy who is OBVIOUSLY white

    3. She claims to be a virgin

  • JS

    There’s always rumors about Vanessa cheating.

  • Kiki

    Isn’t there a black guy on HM as Jacksons best friend? I hate that I know that.

    Not that the formerbaby daddy would have to be black but that guy exists.

  • Kiki

    Double post ftw
    wasn’t there a rumour about Jamie Lynn being pregnant with a second baby?

    • I Know

      Yes, I heard that. The babydaddy was suspected to be Lil’ Romeo. Don’t know if there’s any truth to that, but I heard it.

  • Jenny

    No, there is no black guy on HM that is Jackson’s best friend. Corbin Bleu has guest starred a couple of times as a potential love interest for Miley/Hannah. Jackson’s “friends” include a white guy and Rico, but there are no main black cast members.

  • aroundthewayboy

    how could a 12- to 14-year-old have a “shotgun wedding”? this is clearly about an actress popular among tweens who is not herself a tween.

  • Jack

    its miley

    why even beat around the bush here? its an open secret in hollywood

  • hey hey

    Jamie Lynn, she was rumered to be preggers again and if she actually had another baby right after the other one, Disney would drop her and her show def. She is trying to get her image back, so I can totally see this being her imo

  • moonbeam

    jamie lynn spears