What This Pop Star Has Been Doing In Europe


[NationalEnquirer] Which super-famous female pop star, known for her “bad girl” reputation, has been secretly hooking up with women? The sexy singer has been frequenting European strip clubs, getting lap dances, then taking the raunchiest performer back to her hotel!


It’s Rihanna! Source: BG and everywhere

Rihanna has been seriously acting out for the past several months Getting into Twitter fights, drinking, smoking, and drugging. Every night is a party night! Look at me! I’m drunk and stoned and bisexual! I’m cool!

Those parties frequently wind up in strip clubs, where Princess RiRi isn’t afraid to get up close and personal with the dancers. Just a week after we posted this blind, Rihanna showed the whole world what she likes. She likes to grind on the girls and she likes to make it rain. And then she picks out a few dancers to take back to her hotel. She’s so proud of her escapades that she even put some of the strip club pics up on her Twitter account.

From Take40.com:

Rihanna is out to shock again after posting raunchy shots of her cavorting with strippers on Twitter.com

No stranger to controversy, Ri has posted two images on her page showing her in a nightclub handing out wads of cash to scantily-clad dancers.

In one shot, she is seen throwing dollar bills at two women as they simulate oral sex, and in the other she grasps a drink between her teeth and counts out more money as a blonde struts in front of her.

Alongside the raunchy images Rihanna makes a show of her lack of interest in being a role model by writing a series of mocking messages, including, “Best stress reliever = $tripper$. Kill it Tip it… ROCstars**t my daddy would be proud… RoleModelS**t.”

The controversial images follow a number of pictures that have gotten Ri into hot water recently, including photos of her pouring a suspicious-looking powder on a male pal’s head and apparently smoking marijuana on holiday in Hawaii.

Yes, Rihanna is acting out and burning out. Another hospital visit or two for “exhaustion” or “the flu”, and she may be ready to concede that her lifestyle is hurting her and finally go to rehab. We hope that happens sooner rather than later.

Congratulations to AlabamaCrazy, who was the first of many with the correct answer!

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