Jock Husband Can’t Deal With Infertility


[NationalEnquirer] Which movie star-turned-TV actress is having problems in her 10-year marriage because the couple can’t have children of their own? She’s been on fertility drugs for years and her sports star hubby refuses to adopt.





It’s Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti! Source:

ashley judd dario franchittiRelationships are complicated, and there are usually several factors at work in a couple’s decision to split.

However, we do know that Ashley’s inability to conceive was definitely a big source of tension in their relationship. While she was non-committal in public about having a baby, behind the scenes she was doing everything possible to conceive.

After a couple of years of trying without success, Ashley broached the topic of adoption with Dario, but he nixed the idea.

From People Magazine:

Ashley Judd Splits from Husband Dario Franchitti

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti are splitting after more than a decade of marriage.

“We have mutually decided to end our marriage. We’ll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed,” Judd, 44, and Franchitti, 39, tell PEOPLE exclusively in a statement on Tuesday.

After being engaged for about two years, the Missing star and the racecar driver tied the knot in a highly private ceremony in Scotland in 2001.

Judd’s sister, Wynonna Judd, served as maid of honor, while the groom’s brother Marino was the best man.

Shortly after the news broke, Judd tweeted: “Family forever. @dariofranchitti.”

Franchitti later responded with a tweet of his own: “@ashleyjudd family forever.”

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  1. Jessie27 says

    I can believe it’s Ashley despite what she said in her book. In her early and mid 30’s she was quoted in magazine interviews talking about kids, in a way that implied she was open to having them or might even be trying.

    1997 Redbook
    age 29, before she met Dario
    Looking ahead, Judd says she has no immediate plans for children of her own. She shrugs. “Someday, yeah, but I never thought about it until my sister had hers. Her children give me little introductory lessons.”

    2001 Redbook
    age 33, engaged to Dario
    Naomi Judd interview with Ashley Judd
    Naomi: “But when it is time for Ashley to start her family, she will not be a mother such as I was. She’ll be very smart, very prepared, fortified with folic acid and prenatal vitamins, and she’ll have planned the conception date. And that’s the way motherhood should be. She’s going
    to be a super mom.”

    NJ: What do you wish for your children?

    AJ: I want my children to be comfortable in the world. Every person who might have children hopes that [they] will feel loved beyond any shadow of a doubt. Where your children are going you cannot go to, even in your dreams, for they belong to tomorrow. I think their own
    sense of equanimity is the most important thing. I’d also like them to speak a couple of languages. And I think it would be important for me that our children understand what Scotland and Kentucky and Tennessee mean to Dario and me as historic places. As places not just of our
    personal heritage, but where they fit into history, you know? Especially Scottish history. It’s like a microcosm of world history, with independent people and struggles, and bad guys coming in and doing unspeakably bad things. It’s about people finding something that helps them transcend.

    2003 New York Magazine
    age 35, married to Dario
    Do they want children? “God to know, us to find out,” she says. “Never lusted after them.”

    2004 Chicago Sun Times
    age 36, married to Dario
    As for having children, Judd says, “I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but the truth is consistent. It’s for God to decide. Frankly, if we were [trying], we wouldn’t tell anyone.”

    2006 Sunday Mail (Scotland)
    age 38, married to Dario

    Judd admitted she has never had a burning desire to be a mother.

    She said: “It’s unconscionable to breed, with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries.

    “I know it’s a strong opinion a lot of people won’t agree with and that’s not to say some day I might not feel a different impulse.”

    2011 her book
    age 43, married to Dario
    [quote above re: never wanting to have children]

    I would say the timeline dovetails perfectly with someone who plans to have children, finds she has difficulty getting pregnant, possibly tries to convince her husband to adopt, he refuses, she takes fertility drugs, still can’t conceive, and then because she has a massive ego and can’t admit not being perfect at EVERYTHING, including making babies, she decides that she is going to say that breeding is immoral. While hedging her bets so that if she “accidentally” gets pregnant (while taking fertility drugs which she would never admit to), she can pretend that it was God’s will and they’re going to go ahead and have the child.

    I don’t know what inside information prompted this celebrity blind, and I don’t know if it’s true, I just know that it’s CONSISTENT with what she has said in the past, and with her own reportedly massive ego.

    I have no sympathy for someone who is a hypocrite. If she said “no comment” one way or the other, that’s fine, it’s her private business. Or if she said “we’re trying but we’re having trouble conceiving” – also fine, and it might spark a mature conversation about fertility. But to be secretly trying to get pregnant, while telling people she thinks it’s immoral to breed? Sorry, no sympathy there at all.

    And by the way, it’s moot. She’s nearly 45, an age where even without fertility problems it would be extremely difficult to conceive naturally. AND, her husband just left her. Anybody want to bet he’ll be remarried in a couple of years and will soon have kids?

  2. muuuuu says

    While I know Ashley Judd is a little cray-cray, I do have some sympathy for her. It must be crushing to have your husband abandon the marriage on the count that you can’t conceive naturally. I’ve seen it happen with friends and within my own family, and I don’t wish it on anyone. Infertility can definitely take its toll on a marriage/relationship, though I think it’s cruel in this case for Dario to not even consider adopting a child. It implies that he values DNA over the bond he had with Judd.

  3. Samie says

    She may be or have been ambivalent. People aren’t always consistent about what they want.That doesn’t make her a hypocrite, just uncertain and inconsistent.

    And who knows, maybe he has a fertility problem. Lots of men do. So she could have been taking drugs for years and still not have gotten pregnant, if that is the case. Anyway, now we’ll see if he has kids with someone else. And how long it takes his conjectured next wife/girlfriend to conceive.

    With Ashley’s family problems, I could see her feeling very uncertain about having children. She may have some sort of obsessive/compulsive and/or addiction problems if her stint in rehab is anything to go by.

    She admitted that she was in a lot of pain and had a disrupted childhood where she felt she had to be perfect. So she may have deep insecurities about having children. All of the talk about preferring adoption may be real, but she also may just not want to be a parent at all. And since she’s 45, perhaps it’s too late. Anyway, I’m sorry that they’re breaking up.

  4. Jessie27 says

    Um, what makes her a MASSIVE HYPOCRITE is publicly saying “it’s unconscionable to breed” while she is trying to get pregnant.

  5. raslebol says

    i’m with my hubby since a longtime and for some reasons,i wasn’t able and didn’t want to be pregnant.
    Last year,we had broken and one of reasons was that he wanted a kid.
    The adoption is very very difficult and complicated in France.
    Now we’re together, he’s happy,i’m happy and we came to see a doctor.

  6. raslebol says

    i believe because it explained her “full face” (one of the trouble with some fertility treatments)