The Hockey Player and The Celebrity

hockey-playerCDAN – This NHL player has himself a really nice celebrity girlfriend who he claims to love. Hasn’t stopped him from having strippers called up to his room on every road trip. I’m sure the girlfriend would be pleased.

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19 comments to The Hockey Player and The Celebrity

  • ms d

    Hillary Duff perhaps?

  • IamThinkingBrazilian*

    Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher or Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie

  • Kittykat

    the Hockey player Erica Christensen is dating. Her ex another hockey player a few weeks back wondered out loud to the press about other hockey players dating his sloppy seconds.

  • Ravana

    I would say Duffs Boy toy

  • ms Sherlock

    I hope its not Hilary & Mike.. I love them together.

  • ms Sherlock

    Kittykat.. do you mean Elisha Cuthbert? she was dating Sean Avery,ahockey player, and now shes moved on to another Hockey guy..I don’t know his name, but I doubt its her,cause’ she has never been known to be “nice”,but Hilary Duff is always said to be a really sweet/nice girl.

    • MK

      She’s with Dionne Phaneuf right now – can’t see him cheating on her but who knows at this point lol…

  • Anonymoose

    Carrie Underwood and her guy are a definite possibility. I just read in US Weekly about how they share the same religious beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    anonymoose, I think you meant to say definitely not a possibility. They just started dating and its not enough time to be in love. Another thing, both are devout Christians and there will be no cheating there. Mike doesn’t drink, smoke, swear so I doubt he’d cheat and not to get into his business but premaritial sex is a no no. There are other players with celebrities listed in the Star Magazine this week. Its probably one of them. Mostly actressess but you can believe it wasn’t Carrie and Mike.

  • Hmmm

    Could it be Rachel Hunter and Jarret Stoll of the Kings?

  • lala

    both mike fisher and mike comrie used to live in my town and players on the team dated a couple of my friends. Fish is straight as an arrow on and off the ice, lights out by 11…drives his roomate crazy. Comrie on the other hand is trouble; comes from big money (he’s an LA boy whose parents own the brick), makes big money, and spends big money….

    • MK

      I agree it can’t be Mike Fisher because he’s pretty religious and not into the party scene… Stoll is the best guess at this point since he’s dating a cougar – pretty big age gap there… I really hope it’s not Mike Comrie ‘cuz those 2 make a cute couple…

  • Carrie

    Dionne Phaneuf (Calgary Flames) and Elisha Cuthbert. This is the relationship Sean Avery was referring to in the ‘sloppy seconds’ comment a few weeks back.

  • From Calgary

    Dion Phaneuf and Elisha Cuthbert. I knew someone who was ‘seeing’ him a while back, and have heard many rumors of him liking the ladies.

  • marne

    I’m thinking Hilary Duff (“Nice” Girl) ..