She Will Lose Her Job If She Tells The Truth

[BlindGossip] When you screw up repeatedly, you should consider yourself lucky if anyone is ever willing to put their trust in you again.

This actress has had many chances and has blown through all of them. However, she is still able to land a job, thanks to a producer who is willing to take a chance on her. He did warn her, though, that if she wound up in trouble again due to either substance abuse or reckless behavior, that he wouldn’t be able to insure her and he wouldn’t think twice about calling off their deal.

This is why our actress is compelled to lie about where she was and what she was doing. She’ll lose her job if she tells the truth.

However, this producer means what he says to this girl. He has already started talking to the agent of his back-up actress for the project, just in case our actress stumbles. The new actress might not have as big a name, but she is infinitely more reliable.

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