Baller Juggles Fiancee and Side Piece

[Bossip] Guess which engaged pro athlete has his sidepiece traveling back and forth between her home, his and the occasional away game for some extra action?

According to our snitch, this baller is VERY well endowed and good at what he does but he’s almost as fast in the sack as he is on the field. We’re talking five minutes at the MOST. But apparently his tongue action makes it all worthwhile! We hear the way he licks that monkey is OFF THE RICHTER SCALE!

The sad part is….he never likes to use protection. How long before his soon-to-be wife catches more than just fade?

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  1. EvaDiva says

    Please say it ain’t so, Lebron James.
    But the blind says “field”, so maybe not. I hope not.

    • Rednfreckled says

      Derrick Rose, he was just caught with how blonde haired mistress in the club, sorry I forgot

    • akajenb says

      Michael Jordan is retired…Maybe Derrick, Lebron, Carmelo or chad. Maybe they use the word field to throw us off. I also don’t buy Lebron’s engagement, seems more like A PR effort.

      Could be all of the

  2. Mermaid says

    Why is the only “sad part” that he doesn’t use protection?

    And why does the guy in the pic have such big boobs?

    • Nakeya_j says

      The “sad part” is refering to when Evelyn was crying telling Chad that she would go and buy the condoms as long as he told her the truth about what he was doing. It was on Basketball Wives

    • Herkeda says

      Scratch that. I just noticed that it said “on the field”. LeBron is a basketball player, & this BI must be about a football player. I’ll go with folks and say Chad Ochocinco.

  3. mawie86 says

    I’m thinking Jay Cutler? He’s the only athlete that I can think of that is engaged…

  4. MoeschaB says

    Clearly, Cutler has not used protection in the last few months. Fiance is preggars.

  5. jchic says

    Chad Ochocinco! His finacee just had a whole twitter thing addressing his “cheating”

  6. LolaVee says

    This is Chad Ochocinco.

    “We’re talking five minutes at the most” (five = cinco)

    “As fast on the sack as he is on the field” (He is super fast. Cutler is a QB and not known for speed. Also, “field” rules out LeBron.)

  7. whedongroupie says

    I am guessing Ochocinco…the clue being off the richter scale and ocho cinco meaning his number right?

  8. Tru Tru2 says


    this is Chad but there has BEEN whispers of him seeing a gorgeous lil exotic thing and she was seen w/him at some sporting event–NOT hugged up, but it was obvious they are together.

    Chad does not mind giving money or gifts either.

    The man has never been faithful-not surprised.

  9. PrettyB says

    It’s a toss up. Either ocho or Michael Jordan. He just got engaged recently also.

  10. cupcake says

    My best friend happens to be one of Lebrons side piece. And yes, she flies to Miami to see him regularly and I’ve gone a time or two

  11. Californialove says

    Lebron and Ocho Cinco are well known…shouldn’t even be a blind..What women do for money…

  12. nutkin says

    It has to be Chad Ochocinco. On his Facebook page the other day, he posted something about his main piece being football, his side piece being something else, and his side-side piece being xbox or something like that.

    I’m surprised though, he really does not come off as a cheater. To me, he seems more like he just really wants everyone to like him and even sounds lonely at times.