Fifteen Affairs And Going Commando

[PopBitch] Which Brit expat actor is popular with US TV networks but possibly getting less popular at home, as he’s suspected of at least 15 affairs? The actor’s wife isn’t going to get a great deal of sympathy from her colleagues in the costume department either. Her habit of going commando in her on-screen outfits hasn’t gone unnoticed by the launderers.

BG Note: PopBitch is a Britain-based blog. An expatriate (or “expat” for short) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of the person’s upbringing. So this post probably refers to a British actor who has been working in the USA.


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49 comments to Fifteen Affairs And Going Commando

  • Katmandu


  • kim444

    I’m going with Stephen Moyer/Anna Paquin as the blind implies they are an acting couple. I was initially thinking Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead because of the comic pic but his wife doesn’t fit the clues.

    I can TOTALLY imagine AP going commando. She’s always skanked me out.

  • doomdreamer

    ‘Commando’ makes me think Homeland. But that said, it could be either Damien Lewis (wife is Helen McCrory) or Hugh Dancy (wife is Claire Danes).

  • ChattyCathy

    Damian Lewis….home reference “Homeland”

  • Fernie

    Damian Lewis. The home reference is to Homeland. I think if it were Hugh Dancy, there’d be more mention of the wife because Claire Danes is more famous than he is.

  • jordan123456


  • raslebol

    Butler married?!

  • redstilettos

    Butler’s not married though.

  • VeronicaMarsBars

    Oh, sad if this is the correct guess. I love Damian Lewis and I imagine he has many fans in the US because of his prior roles in Band of Brothers and Life. I just watched The Forsyte Saga and his character was … messed up to say the least. I hope he’s not a cheater. Also, if his wife isn’t wearing undies in costume, that is also rather vomit-inducing. I definitely feel for the costumers.

  • mar1ey

    Indeed. The wife plays in the Harry Potter movies, thus, the school girl outfit.