Cancel The Twilight Coming Out Party

[HollywoodDame] This ‘Twilight’ star was due to come out of the closet, but has decided to wait at the insistence of his PR team and studio. He wants to claw his way to the top as a more established actor to ensure his career will be able to handle the impact of announcing his sexuality. The studio wants to cash in on his heart throb status as much as they can. We might be waiting for years before our suspicions are confirmed.


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    • YoGo8c says

      He’ll be waiting forever then. If he let’s his team dictate for him he’ll never be free.

      If a young star allows someone to whisper doubts to them and carries on obeying it – it will never happen. Wave goodbye to this one I’m afraid!

  1. lauriols says

    That’s disappointing. Taylor Lautner or Rob Pat. I’ll go with Taylor Lautner since he’s looking at RPat in the photo.

    • terry123 says

      I agree – all of them. LOL.
      Maybe instead of a wrap party they should have a coming out party.

  2. princesslisa says

    I’m guessing Taylor Lautner? I’ve never seen Twilight, but he’s supposed to be a heart throb, and the use of ‘claw’ makes me think of a werewolf (as opposed to a vampire.) A quick Google search shows that he plays a werewolf.

    • WindyLAX says

      Agreed! I couldn’t decide which one it could be, until you pointed out the “claw” reference.

  3. grohloholic says

    Couldn’t decide between Taylor Lautner or Kellan Lutz until I noticed the claw clue which surely means it’s Taylor

  4. Herkeda says

    I’ll go with Robert Pattinson. Mainly because he’s older than Taylor Lautner (my other main suspect) and he’s probably tired of Kristin Stewart being his beard.

  5. malkatz says

    Doesn’t he realize an “I’M GAY” magazine cover is better publicity than most films?

  6. brijazz says

    Taylor Lautner – I think the claw reference indicates someone that played a werewolf.

  7. blessedjess226 says

    “Heart throb status” most likely Robert Pattison. Doesn’t he have a movie coming out?

  8. escada82 says

    of course this is Taylor Lautner. But how awful of his PR team to force him back in the closet just so they can get $$$$? Seriously, that’s not right.

    • ssslithering says

      I’m way late on this, but it’s Kellan, not Taylor. The claw clue is too obvious, it’s a fake-out. Kellan did a huge, very hot ad campaign for Calvin Klein underwear. It increased his “heartthrob” appeal triplefold, especially amongst the demo his people (and CK) were after. They stopped his coming out (as bi, btw) – not Summit. Summit had a very “any publicity is good publicity” approach for breaking dawn 2, they would have been more than just cool with the extra press. But the CK ads started bringing in much bigger roles, better scripts, etc. So ultimately, those ads ended up foiling his coming out plans – ironic since he was basically “out”, if you want to call it that, on the actual shoot – openly flirting and coming on to both the guy and girl models. For those who don’t believe guys can truly be bisexual – well they haven’t met Kellan Lutz. Super nice guy, btw, who I know was very frustrated with the turn of events. He wants to come out, lead by example, etc. $100 says he’ll be openly bi within three years, unless he really blows up and becomes a mega-famous action star. I don’t see that happening, though – coming out is still a really risky pr move, but I think he’s got the stones to pull it off. I guess that was kind of stating the obvious. Sorry

  9. Rednfreckled says

    Poor Taylor… Oh well he will be alright, I’m sure. The money will keep him smiling. Btw love the “claw” clue :)

  10. LaurenP9519 says

    Taylor Lautner! “claw his way to the top” is a reference to his werewolf character

  11. Jubilee says

    This sounds like Taylor Lautner to me. Widely rumoured to be gay, and also the clue in the ‘clawing’ his way to the top as a more established actor.

  12. redstilettos says

    It can’t be Rob since he doesn’t have a PR team. Do the others have PR reps?

  13. ivyleaguer says

    Claw??? Let’s see a certain werewolf perhaps? BG had an item before that one of the men from the film would come out after the last installment. That one didn’t have any clues though, that I remember. I don’ watch the films so the only wolf I know would be Taylor Lautner.

  14. randijane says

    “claw his way to the top” = werewolf = Lautner. Sad that he can’t be who he is in Hollywood and that everything has to be PR.

  15. fleur8101 says

    Taylor Lautner – without a doubt. there are also rumors that Rob and Kellan are Bi. I’ve come to the conclusion that over 80-90% of male actors are Bi or Gay.

  16. GoGetEm says

    One of these guys is a heart throb? I don’t think there’s any way I can guess this one right!!

  17. modelle18 says

    Taylor Lautner is the obvious choice – only because he is the only one considered a heart throb. Kellan has been legitimately linked to other celebs wheras Taylors only has had his picture taken with them

  18. pscheck2 says

    all of them? but a couple of them might be ‘outed’ by others for their many indiscretions, IMO lol!.

  19. sweetcheeks says

    Who wants to “claw” his way to the top? Our resident werewolf Mr. Lautner, of course! He really need to just come out, I think his fan base will get bigger if he does, he’ll be a youth gay icon, he’ll still be hot, and women will still think they can boink him if they try hard enough!

  20. zooby says

    Definitely Taylor Lautner! “claw his way” – reference to werewolves in Twilight.

    I don’t think Pattison is gay, to be honest … and Jackson Rathbone is expecting a kid with his GF (people in the last blind thought it was him that was gay). Kellan Lutz is def not gay – coming from a good source.

  21. HotTeacher88 says

    Taylor Lautner. BUT, I see no reason for him to come out, nor any other celebrity who doesn’t want to. That should be his business. He owes no one all the details of his life. If asked about his lovelife, he doesn’t have to answer. It’s not a denial, just his right to privacy. Sounds weird coming from a fan of this site, but that’s how I feel.

    • PandoraWolf says

      That’s a good point. I really don’t care either way; his body is STILL BANGIN’ and that’s what’s important to me. : )

  22. TheYellowDart says

    Kellan Lutz? He’s the only “heart throb” on the set – unless it’s Robert Pattison…

    • TheYellowDart says

      Or Taylor Lautner – since werewolves have claws? Oh darn…it could be any of them!

  23. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Claw as in werewolf as in Taylor Lautner. It would make Taylor Swift look bad too.

  24. aeduko says

    HaHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my word. Thanks for the good laugh. That photo is awful!

    Do I even have to say the name?

  25. MoeschaB says

    It has been speculated that both Kristen Stewart and Robert Patteron are either homosexual or bi. As well as each others PR beards.This charade will be going on a long time – too much bank is wrapped up in the phasade their lovestruck personal lives…unfortunately. Dont think Taylor is gay and the other male Twilettes coulld come out tomorrow and it wouldnt matter to their careers. imo.