Pregnant Mom Has a Big Body Strategy


[HollywoodDame] This celebrity mom-to-be is treating her body like a garbage disposal. She is unashamedly eating anything and everything she wants. The weight gain is already obvious, but it’s all part of her plan. She has already inked a deal with a weight loss company and will be sporting a slim and trim post baby body before you can say deep fried Twinkie. However, the secret of her incredible pound shedding will be plastic surgery, not diet and exercise. Right now she and her manager are deciding whether or not to add a breast reduction to the lipo and tuck procedures. News that she is in labor will hit soon, but it’s actually a scheduled c-section.


It’s Jessica Simpson! Source: Hollywood Dame

So the body isn’t coming back as fast as Jessica Simpson hoped. It’s too bad that there is so much pressure on women to drop their baby weight 15 minutes after giving birth. We know how hard Jessica worked on her Dukes of Hazzard body, and think that if she took the time, she could do it naturally. But, her body, her choice.

From Star Magazine:

Jessica Simpson’s Plastic Surgery Secret

“Jess is desperate to lose her baby weight — even if it means going under the knife. Sources say Jessica is frustrated with diet and exercise and would undergo surgery if she wasn’t under contract. Jess has been researching plastic surgery procedures. She is looking into everything from noninvasive options, like lipodissolve injections, to tummy tucks and liposuction.”

Everybody got this right, but Jujubee was first! Congratulations, Jujubee!

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