• Smonk43 says

      Crumbs. I forgot she was “17”. She does look older than that, so an honest mistake. Of course, if she were older than that, she probably wouldn’t have gotten the attention by marrying an older man. Then she would just be a random hoochie trying desperately to get attention. I sort of feel sorry for her.

      • 4sixx2 says

        I think this is Courtney. She’s just in the planning stages. Probably rehearsing and finding her best “angles”. She’ll video her 18th birthday s-e-x and the tape will be “stolen”. This will be solved on August 30!!!

    • ZigZagZoey says

      LMAO ~ That looks like a chick with huge balls!!
      Yeah, hatching and cooking have to be clues….

    • itssunnyoutside says

      My thoughts exactly. It could only be Tila. Who else got famous solely based on the internet? She needs to disappear already!

    • AriiEcho says

      Uhm.. not sure if it’s Tila, becaus the blind says “newest celebrity”. And Tila has actually been around for quite a while now. She’s already had her TV show in 2007.

    • jeannie says

      It says “this newest celebrity famous for only being famous”… so that rules her out. She’s been doing the famous for nothing routine for years now.

  1. Crdgz720 says

    Is it Courtney Stodden? ….. I dont know who she is.. but her half naked body keeps popping up wherever there is paparazzi around… she’s gross.

  2. MoeschaB says

    Lana Del Rey. Not even a s*x tape will liven up this chickies failed album release.

  3. KWDragon says

    Could the “hatching” refer to Snooki procreating? Ugh. The world definitely DOES NOT need a Guidette sex tape. I think the Internet contributed to the popularity of Jersey Shore, which I still can’t fully comprehend.

    • 4sixx2 says

      I don’t think Snooki is famous “only because of the inet”. She’s on a regular tv show, however stupid. I think it’s Stodden. She’s done nothing but show up everywhere half naked, waiting for paps to snap her pic which are always posted on gossip web sites.

  4. lizard49 says

    Ewww. She isn’t exactly new on the scene, but Kim Kardashian has been papped recently with Kanye West. If it’s them, I wouldn’t like to watch the tape!

  5. PrettyB says

    Amber Rose..she is a attention *! wouldn’t be surprised if there is a sex tape.

  6. Dee Lyter says

    I have heard that because of his long flowing blonde hair that Hulk Hogan is often mistaken for a “she”. Rumors today that he has a tape out…I’m just saying.

    • Confusus says

      Since Courtney Stodden is about thirty years old, being of age is not an issue.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      Not necessarily Azura. She could still make it and it just wouldn’t be released. She gets the scandal and the attention but never actually has to DO anything but deny it’s her.
      Also, she could claim that she was the victim and the person who stole the video, bullied her when she asked for it back. Laughable, but her self-proclaimed “cause” is teenage bullying so it would tie in to her whole brilliant little agenda to feel important in the world.

  7. jokerjim65 says

    Not sure if she completely fits, but there has been chatter about a possible Coco sex tape with her, Ice and another guy.
    Tila Teguila fits, too.

  8. Svanhvit says

    Gross if it is Courtney Stodden….ESPECIALLY because she’s only 17!!! Wouldn’t a sex tape for her still be illegal despite the fact that she’s a legal ‘adult’??!

  9. persephone says

    I’m not thinking it’s Courtney Stodden because it would be considered child porn unless she releases it after her birthday and she hasn’t really been in the limelight that much

    • outlineboy says

      Doesn’t matter how old she is now or later…. if it was shot while she was underage it’s child porn. Though 17 is dubious.

  10. ClaudeFunston says

    Tila Tequila already appeared in a sex tape a couple of years ago with two smokin’ hot women. Amateur stuff, filmed (apparently) in Vegas.

    So it’s Not Tila.

  11. nico elayne says

    Doesn’t Tila already have a sex tape? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen parts of it. *shudder*

  12. LiMiMi says

    First time poster… LOONG time BG addict 😉

    Of course its Tila Tequila… with her lame suicide/rehab concoction.

  13. catcab says

    yeah it can’t be courtney stodden because that would be child pornography and it’s not kim k…she’s not new on the scene and hello…is everyone forgetting she already has a sex tape?! that’s why she became famous YEARS ago!

  14. riddlemethis says

    I think it is whats her name that just got the sports illustrated cover. She started as an internet sensation.

  15. liteNOTSObrite says

    It’s gotta be Tila. She is the only one who became famous and got her reality show solely because of the internet by way of social networking and myspace.

    However the use of the term “newest” is throwing me off, coupled with the thought that Tila already has a porno out.

    Everyone else mentioned did not become famous by way of the internet. Kim K by porn. Courtney Stodden by marriage. Rebecca Black is to young despite fitting the internet fame perameter. Heidi Montag started on reality, not internet fame.

    So ya see, the other “celebs” mentioned expounded upon their reality star fame using the internet but Tila became a reality star BECAUSE OF the internet.

  16. snowy says

    I’m going with Tila Tequila who only got famous through myspace then an MTV dating show.

  17. Mozez808 says

    Courtney Stodden…the two eggs look like two huge breast implants..and on e baby or “spring chicken” no less (key for how young she is to have huge tatas) who da best papa? had to throw the lil kim ref in lol

    • dani948 says

      Good observations. I was about to make a post pointing out the two eggs positioned to look like gigantic breasts, and also the whole “chick” thing.

      I’m thinking Courtney Stodden. The clues fit her to a T. She’s still underage though, so I don’t know how she’ll get away with a sex tape without it being considered “child pornography” (even though she’s anything but a child.)

  18. terry123 says

    Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s new girlfriend?
    She is all over the internet “feuding” with Rhianna.

  19. pat362 says

    It can’t be Tila because the blind says that she’s a new celebrity and Tila has been one for a couple of years. not too mention that she already has a sex tape so seeing another one would not be a big surprise. I don’t think it’s Chris brown’s GF because she wasn’t even on anyone’s celebrity radar until news came out that she is suppose to be pissed about the news that Chris and Rihanna are still doing the nasty.

    My vote is for Courtney and the only reason why we haven’t seen a sex tape before is that she’s turning 18 in August so releasing a sex tape of her with Doung would still be considered illegal since it would be a sex tape with an underage girl. I belive people go to prison for doing that. I’ll even add that whoever decides to release the tape better make sure that she was 18 when it was filmed or they are going to have an unpleasant visit from the FBI.

  20. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    I feel like “hatching plans” must be a clue, but I’m not sure to what it refers.

    Limelight–this is a stretch-could have been chosen because of limes, which often go with tequila…

  21. vlaser says

    The picture of baby chicken may be reference to Courtney Stodden as she is so young.
    Also she met her husband on the net as well as her ‘songs’.