Blackballed By Fashion

SOLVED! [Hollywood Dame] This pop star will do anything to outshine her competition. She has made herself relevant thanks to outrageous fashion choices, but she is getting blackballed by stylists and designers. The artist once fired her stylist on the spot after she couldn’t get the outfit she wanted. Turns out, the designer didn’t want their clothes/name associated with her.SOLVED!

It’s Nicki Minaj! Source: The Hollywood Dame

From The Hollywood Dame:

The pop star who was blackballed by several designers is Nicki Minaj. Jeremy Scott will happily dress her, but she has made some enemies. Minaj created a dress that was basically a style jacked version that Jessica Rogers of SomedayNewYorker had concocted. She wore the dress the dress to fashion week, stole the designer’s original coined term for the fashion statement, “Puff Balls,” [see photo below] and took credit for the idea. Nicki has denied the style stealing, but this is an unfortunate common practice.

Congratulations to KitKat73, who was first with the correct guess!


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