Actor Makes Kids Happy

[CDAN] I thought I would tell you about one of the good ones. Oh, he has his faults, but he definitely makes an effort to help others. He is an A lister on television on a very hit show and was in one of the best and most popular movies of the year last year.

Anyway, without any publicity on his part, our actor has made arrangements to purchase 25 tickets to each Lakers and Clippers game to give a chance for impoverished children and their families to attend games which they would otherwise be unable to do. He and his partner also founded an organization which provides after school activities in the arts like music, ballet and drama classes for kids after school. They pay for all the salaries of the instructors and any supplies needed by the kids are also paid for through their efforts.

They have made sure these kids and families have school supplies, Christmas presents and have even paid for birthdays for over a hundred children. The great thing about this, is they have done it all quietly without asking or seeking any attention for their actions.


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2 comments to Actor Makes Kids Happy

  • applesandbananas

    Actor: Jason Segal
    Tv Show: How I Met Your Mother
    Movie: Muppets
    Partner: Nick Stoller (his writing partner)

    Jason Segal played basketball in high school and won the state championship.

  • CatInTheHat

    Chris Pratt
    Parks & Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy
    That whole thing with Chris Evans shows he has it in him to do something like this.
    Hope it’s him – he’s one of my favs, but whoever it is – way to go!