Pop Star Has A Shrine To Her Ex

[BuzzFoto] Which A list pop star has an entire room dedicated to the memory of her relationship with another celeb? Both he and she might have moved on to new partners, but she has a ‘shrine-like’ room in one of her homes where the walls are plastered with pictures, magazine covers and other memorabilia remembering the relationship. 645

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  1. Herkeda says

    Rihanna? That is, if you count her reported fling with Ashton Kutcher as him being her new partner. Her ex, Chris Brown (to whom the shrine is dedicated?), is dating Karrueche Tran.

  2. HWOODPR says

    Please tell me this is Britney and Justin! My first thought was Rihanna and Chris Brown, but I don’t think she’s currently in a relationship.

    • JGordon says

      I’m thinking of A-Rod because of the word “Memorabilia”, which is generally thought of in terms of sports.

  3. jeannie says

    I remember hearing this about Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake years ago, so I’ll go with her.

  4. runaway says

    Britney and Justin? though I remember that blind where he was the one hung up on her.

  5. jferron23 says

    The “I will love you forever” sign makes me think Jessica Simpson, just because she had a song on her first album with the title “I wanna love you forever.” The shrine, of course, is to Nick Lachey. And the word “shrine” makes me think religious, which she is. So, yeah. J-Simp FTW!!!

  6. raslebol says

    Justin and Britney? Justin and Cameron ? Justin and alyssa Milano? in clear Justin T

  7. MoeschaB says

    Some crazy force is screaming Madonna and Sean Penn. Over the years Madonna has been open about her deep feelings for the volatile man and their marriage. Though the picture doesnt suggest anything MDNA but she has a few homes and I could easily see dedicating a room to her first Love.