Please Lie About My Ex

[NationalEnquirer] What A-list actress, who’s currently going through legal battles with her partner, has actually asked friends to make untruthful and damaging claims about her ex? Apparently she wants him out of the picture so she can move out of the country.

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128 comments to Please Lie About My Ex

  • uscqueenie

    Halle Berry

  • tanyaf

    Halle Berry

  • DreamyVelvet

    Halle. She gives women a bad name. The judge threw out her claims that Gabriel was a bad dad, she knew it, she got rid of her lawyer to get a Hammer lawyer. I’m just waiting for her to pull the sex abuse card now. Halle has no shame. God she’s horrible.

  • maryellen123

    halle berry

  • amagod121

    It’s Halle. I hope she doesn’t succeed.

  • Herkeda

    Definitely Halle Berry.

  • MrsPatrickBateman

    Halle Berry. I feel so bad for Gabriel, you can tell he loves his little girl and that is ALL that should matter. Halle needs to realize that her baby having a father who wants to be in her life and who will fight tooth and nail to do so is a blessing, not a curse. All she is doing is hurting her own child. Just sad.

    • gumbii2662

      A-MEN!! That guy has gone through he** and back to keep custody of his daughter. If he was such a horrible father, he would have given up long ago. He’s walked quietly into and out of court, knowing the cameras are snapping pictures and that the stories of the terrible accusations are ruining his reputation, yet all he does is keep trying to have a relationship with his daughter. I applaud him for staying the course.

    • akajenb

      Aubry should have done his reesearch on Halle Berry before he got with her. The new guy she’s dating better watch out because he’s next.

    • CrimsonClover

      I agree. She could realize it’s not about her it’s about her daughter and her daughter needs her father in her life.

  • lovetherisk

    Halle Berry. I didn’t expect her to play as dirty as he has been. Granted Aubrey doesn’t seem like an amazing person but I always thought Halle to be classy.

  • Marina

    Halle Berry

  • sonnyvega

    Sounds about right. Her fiance is French.

  • sallydoll85

    Definently Halle Berry

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    I’m confused. Are the partner and the ex the same person? Or do they mean partner as in business partner? Anyhoo, my only guess is Halle Berry. She’s trying to move to France with her fiance and wants to take her daughter with Gabriel Aubrey with her.

    • akajenb

      No, Aubry is the ex. The french guy is the one she want to move out of the cOUNTRY WITH, and to have a new life.

  • 15milliondollarbunny

    This is too easy. Halle Berry.

  • fleur8101

    Halle Berry

  • cocobeannns

    I think this is Halle too. I just read somewhere that she’s wanting to or planning to move out of the country with Oliver. Although, the “legal battles with her partner” is throwing me off. What does that mean exactly? Does that mean legal battles with her ex? I guess they are “partners” in a way, partners in parenting I suppose.

  • ferocity101

    It’s gotta be.

  • LeahLynn28

    Who else could be?Halle Berry.She’s been trying for two years to to take all the parental rights from Gabriel to take their daughter to France.Everytime she takes him to court,she loses,for lack of evidences,and because the set ups didn’t work.She’s so desperate,that she’s losing her sanity.One day,all her lies will make her lose the girl’s custody.And she needs help,she must have a serious mental illness.
    And the girl is the one who loses.I really feel for her.She needs both mom and dad near her,not only Halle,her sick mind and her fake fiance.
    But is she still A-list?She hasn’t done a good movie in years,only crappy ones.

  • trustedsince1983

    We all know this is Halls Berry… its so sad…

  • Earth to Kelly

    Halle, she has issues.

  • Hubbell

    Halle Berry the pathetic loser.

  • devoncarruthers

    No brainer, Halle.

  • SupremeBeingofLeisure



  • slimfast10

    Halle Berry FTW, with all due respect to her falling A list status, it appears she mght be certifiable…

  • clesher

    Halle Berry. She seems to be one very disturbed person.

  • azura1

    Halle Berry trashing Gabriel Aubry

  • mssnarnd

    Scary Berry

  • modelle18

    youre right on – she is trying to slaughter him and she is way out of line

  • Beatrixie

    Definitely Halle Berry. (A-list, though? hardly, imo) Has been stuck in legal battles with her ex, Gabriel Aubry. It was recently reported that she was looking to move out of the country with her current partner, Olivier Martinez.

  • Quanah

    Halle. She needs to stop it before they take Nahla away from HER! Gabriel looks like a great dad and he obviously loves his daughter. She’s acting the fool and needs to stop.

  • emeraldeyes

    halle berry. this is all documented in the media…. how is it a blind?

    • WindyLAX

      Agreed. It’s only a blind if it is someone other than Halle Berry.

      • JR2731

        Definitely. Halle Berry has been going through a nasty custody battle and has just got engaged to Olivier Martinez and apparently they want to set up home in the South of France. Whilst it sounds like her ex Gabriel Aubry is trying to get as much money out of her as poss in spousal support, it does appear that she’s trying to do whatever she can to win. This should be revealed pronto if it is her! and hope the judge reads BG! :)

  • Bromance1979

    Has to be Halle Berry

  • mawie86

    yup Halle Berry all the way with Gabriel Aubry

  • nikikiki

    halle berry

  • MindSculptor


  • kjc520

    Not cool Halle!!

  • FartyLatte

    Yes, Halle Berry. They just need to quit this for the child.

  • Rednfreckled

    Halle Berry so she can move to France with Olivier Martinez with her daughter.

  • 2girlsO

    Wow, this screams Halle Berry!

  • swizzlekiss

    Definitely Halle Berry — wasn’t it reported that she wanted to move to France to be with Olivier Martinez?

  • greygoose125

    Halle Berry – she should have just went to a sperm bank if she didn’t want to deal with the biological father of her child.

    • woowoo

      Yes!! I have always thought this when I read about her latest baby daddy drama. She just should have gone to a sperm bank. I think she felt a little too confident that she could easily dispose of Gabriel if and when the time came. Keep fighting Gabriel!

  • Californialove

    Halls Berry

  • lookeehere


  • jacksonian

    Is this even blind? Obviously it’s the crazy halle.

  • stanton

    Hedi has to be

  • VeronicaMarsBars

    Halle Berry? Smh

  • bugaboo22

    Well, it doesn’t look like Halle Berry, but I can’t think of anyone else! However, I want to like her (maybe just because it seems like she’s had a string of bad luck with guys), so I hope not.

  • pytmjfan

    Halle Berry, truly awful that she wants to deny her daughter a relationship with her biological father. Hopefully he will get full custody.

  • mizmaryw

    Halle Berry

  • terry123

    Halle Berry

  • Brittttt

    Halle Berry

  • xphile101

    Halle Berry.

  • booboos

    Halle Berry.

  • Rosario Scarsci

    Halle Berry.

  • joylynn101

    Oh, Halle!

  • klicious

    Halle Berry

  • lonelydroid

    Halle Berry

  • Oh merde!

    Halle Berry and her ex Gabrielle Aubry. So she wants to move to France to be with her French boyfriend??

  • Sugar Cookie

    Hit and run Halle!

  • Nika

    it has to be Halle B…everything fits: the legal battle, her current boyfriend is French (so the moving out of the country-bit seems possible) and given everything that’s been going on with her ex and the kid it seems she’d definitely lie (or make people lie)

  • 718mom

    she’s a sociopath that Halle Berry

  • drongoski

    Halle Berry of course

  • Brittany920

    halle is definitely a-list even though I don’t agree with it. first black woman to win oscar, still fresh in peoples minds… for sure a-list. though she def. does not deserve it. she hasn’t done crap since the win.

  • phyllis

    This must be Halle. What makes me so angry is that she is ultimately hurting her child. If she really wanted what was best for the kid, she would drop this battle. Obviously this must be about something else altogether. Her ego maybe?

  • tktpoppa

    Obviously it’s Hallie Berry. What I find interesting that all the comments I have seen are very negative towards her and nothing negative about him. While I think she is desperate asking people to lie, what if up to this point she has been telling the truth and it has not worked? It’s been written moe than once that he does not consider his daughter Black, and gets very upset when anyone refers to her as such. I do think she’s wrong to try and keep her daughter away from her father but what if she had good reason.

    • Brittany920

      they investigated all her claims. if she were telling the truth, they would of figured it out.

      I think she is doing whatever she can think of to get her way, and if that means pushing him out of her daughters life she will do so.

      she has a habit of keeping a man for 3 years and dumping them. she did it to this guy, when I thought she was done doing that to men.

      she is onto this french guy now… give it 3 years they will be done.

      she is ruining her daughters life all so she can run off to france with some dude who she will kick to the curb and degrade in public a few years from now.

    • Brittany920

      ok, my reply sounds harsh and directed at you, was not meant to attack you, just explaining why I think people are writing the neg. comments.

      she could be telling the truth, but I just find it hard to believe. every claim is investigated, and nothing really happens in the end with it.

      this time around, she has realized that she can’t just dump him and get rid of him so easily… there is a child involved this time. it’s a little harder this time around.

      • akajenb

        Halle probably believe Aubry was disposable, I guess she was wrong. Got to give it to Aubry dude is HELL of a fighter.

    • LeahLynn28

      Remember one thing,tktpoppa:Since the beggining of this custody fight,the only parent that is spreading lies and rumors all over the media and planning set ups is Halle and her PR team.Gabriel never talked about this case in public,and i’ve heard he’s being pressured by friends to write a tell-all book about his relationship with Halle.
      If Halle was really telling the truth,Gabriel would have already had lost his parental rights months ago.Halle is so desperate to control Nahla’s life that she’s losing friends and ruining her reputation.She will lose her custody if she continues doing this to Gabriel and Nahla.I wonder how long it will take to the judge to punish Halle after so many false accusations.She will end up losing Nahla’s custody,for being stupid,a control freak and selfish.

    • JKLSMM

      The whole race-thing was brought on by Halle. Halle (half african american) said in an interview that she believed in the “one-drop theory” (a way of the US government to show their racism in the ’20 and forward) and by that believed her baby was black, not mixed-race. And, the way I understood it, Gabriel considered his daughter to be of mixed-race. I don’t think it was a way of Gabriel to bad mouth Halle or african americans, just his opinion.

      I also agree that it very well could be Halle who is telling the truth. But I also think Gabriel has shown the most credibility, and Halle is known to be a diva and a very difficult person in general.

    • Quanah

      Well, Nahla isn’t Black. She’s 1/4th Black. Gabriel is White and Halle is Black and White, so he’s not wrong.

    • ImWearingVersace

      Agreed and he called both Halle and the nanny the N word.

      • Quanah

        I don’t know how true that is. He was with Halle for like 5 years, and she had a child with him. If he was calling her the N word, would she really want to bring a child into that? I think she was reaching to make him seem like the bad guy.

    • yepimbored

      Agreed. And it’s known that Gabriel has an anger problem. And no one questions the fact that Gabriel has only supervised visits with his daughter. If Halle’s the big bad person, why does Gabriel need supervision with his kid?

      • amagod121

        The court just dropped the supervised visitation, finding no merit in the claims against Aubry.

        And whose word do we have it on that Aubry used the N word? If the court cleared him of pushing the nanny, then I would presume they found her testimony to be less than honest.

  • fromatoznyc

    Halle Berry is a whole lot of crazy.

  • terielee

    Wow….am I the first to guess Halle Berry?

  • VelvetyRichChocolate

    Berry Berry Crazy…You just wonder what Wesley Snipes, David Justice and Eric Benet, to name a few of her exes..really had to put up with….girrll has had some serious fab men and somehow “they done me wrong” comes through…major father issues or just plain cray?? Frenchie has noooooo idea but she met have met her match in cray in this case. Clearly this cat loves his baby girl and why she wouldn’t want her daughter to have a close relationship with her dad given her own failed daddy relationship is beyond me. Seriously didn’t think she deserved that Oscar for that role either…she is really pretty but short on acting skills. And not to mention berry berry crazy

  • caela94

    Gabriel should talk to Halle’s exes. They all are in agreement: she’s nuts

  • CanaryCry

    Halle Berry – always perceived her as a misandrist. I’m afraid she’s in the process of making her daughter a manhater as well.

  • dee123

    Halle Berry.

  • Freggelkop

    Does Halle Berry have Friends?

  • jessicarabbit

    Halle Berry :(

    I always want to like her and believe she’s doing the best for her daughter, but unfortunately in this case i can’t. Fingers crossed things get sorted soon and Nahla can have a proper relationship with her dad!

  • LiamForeman

    Halle seriously needs to back down on this attack, or else the judge is going to take custody away from her. A poisonous hateful ex-wife can’t get away with this type of behavior anymore. Constantly attacking the father is considered child abuse. She needs to watch her step or she will lose everything and have to pay significant child support.

  • BritishPound

    Thought Halle had more class than this, obvs not. Getting people to lie about this guy’s behaviour is taking this whole sorry saga to the next effed up level.

  • Isa Bunneh

    If there are “accusations” about a parent. Then that parent is watched until the “accusations” are proven or disproven. That’s how it works. Doesn’t mean someone is guilty.

  • PrettyB

    Halle Berry and that white man. Had a baby by a closet racist..Then he calls her the n- word? I don’t know why she had a baby by that man. Smh now asking friends to lie? This is getting SO messy! Thank god she didn’t marry him, he would have taken everything!!!

  • iamcarson

    Halle Berry. This whole thing about telling lies about Gabriel Aubrey and fabricating race issues is really low. Even if she doesn’t care about him, she should care what her lies are doing to her daughter.