The Swag Regifter

[NationalEnquirer] Which A-list actress has an entire storage room to hold all the free swag she’s accumulated over the years? The thrifty TV-turned-movie star rented office space in Hollywood that she’s filled with designer handbags, electronics and beauty products that she then re-gifts to friends!

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  1. brat365 says

    I think u guys got it all wrong. Thrift stores is prob where they got all the * to do that 70s show. Mila kunis for sure. She has been in a list company for a while now.

  2. seatac says

    Except for the Hollywood part, this says SJP to me. She’s notoriously cheap, right, or did I just imagine that?

  3. Mermaid says

    My pleasure John22! I am happy to help you maneuver the PR cesspool of self-endorsement that is the career of Jen Aniston. Anything else you require, just hit me up!

    Yours in spirit,

    Angie Jolie

  4. Mermaid says

    Absolutely. Charity is so TOTALLY overrated. If you have plenty, why not pass this stuff (that you don’t want or need) around to other cosseted celebs (who also have plenty) or celeb makers (who can help you with your career) instead of helping those in need? Selfish is the way to go, right?

    Let’s spread the wealth around to the wealthy. Like a game of musical chairs. Or better yet, why not just give to “no one” and throw it away. Maybe throw it away right in front of needy people – even better.

    Poor Jen Aniston. Dumped by Brad and now … now people are saying Jen MUST give to charity. How horrible for poor Jen. Quick, someone give her another lucrative leading role in a heavily promoted useless rom-com to make her feel better. You’ve made Jen CRY – give her a new role STAT.

    “There there, Jen, there there … look, doesn’t the ocean look pretty?”

    Jen Aniston should change her name. It should be PoorJen Aniston.