He is Babbling About His Former Bosses

latex-suitBlindGossip – Everyone knows that the first rule of hiring celebrity staff is to have them sign airtight confidentiality agreements. Which couple is going to regret dropping the ball on this one? One of the former staff members of this famous couple used to run errands for his bosses. One time he was given money to go to a specialty shop to purchase full-body latex suits for the couple. The suits weren’t for scuba diving. They were for bedroom play. This is just one of many wacky tales this person can tell about Mr. and Mrs. Kinky. Much more to come.

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34 comments to He is Babbling About His Former Bosses

  • Kristin

    I just read that Angelina and Brad’s former bodyguard named Mickey is going to be releasing all the juicy info about the couple. The story said he never signed a confidentiality agreement! And he knows all about their sex life and how their relationship started when he was married to Jen… can’t wait!!

  • lvgossip

    Reports have already been said about the couple, Brad and Angie…. juicy! hahahah

  • mia

    Why would you send your bodygaurd out to buy you latex body suits? I bet you could get them delivered more discreetly.

  • Lin

    Yep, the “Mr. and Mrs. Kinky” is a reference to Mr and Mrs Smith movie.

  • sunny grace

    I’ll go with Brangelina on this one. Although I just don’t understand how Ange could have trusted him that much, if it indeed is her, without a conf. agrmnt. And the other bodyguard — there were hints she was getting close to him, also.

    All gossip fun aside, though, I am wondering about this sudden spate of negative press re Ange. The image of cold, calculating from NYTimes article and other things floating around. This couldn’t possibly be from Anniston. Hmm. I’m wondering if it’s other award nominees taking potshots? Is Holly Galine still in their employ?

    And I would think Ange would be furious Mickey would do this and just might sue to stop any stories like this even if untrue.

  • Yan

    I typed this in another BI but I’ll repost it here.. I’m thinking that BI was Ange now too:

    Does anyone remember that blind about “Pregnancy is Third on the List” or something like that.. which talked about a celeb working feverishly to try and get private info about her past banned from leaking… interesting how this Angie and ex-body guard thing is now coming up… no? I can’t remember the blind but I’m changing my guess to Angie.

    • lol

      I remember i think it was pretty recent too. Definitely makes sense.
      Somehow I feel they are going to settle out of court with the bodyguard and we won’t know squat.

      • Minerva

        Also, remember that Celebrity A and Celebrity B who hate each other for a variety of reasons BI? We were pretty sure that was all about Ang & Jen. Celebrity A had some news that she was waiting to release in the New Year that would knock Celebrity Bs current success off the headlines for months…Ang was hinting around about expanding her family soon on the Today Show but it sounded like an adoption. Another pregnancy would be even bigger news. If we hear that she is pregnant, then I think Brad & Ang are the subject this as well as the two other mentioned BIs.

  • stan

    Well whoever is writting the book, the couple could match the book publishers offer and then we get no book!

  • Leah

    That’s such a crock of s*. That guy Mickey Brett never even worked in the US he only worked for Jolie overseas.He was never on the set of Smith in LA. You seriously believe that Brad Pitt wouldn’t make his hired help sign confidentiality agreements? lol Puleeeze. If and it’s a big if he’s even trying to peddle something like this I almost feel sorry for him. Pitt’s lawyers will come down so hard on him he won’t remember his own name. By the way that guy was arrested in 1998 on suspicion of murder and is a known pervert who frequents Thailand. *cough* That probably has more to do with the guy being fired

  • Kiki

    In Touch Weekly reports that Ange is already seeking legal counsel to atttempt block Brett’s book, which is also said to include all the juicy private details about the couple’s relationship and their sex life.

    One publishing insider says Mickey “knows everything about Angelina. It’s going to be one of the most explosive books ever written. It will include all the sordid details of how they (Pitt and Jolie) got together while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston.”

    And he might be able to get away with it since sources claim he never signed a confidentiality agreement.

    Brett headed up the couple’s security detail when the Jolie-Pitts went into hiding in Namibia back in 2006 for Shiloh’s birth. He was later fired in 2008.

  • Meah

    Finally people can guess Angolina Jolie and Brad Pitt and be right. Now we just need a for sure about Ben Affleck!

  • Dawn

    It’s Jolie and Pitt!

    They were shooting MAMS in Italy!!! Jolie didn’t have him sign-Brad was probably clueless! Also love the part about Mickey setting up meets at the hotel for Jolie and her lovers(female and male)…this was when she was with Brad already! Also Mickey was aquitted-and in India he did what they asked him to do.This should be interesting!

  • So What

    From In Touch: “Mickey supposedly walked in on Angelina and Brad “being intimate” in her trailer only three weeks into the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angie won Brad over by doing whatever he wanted in bed, including “buying sex toys, paddles and whips and dressing up in latex,” says the source. Mickey says he and Angie used to laugh about what a poser Brad is, like when he got a tattoo to impress her.
    Also, Angie cheated on Brad with at least one dude since Shiloh’s birth AND hooked up with a famous female pop star on numerous occasions.”

    I wonder who’s the female pop star…. Any guesses?

  • Yan

    Female pop star makes me think Christina Aguilera or even Pink

  • April

    Leah: they filmed it in Italy.Mickey didn’t sign a confidentiality clause. And he was employed by her before Pitt came on the scene. Pitt and Jolie were sleeping together almost as soon as they started filming. Mickey did not catch them in bed and neither did Jolie have any affair with a singer. Oh and he wasnt sacked for anything to do with Thailand.

  • kg

    i cant believe that brange would be so lax about the confidentality agreements with their staff especially..

    i would say a couple less famous

    carmen and dave
    shanna and travis
    christina aguleira and jordan (hubby)
    fergie and josh

  • sunny grace

    Okay, then if it is Brange, why was Mickey fired? Where is Holly? Or did Brad get all of Ange’s inner group?

    Considering Mickey’s murky past, why would he even risk a tell-all book?

    And if it indeed is Mickey, he’s just blackmailing. Either way he gets a payday. What happened to the previous bodyguard, Bill, who was in the mags? If anyone, he’d have something to sell.

    And who did Ange (and I don’t think Brad is being targeted) really piss off for this unwanted press? That’s what I think is more interesting — who is willing to try to turn press against Ange.

  • soooooooo

    ok..if it is Brangelina..why would they care? Its not like Angie had a pure past. You know she would LOVE it if it comes out they started their affair before brad claimed they did. It will really tick off Aniston. Considering how calculating Angie is..I wouldnt be surprised if shes behind the whole thing! Steal some of Anistons thunder. What better way to reveal it than to have it come from someone else..supposedly. Payback for the uncool comments. HA. well played Angie.

  • bleu

    Yep, soooooooo, I was thinking the same thing. That this is stuff Ange actually is behind and wants publicized. (Notice too it all only sexes up her image again after so many babies and halos. Really, what on earth about any of it would make her less sexy/cutting edge?) (And if the earlier bi about actress A wanting to steal headlines from actress B is Angelina and Aniston, it also would follow that it’s Angelina doing the calculating to sweep Aniston out of her recent return to the limelight. Also: Angelina is A list — Actress A. And Aniston is B list — Actress B. lol)

    • penny

      Good point. It seems like any dirty scandal would only add to her sex appeal. What better time than after having kids ..they want to get away from that mother image, if shes still going to be marketable. I remember that BI too.. it so makes sense! interesting..very very interesting.

      • Jane Doe

        I heard angie wasn’t doing any more movies, so why be marketable? Also, this woman is considered the sexiest woman around the world consistently. The babies have not tired this out.

        But I do think she is a mastermind, so I am not putting it past her that she is behind this puppetry. Just don’t know why Brad is steill mesmorized.

  • Leah

    The article claims 3 weeks into filming Mr & Mrs Smith he walks in on them. Impossible. Brett wasn’t even in LA when they filmed Smith. He was only on set with them when they filmed in Italy at the end of October 2004. So, right there it’s false. Also, if you think that Brad Pitt didn’t have that guy sign a confidentiality agreement from 2005 on your crazy! lol. That guy only worked for her overseas. So the only time he could of been setting up anything was in India and Prague. Such a crock especially considering the insanity they went through in both places/ Nice try Mickey.

  • Jenny

    Angie doesn’t fully trade on her sex appeal. She has postured herself as the naughty girl who has matured into an Audrey Hepburn-esque figure who thinks more of others than herself. If she is portrayed as a complete phony and hypocrite i.e. actively pursuing Brad Pitt, having the kids with nannies unless it is for photo ops, then the tarnish will be off the halo. The whole world won’t adore her. I think she doesn’t want her secrets known because it would mean less money in her pockets.

    • Kittykat

      I think in Angie’s case the rose is off the bloom, I’ve noticed over the years since Brange have been together, that more and more people are becoming less and less enchanted with them and their small army of children. I think people are starting to take a good hard look at them and not buying into the image they are selling. Just my opinion though.

  • Tiffany

    Oh puleeze! People are so jealous of Angelina and Brad they’d believe anything. Like ’em or not, they are hot together! And they seem to love each other.

  • JS

    “That’s such a crock of s*. That guy Mickey Brett never even worked in the US he only worked for Jolie overseas.He was never on the set of Smith in LA. You seriously believe that Brad Pitt wouldn’t make his hired help sign confidentiality agreements?”

    Um actually, Mickey had been with Angelina since she did promotion for Gia, he was on the red carpet with her at the Golden Globes the night she won for that role.

  • retropian

    Kinda hot. I get the sense Brad likes to be dominated and Angie would certainly be capable of that! But, it’s probably not them anyway.

  • moonbaby

    latex body suits…angelina & brad??? oh to be a fly on THAT wall! that’s way hot! i enjoyed reading all the comments guys, it’s really hard to picture anyone besides brangelina fitting this blind after seeing everyone’s input!

  • Lucy

    I was living in LA while Mr and Mrs Smith was filming. Brad was in LA and the rumors were already going on. Production was talking about how much they were making out on set. It was all over the place.

  • In L.A.

    First, you know there is always plenty of talk and speculation about Tell All books – they never live up to the hype (Tom Cruise Tell All in 2007, JLO Tell All in 2008, John Travolta Tell All…). Whomever it is, they need to quite talking about Telling All and just get to the Tell! Second it’s Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

    • elpepe

      i’ll agreed with you on this one at firt, but then it doesn’t ay anything about a strapon so i’m going with brangie…..

  • David D.

    Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman.