Girl Pays for Everything

datingCDAN – Now, I know there are some bad dates out there, but you would think that if you are in your 20’s you wouldn’t have to have your teenage girlfriend pay for all your dates and your clothes and if you get cash from the parents it is the same thing because she is earning all the money anyway.

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  1. chris says

    Miley. Why is her father supporting her relationship with an illegally older, penniless starf*?

  2. yo mama says

    i hope mileys parents lay the law down on that leach of a boyfriend who looks gay. They will end up the next britney and kfed.

    • Silly me says

      Let me get this straight: the girl’s parents should “lay the law down on that leach of a boyfriend” because she is underage and he doesn’t pay for anything? So his being “illegally older” would be no issue if he paid for everything? So she is basically a working girl, paying for the dates is the girl’s agreed upon price, and her parents are the pimps who decide if the John is cool because he pays up or if he should get some punishment for defaulting?

      Is that what you’re saying? I swear it’s not very clear to me. I was too distracted by silly ideas like supposing that a woman, no matter how old or young, being independent enough to choose and even support the man she chooses for whatever reason she sees fit could possibly be considered a valuable victory for all women in the seemingly interminable struggle against the paternalistic standards of our society. I am just silly like that sometimes.

  3. In L.A. says

    Funny, this story could have been told about Britney and old worthless K-FED (Except, both were in their 20’s). It’s Miley – her boyfriend is cute though, but sounds as if he is also worthless. Miley’s “parents” never really appear to be involved with her life (Except to collect checks)or protect her from anything…Sad…

  4. kiki says

    I think the person who was mentioning how Miley’s parents should lay down the law was really speaking on the fact that Miley is 15 and her alleged boyfriend is 20 which is illegal in America… so don’t go spouting feminist things on them because it is illegal and it really seems like he’s using her for the fame. She’s 15 she needs someone (and normally it’s the parents but it just won’t be in her case) to point out who the “bad people” are.