1. smaali says

    Please don’t let it be the Olsen twins and their younger sister Elizabeth. I haven’t heard about any nose jobs for her!

    • pumpkin says

      She has a strange little nose.

      Do a google search for “elizabeth olsen nose job” and you’ll see there’s suspicion.

      I agree this blind is about her and her demonic twin sister.

    • Zackster says

      I’ve been wondering why her nose is so small and unlike her sisters’ noses. And it doesn’t go with her face. Makes sense.

    • CindyB says

      But is E Olsen an always B-list movie actress? To me, this sounds like the actress has quite a few movies under her belt.

      • jeannie says

        To me I read it as a B-list actress who has only done movies, no television. Which would fit her. She hasn’t done a lot of movies but with all of the buzz surrounding her lately and being the sister of Mary Kate and Ashley, I could see her being B-list right now.

      • Beatrixie says

        It says “B-list *always* movie actress” meaning that she has always done movies, rather than TV. I think that this is to keep people from guessing someone like Blake Lively.

    • redstilettos says

      I don’t think she’s been in the biz long enough for this to apply to her.

  2. wendy2407 says

    Elizabeth Olsen? But she might be too new, so maybe not B list yet. Otherwise I’m stumped.

  3. MissJacksonNasty says

    Hmm…celeb sisters. My first thought is the Olsens, Elizabeth and sisters MK and Ashley. Or maybe the Deschanels? How many of them are there?

  4. MoeschaB says

    one of the Arquette sisters, This is a COMPLETE guess with no research but i think they are all brilliant actresses (mostly tv but they have also made some good movies)

    • MoeschaB says

      and yes, i do think they are B-list claiber and talent even though they do not have recent bank at the box office. imo.

    • LolaVee says

      I actually thought of them briefly, but there are only 2 sisters (unless you count Alexis) and they have all done A LOT of television.

    • Tiggy4Real says

      She’s really the daughter/granddaughter who thought she was a sister/daughter.

  5. Mermaid says

    Geez, I hate people sometimes.

    Guessing Lizzie Olson for this, sister of Mary Kate & Ashley

    • Mermaid says

      Lizzie’s nose has the tell-tale sign of an early nose-job. If you have seen her nose from the side … it’s off … her type of nose is not one found in nature.

      It’s recommended that people get nose jobs after their faces have stopped growing. If Lizzie got one before her face stopped growing, then that could account for it being too small for her face. But, again, find a pic of her from the side and you can tell it’s an obvious nose job.

      And any nose job that is obvious is a bad nose-job as the natural look is always preferred for any & all plastic/reconstructive surgery.

      JMO though I’m not a PS (but have…ahem…consulted with them in the past :) )

      Also, for those saying she’s too new to be B-list. Shrug. She’s getting a ton of good buzz and there was talk of an Oscar nom for her. I think she has more than one movie out.

      Rooney Mara is B-list on her way to A-list right about now and she is as new on the scene as Lizzie Olson.

      • rayodeplata says

        I hadn’t noticed Elizabeth’s nose was sooo small and odd-looking before your comment… Poor girl.

      • mc0107 says

        your comments are the best. i wanna be your friend or read your blog. you should have one. xx

      • Mermaid says

        thanks! 😀

        That’s sweet of you to say. I get behind my opinions and try to defend them & appreciate others who do the same. I love the celeb gossip guessing!

      • ToadKisser says

        For what it’s worth, I think her nose job is better than her Mary Kate’s or Ashley’s. And at least she hasn’t messed up the rest of her face the way they did. They look like aliens.

      • dee123 says

        No. They look like something that scurry away when you turn on the light in the garage.

  6. modelle18 says

    Mary Kate, Ashley and Elizabeth Olsen

    her nose is sooo narrow Im surprised she can breathe

  7. runaway says

    Olsens! MK and Ashley as sisters and Lizzie as a nosejob one. I’m don’t really think it’s the right answer, but at least they fit “3 famous sisters” and Lizzie’s nose looks like she had a nosejob.

    first time commenting.

  8. MacMumma says

    Some of these blinds are getting really disturbing….should these sisters not be prosecuted for his? I am going to guess Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen, sister being Elizabeth. Truly f&*#$d up.

  9. daysofheaven says

    Elizabeth Olsen. Her best friend is Angel Carter and we know that family has unfortunate substance issues.

  10. Oh merde! says

    Maybe Elizabeth Olsen with the famous sisters being Mary Kate and Ashley.
    By the way this is my first post! hi everyone :)

  11. LydiaVance says

    The youngest Olsen maybe? She looks like she’s had a nose job and she certainly is young…

  12. Jennifer says

    Elizabeth Olsen for the B-list, always movies actress, with Mary-Kate and Ashley being the famous sisters who introduced her to coke?

    Only thing is that I don’t think Elizabeth Olsen has a bad nose job. In some shots, her nose seems like it might be a bit small for her face/features, but she’s still cute as a button and a very pretty lady.

  13. PandoraWolf says

    Olsens 1 and 2 and Olsen 3 for the B-list actress. I have heard only good things about her acting, so I’ll be generous today.

  14. usadevolved says

    Older Sisters- Mary Kate and Ashley-known to do drugs
    Younger Sister- Elizabeth Olsen

  15. Simpatico says

    Liv Tyler. Solid B list, never T.V., has two half-sisters, and reportedly had a nose job.

    • wendy2407 says

      Oh this is a good one! She’s always been B list and I don’t think Elizabeth Olsen has been around enough to be considered “always” B list.

    • LolaVee says

      Her half sisters are all younger though, and only one (Mia) is even remotely a celebrity.

  16. mrsdarcy says

    The Olsens! Mary Kate and Ashley as the older, famous sister and Elizabeth as the up and comer!

  17. Ayi_Syenne says

    Imma guess Elizabeth Olsen (plenty of ppl believe she had an early nose job) with big sis being MK and Ashley.

  18. rgmom says

    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and their younger sister Can’t remember her first name.

  19. leerey says

    Elizabeth Olsen as the youngest actress sister. MK and Ashley as the two older sisters.