Three Engagement Ring Stories

[BlindGossip] In a case where one half of a couple makes substantially more than the other, who pays for the engagement ring? Well, in the case of these three engaged couples where the woman has the bigger paycheck, it certainly wasn’t the future groom.

The first couple went directly to the jeweler and cut a deal for a very impressive diamond sparkler. They worked out an arrangement where the couple agreed to make x number of mentions of the jeweler in the press for a 50% discount. Then the female half of the couple paid the balance in cash.

The second couple tried harder than anyone to try to talk multiple jewelers into a free ring. When no one would agree to the freebie, she simply turned to her future fiance and said, “Here’s the money. You know what I like. Now, go get me the biggest f*cking diamond you can.”

The third couple knew ahead of time that they were getting engaged, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Because she likes to control everything, she picked out the ring in a secret private buying session with the jeweler, where they settled on a price. Then she later gave the money to the boyfriend, who went to the store to pay for the ring. Of course she pretended that she had no idea that there was a ring coming, that she was thrilled with her fiance’s taste, and that she was so impressed that he paid for the ring himself.

So, when you see those shining baubles on the ring fingers of these lucky stars, you now know that in all three cases, the future groom didn’t have to lay out his own cash… but that he still gets to look like he’s a generous man with good taste.


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  1. Mermaid says

    Okay, let’s see …

    1) We know this couple can’t be JT & Jessica Biel b/c Jessica makes peanuts compared to JT

    2) I’m guessing Madonna and her piece for the 3rd couple consisting of the controlling female.

    3) I’m going to guess J. Lo for the 2nd couple b/c she is SO CHEAP & SO TRASHY that it totally sounds like her to me. And she just HAD to have Ben from “Bennifer” buy her the biggest ring at the time. And I despise her for bringing those one couple names into fashion which all started with “Bennifer”.

    4) I’m going to venture Xtina & Matt whoever for the 1st couple b/c I just find it hilarious that Xtina would be eating crow considering she mocked Britney for buying her engagement ring the first time around. (Hoping the 1st couple isn’t Britney … hope she actually got her dude to pay for her ring this time around.)

    • goldieb says

      Not to mention the shortened names from “JLo” (“JHud,” “LiLo,” etc.)!

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      You think of JLo as being trashy? But she seems like a self-obsessed diva who wouldn’t dare have anything she considered less than The Best -unless you’re referring to the men she’s chosen. Maybe it’s her clothing that you find trashy?

      • Mermaid says

        I do find J.Lo trashy. Yes, she seems self-obsessed (selfish) but that, for me, doesn’t preclude her from being trashy

        JLo doesn’t have the best of anything IMO. She’s obsessed with image & material possessions and whatever costs more. She’s obsessed with Goop and has gone for all of her past BFs. She’s marginally talented. She doesn’t have taste (i.e. trashy) and her engagement bauble from Ben was gross (though I’m sure super $$) & you know she only liked it b/c it was $$ and HUGE. She had to have the biggest one out there.

        She’s gaudy and she talks in a very uneducated ghetto way. I’ve seen some of her interviews and she comes off really trashy to me. She’s over-the-top emotion-wise, clothes-wise, etc… and not in an endearing way a la Liza Minelli, Dolly Parton.

        I know I’m rambling, but basically … lacking in talent, taste, and doesn’t know how to conduct herself in public. That’s just my take on it though. I thought she fit #2 b/c she needed to have the biggest bauble at the time.


        I’m liking other people’s guesses a lot. Especially the snookie creature. She’s not on my radar at all so didn’t even think of her but I think she fits much better than JLo.

        Also liking all the other guesses better than mine LOL. I had thought that these engagements didn’t happen yet and would happen in the FUTURE so that’s what my guesses were based on. FUTURE engagements. But I think I misread the blind.

        Though I think Britney is NOT on that list. Her man can afford her ring (even if it’s a bit smaller than she likes & I don’t think Brit would complain & Brit is DEFINITELY NOT controlling. Hello, she’s under a conservatorship?)

        So my new guesses are:

        # 1 —> I agree with the Anne Hathaway guess. I think it’s her.
        # 2 —> I would go with the snookie creature over JLo. Much better guess
        # 3 —> I still like MDNA for this. As controlling as she is, I can see her for this & I can see her whole engagement as more publicity for her.

        Anyway, just my 2 cents

      • Mermaid says

        Oops, apparently the engagement in #3 already happened? Geez, gotta read more carefully.

        Okay, J.Simpson for #3 then!

      • EvaDiva says

        I agree with you, Mermaid. You summed her up perfectly. JLo IS ghetto and trashy. I actually get nervous for her when she has to “perform” or “speak” and she does lack taste. She’s all quantity. VERY gaudy and tacky. It’s so sad and embarrassing. I also find her to be extremely insincere. She’s a phony.

      • Mermaid says

        Totally. And her over-the-top Idol waterworks? Embarrassing. And so, so disingenuous.

  2. kamy says

    One of them is for sure Jessica Simpson, the other one could be Snooki.
    Don’t know for the last one.

  3. KingKatie says

    Britney and Jason Trawick and Jessica Simpson and her fiance for two of the couples? I’m not sure about the third.

  4. Deltabelle says

    #1 Jessica Simpson
    #2 Snooki
    #3 ??Kim K seems controlling so I’ll go with her

  5. MoeschaB says

    Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey and Star Jones. Star being the one to beg for a freebie. Her whole wedding was a promo piece. The other two scenarios are interchangeable, IMO.

    • cowboycutie says

      Do you really think that Evelyn has more money than Chad????? Really????????

  6. cocobeannns says

    Second couple: Snooki and Jioni.

    One of these is Jessica Simpson. I’ll go with the third couple, but it could be either.

  7. wendy2407 says

    My guess for the first – Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson is it?

    2 – Definitely sounds like Snooki

    3 – I don’t know, maybe Biel and Timberlake? But I’m sure he makes more so I don’t know.

      • somethingoriginal says

        Controlling, really? I would have thought that Britney would be ok with an onion ring

      • cposter123 says

        ROFL. I agree that she wouldn’t be number 3, but is one of these…

        I actually thought this would be really easy until I see everyone’s guesses. I had no idea there were so many women with less successful men who recently got engaged.

      • wendy2407 says

        Yeah you’re right, Brit does like her things cheap. Okay well than i switch 1 and 3 so
        1. Britney Spears
        2. Snooki
        3. Jessica Simpson

  8. randijane says

    #1 Anne Hathaway and her bf – her ring is from Kwiat, they work with celebs quite a bit.

    #2 definitely sounds like Snooki and Jionni.

    #3 Jessica Simspon – unless these are all recent engagements, then I say Drew Barrymore

  9. stolidog says

    don’t know which is which, but, madonna’s little boy child, J Lo’s little boy child and jessica simpson’s little man child.

  10. trinny says

    1) Jessica and Justin?
    2) Snookie and her man?
    3) Halle Barry – since “she likes to control everything”

  11. KrazyCatLady says

    1. Is Xtina enagaged to that tool PA from Burlesque? clue being X (Xtina and X Factor)
    2. I’m just guessing Britney Spears, no clues but she seems like she would think she deserves something for free and would use the f word.
    3. Jessica Simpson. Family full of control freaks, fake.

  12. Syd Wishes says

    Ah, memories of the night of your engagement. You wake up several times to move your left hand around in the moonlight and see the shiny diamonds!

  13. kjc520 says

    Not sure about the first one… 2nd one I guess Snooki and for the 3rd I guess Jessica Simpson.

  14. MrsGosling says

    First Couple:Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman (almost every article I read mentions that it is a Kwiat ring

    Second Couple:Nicole Polizzi aka Snookie and Jionni (Nicole demanded a big ring according this article
    Also, the second ring in the picture is the same cut of the ring she is wearing in the article I’ve linked)

    Third Couple: Britney Spears and Jason Trawick
    Britney tweeted how she was surprised with “the one give I’ve been waiting for”
    And man articles mentioned how great it was that Britney finally had I guy pay for a ring for her after Kevin. This engagement wasn’t really a surprise for any of us, including Britney I suspect. They were reportedly talking marriage for a long time before the proposal

    • cocobeannns says

      I’m going to have to agree with MrsGosling’s guesses. I originally thought Spears for #1, but Hathaway seems to fit much better! :) And I still think Simpson is #3, because Brit’s man did have money before she came along.

    • tnm0425 says

      Best guess so far for #1 & #2, except I think #3 is Jessica Simpson.

      She is desperate for her fiance Eric to viewed as credible and committed to their relationship. Plus, I can see her being very particular about the ring & just buying it herself so that Eric “Broke as a Joke” Johnson could give it to her.

      Britney and Jason have been together awhile and are a legit couple, Jason has his own money, and Britney really isn’t the type to be very controlling about anything (she’s cool with no shoes at a gas station!), especially considering she didn’t care if people knew she bought the K-Fed ring.

  15. Quanah says

    1. Britney Spears (although I think they have a real love, but she makes eons more than he does)

    2. Snooki

    3. Britney Spears (although I think they have a real love, but she makes eons more than he does)

    These are WILD

  16. iamnumber21 says

    couple 1: quuen latifah and gf

    couple 2: jessica simpson and bf

    couple 3: britney and bf


  17. exbestfriend says

    probably Snooki for at least one couple, she’s about to announce her pregnancy and engagement.

  18. faboosh says

    couple 1: Brittney Spears and Jason T.
    Couple 2: Snookie and her fiance
    Couple 3: Drew Barrymore

  19. Yeahyo says

    I have no idea who you are referring to but the rings in the picture are GORGEOUS!

    • escada82 says

      Oooh! Ooh! And I love the rings! I have the first one (albeit smaller….we ain’t the 1% ya know)!

  20. PoniTayl says

    No order here;
    Jessica Simp(le)s(t)on
    That Jersey cow; Snooki(sl)ee(z)e
    [J-Low could easily fit in lieu of Maw-Maw-Donna]

  21. sophiedg says

    One of these has to be Jessica Simpson. What’s interesting is that this is happening more and more with (hetero) non-celeb couples too. Despite wanting equality in every way, many bright and successful women still feel more comfortable acting as if the guy bought the ring himself. It may be hyprocritical but personally I understand that feeling.

  22. VeronicaMarsBars says

    I feel like couple #1 or #3 is Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied.. But their new rings are wedding rings and all the news items about these rings since they were spotted wearing them at the Oscars have been name-dropping the jeweller. It’s the same one who designed Nat’s engagement ring because it’s all ethically-sourced diamondzzzz….

    Couple #2 could be Jess Simpson and her fiancé wince he was outed as taking her money at Christmas and cheaping out on her gift to pocket the rest of the cash.

    Not sure who the third couple is.

  23. Shells says

    When I read #1, I thought Jessica Simpson because she likes to mention Neil Lane, Neil Lane (I don’t even follow news about Simpson and I’ve still heard that). But then I got to #3 and realized, THAT’S Jessica Simpson pretending that her leech of a fiance picked out that ring. Poor, silly woman.

    #2 screams that awful, tacky Snooki creature. I’m ashamed to know that. LOL.

    Leaving #1 I’m not sure about, but I’ll guess the equally awful Kim Kardashian, since her whole wedding was a business venture.

  24. JoshuaTree says

    Snooki and her guy have to be one of them, probably #2. E! News even made some stupid random tagline to her engagement story that the couple wanted to make sure everyone knew this wasn’t a freebie and that Gionni paid for it fair and square. It was like their publicist wrote the E! copy. Yeah, where does that idiot have the money for a 4 carat diamond ring? The swearing comment gives it away as Snookster.

    Jessica Simpson reportedly paid for her engagement ring cause Eric Johnson is a good for nothing layabout without any income except from her. She’s have to be #3 since it’s a giant ruby and not a diamond for it’s major stone. And she does like to control everything. Everything else fits as well.

  25. JoshuaTree says

    Oh and as old as it is, Britney picked out and paid for her engagement ring to K-Fed back in the day. Was like $40K. I’m pretty sure it was Neil Lane and it got a lot of mentions. Don’t know if the blind would go back that far, but Brit did buy that one.

    At least Jason Trawick is a successful agent and could actually buy her the ring she has now (which is actually lovely and tasteful).

  26. kathystr says

    No idea on the first.
    Jessica Simpson for the second and Drew Barymore for the third.

  27. njchicaa says

    1)Kim Kardashian and what’s his name
    3) Jessica Simpson

    No clue on #2 though.

  28. vandra says

    1. I’m not thinking of anyone in particular mentioning jewelers. But wasn’t Kim Kardashian’s ring discounted?
    2. Kate Hudson. Her ring is huge but really murky.
    3. No clue. Doesn’t Jessica Simpson run the finances with her man.

  29. VelvetyRichChocolate says

    First couple..Jessica Simpson and her baby daddy cause she may be blonde but her clothing line at Macy’s tell me she is shrewder than I thought…and knows how to work a dime..

    Second couple would be Snooki and her baby daddy (plus spilled on Page Six she couldn’t get a freebie)
    Third couple…no idea!

  30. ineedtoknowwho says

    One of the couples is definitely Jessica Simpson and her man but I have no idea who the other two are.

  31. rgmom says

    First couple: Jessica Simpson and fiance ?
    Second couple: Snookie and fiance
    Third couple: Kim K and Kris H

  32. LolaVee says

    I’m thinking Snooki for #2 and Jessica Simpson for #3… not sure about the first couple!

  33. LeahLynn28 says

    First couple:I don’t know…Britney spears and Jason?
    Second couple:Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy?
    Third couple:Jessica Simpson and her unemployed fiance?
    But the rings from the photo are really gorgeous…sooo beautiful.:)

  34. sawyer319 says

    1-Jay cutler & kristin cavallari (sp)
    2-snooki & short guido fiancé
    3-Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnston
    Just spitballin’ yo 0_0

  35. TopChef says

    One of them could be Maria Sharapova, her ring cost $250k. There have also been rumors that she is actually gay.

  36. modelle18 says

    the first or third one – jessice simpson

    the second one is for sure Snooki – her fiance has no money and no jeweler is looking to get advertising off her and she would totally tell him what to but and throw an F bomb in there

  37. deeznutz says

    Wait wait wait. I could be wrong, the “press” reference sounds like a Kim K thing to me:

    1. Kim Kartrashian
    2. Britney Spears
    3. Jessica Simpson

  38. ummidk says

    2nd is definitely snooki
    3rd i’m guessing anne hathaway
    1st i agree is jessica simpson

  39. Okayeah says

    I like that Snookie or whoever for the second one, but I’ve got no clue on the others. We already know that Jessica Simpson bought her own ring. Who else is engaged to someone less wealthy?

  40. thefantasticspazzomatic says

    Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore, Evan Rachel Wood, Halle Berry. These are the only celebrity fiances who make more than their prospective husbands.
    Explore for that, and tell me if I missed one.

  41. KWDragon says

    50% off – Britney Spears & Jason Trawick

    “Get me the biggest” – Jessica “Don’t screw it up like the handbag” Simpson and Eric the Dingleberry

    Control freak – Natalie Portman & Frenchie Thousand Feet

  42. fleur725 says

    Isn’t Jason Trawick a H’wood manager? I am sure he could afford a 3ct diamond that he gave Britney. One is Jessica Simpson, how about Anne Hathaway and Snooki as the other two…

  43. luckyrabbit says

    mmm Britney’s man actually has his own money… and he has money before he met her. so idk…

  44. WindyLAX says

    Am I the only one who thinks Britney Spears’ ring looks like a totally reasonable size, at least in photos? It does not look like a massive rock, at all.

  45. ImAWhoDat says

    2nd one is Snooki (however you spell it). Just read about her doing this on another site.

  46. everythingthatshines says

    I think the first one is Snooki, she just recently got engaged and the rock looked pretty big in a picture I saw. The others I’m not sure.

  47. JoshuaTree says

    First couple is NOT Jessica. She doesn’t have a diamond but a ruby as her centerstone. Jessica for #3. #1 has a huge diamond as their centerstone.