1. RudiGrl says

    Gotta be Olivier Martinez. He just gave Halle Berry a honkin’ big emerald engagement ring.

  2. Bromance1979 says

    Halle Berry’s fiance, Olivier Martinez. Her engagement ring has a blue stone, I think.

  3. KWDragon says

    Oh Oliver, Halle is gonna whoop your tail when she finds out! Seriously, she’s a special kind of hot-crazy.

  4. jacqueline says

    Oliver Martinez and Halle Berry. Is it wrong that I really hope so because she rubs me the wrong way…???

  5. sunshinestar says

    Definitely Oliver Martinez – the Emerald in the picture looks like the ring he gave Halle Berry. Ugh, none of those people can be faithful or have at least a few morales.

  6. lcl222 says

    Olivier Martinez
    The fireworks from this breakup will be fun to watch unlike her current custody battle.

  7. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    I would imagine this is Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful – so hot) & Halley Berry.

    • ShennanigansOHoolihan says

      And I know the pic isn’t a clue, but Halle’s new ring is an emerald. (Halle* spelling up there)

  8. Crdgz720 says

    Oliver Martinez and Halle Berry… He’s from Paris and her engagement ring is emerald GREEN!

  9. Magsey says

    Got to be Halle Berry’s cray cray craaaaaaaaay self. She has an emerald ring these days. I think the “engagement” is another ploy. Her poor kid.