Pop Star Is Getting Territorial


[Hollywood Dame] This younger A+ list popstar is getting very territorial over his girlfriend. The PR-arranged relationship was actually just a friendship with hook ups, but he has been getting serious. Too bad for him…she is just in it for the fame.


It’s Justin Bieber! Source: Hollywood Dame

We thought this item was timely because these two kids were spotted together again this weekend.

Although it was originally a PR setup, Justin is much younger and much more immature than Selena. It was harder for him to separate the real from the fake, and he really thinks he loves her.

Selena, on the other hand, is older, and wiser, and more PR savvy. She knows that Justin is a lost little boy right now, and she is taking advantage of that. Although their contract was up a while ago, she will score a little more paparazzi attention as long as it suits her. However, if Justin continues his downward slide – and can’t or won’t separate himself from the bad influences around him – she will quickly distance herself from him again. She will definitely emerge from this relationship looking better than him.

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