Tutor Took Advantage Of Virgins

[CDAN] So, as you may know, when you are a minor and on a film set or a television set, you still need to go to school. Well, to take care of that thorny issue, tutors are hired and pretend to work with the children until they can be called back to the set and work.

I wrote about one tutor way back in the day, but wanted to tell you about a guy who was a particularly vile guy. He d*ed not too long ago and he took the virginity of about half a dozen celebrities you would know but all told he probably did the same thing to 50 or 60 teens. It might have been more. No one ever did or said anything about it. One time one actress complained and she was fired. Another time an actress told the tutor that she actually had lost her virginity to an actor on the show so the tutor made up some thing about the actor and had him fired. The tutor did not like to share. The tutor would eventually be accused of sexual assault or he would get some girl pregnant and he would move on to another studio or another employer. He never had any trouble getting hired.

#1 – One actress who was A list back in the day when the tutor slept with her and is now probably a B- with some big time tabloid relationships in her past once said the tutor slept with every teen under 16 on the cast of her show. To do that he must have been very busy because there were about 100 teens that walked through that show at some point.

#2 & #3- This actress who was B list at the time it happened and on a very hit network comedy show says the tutor is the reason so many of her relationships now are so messed up and that she started taking drugs to ease the pain. This actress had one more middling show after the first. The second was a spin off. As a point of reference she also said that after the tutor had sex with her, her co-star (A list at the time and now a reality C) and very famous user of women had sex with her too almost everyday even though he would sleep with different women at night.

#4 – More recently, the tutor made his way through several networks which cater to children. He found lots and lots of teens there. His most recent assault, because lets face it that is what they are, happened on the set of a very hit tween show. Like very very hit tween show which is still airing. The second lead female co-star had just turned 17 when she was assaulted by the guy. She complained to the head of the show who had been a television star himself and he fired the tutor. It turns out the tutor had sex with two of his former co-stars on a hit network show back in the day.

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  1. fotobandi says

    Yikes! They should dig up this guy’s body and lock it in prison for 100 years…

    • akajenb says

      How about a guy that works for Disney?He should have been jailed, a pedophile and no one on the sets did anything about it. How sad..

  2. lilnez says

    Wow this is soo horrible..the only one i can think of is for #4 Maybe Ariana Grande from Victorious..but shes 19 so idk how recent this was.

  3. Christian says

    I don’t really have any guesses for #1-3 but I’m going to say #4 involves One Tree Hill. I don’t know enough about the show to speculate who the actress might be, but I believe one of the show’s producers is Brian Robbins, who many years ago was an actor on the high school-oriented sitcom Head of the Class.

    • Christian says

      Or wait… iCarly is still on too, isn’t it? Dan Schneider from Head of Class is the show runner over there…

    • mssnarnd says

      Jamie Lynn Spears was on Dan Schneider’s “Zoey 101,” and then left when she became pregnant. That show ran 2005 – 2008. She was born in 1991.

  4. HushYourMouth says

    Pedophiles are rampant in Hollywood aren’t they? Corey Feldman did an interview last year where he spoke about how he and Corey Haim had been abused. He claims he was abused by someone very powerful in movies and refused to name names.

    I can only come up with #4…. Show: I Carly, Jenette McCurdy as the second lead female, and Dan Schneider as the head of the show (used to be on Head of the Class, The Amanda Show, Zoey 101 among others).

    Very sad and disturbing that this goes on. No wonder so many child actors grow up to be such train wrecks.

  5. tidho says

    #4 is a very obvious reference to I-Carly

    ….which begs the question of whether we should really be exposing underage victims of sexual predators.

    Why are we not instead exposing the attacher to law enforcement?

  6. sophiedg says

    Good grief – today’s blinds courtesy of CDAN are dark and disturbing. Guess we have to accept these sad tales are the flipside of the fun and fluffy scuttle often featured, but wow. Reminds me why this is such a guilty pleasure. Would be nice to think that this deplorable stuff being exposed would help stop it. Ace – how about sharing something amusing to kick off the weekend?!?

  7. pattycakes says

    I want to know why this man was never arrested if so many people knew what he was doing.

  8. dani948 says

    Have no idea, but as Corey Feldman said last year in a revealing interview, Pedophilia is, and will always be, the #1 problem in Hollywood. He said that he was “surrounded” by pedophiles when he was a kid and teen. Everybody now knows that Feldman, and Corey Haim, were both molested in the biz, and Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie Olson on Little House on the Prairie, confirmed what young Hollywood all knew about back then, that everybody had had the Coreys, and they were both “passed around.” Also one of the actors who played on the Donna Reed show confirmed that Corey’s words stirred up memories of his own molestation by predator pedos in the business. Hollywood is a magnet for them, because there’s tons of kids and easy access and everybody looks the other way. Including the parents, because they don’t dare give up the gravy train.

  9. SilentStar says

    I’m still working on this guess, but for now I have to say how horrible!! Whoever it is that submitted this blind and knows this guy’s identity has the responsibility to report this to police, since the victims obviously haven’t. This guy is a serial child molester…this goes way beyond gossip for entertainment’s sake. Please…I hope someone can get this guy arrested.

    • SilentStar says

      Oops, just re-read the blind and realized the guy is dead. Too bad he got away with all of this.

      • ComicalEquation says

        Well the reporters and the victims can still reveal who this is. It’ll peel the mask off his face and earn him hatred of millions, which is better than nothing, and hopefully warn the others.

  10. MoeschaB says

    #1) The actress who played Nellie from Little House?

    #2&#3) Actress who played Joannie and co-star Scott Baio(Happy Days and Joannie Loves Cha-Chi)

    #4)I was too sick to try to figure this one out. I wont be able to watch Nickelodeon or Disney Channel the same. Do these kids have parents? Do Hollywood production companys and network executives major in Pedophilia Managment? Pick up a phone and rat these pigs out, man.

    • wendy hood says

      havent you seen those shows where they test parents to see how far theyd let a producer/director/casting agent go with a kid just to test the parents? parents will let almost anything happen to their kid to get their foot in the door.

      • MoeschaB says

        @wendyhood – I havent seen those shows actually. do you mean dance moms? tiara & toddlers? those shows are sick and the parentsa are deplorable, but their girls arent getting raped on a daily basis. please let me know what shows you speak of. thanks!

    • Bananalicious says

      #1 is said to have been A-list at the time but is now B-list. I don’t think Nellie was A-list or is B-List now.

      • MoeschaB says

        This actress (Nellie) has, boldly, come out against this large problem/cover up in hollywood of sexual assaults against children. If she doesnt fit in the blind, so be it. Her life experience does. I am intentionally NOT “outing” victims who have fallen prey to the perpetraders/enablers. This blind is real. The pedophiles and the people who cover it up will be exposed. THEY have blood on their hands. Bananalicious is exactly correct- this actress wasnt A,B,C, list now or then – the crime is a FELONY. “Nellies” story, what she endured, saw and lives with, IS this blind.

    • thefantasticspazzomatic says

      Right, and how could they leave young children with this beast time and again after hearing complaints? Did the kids not tell their parents? Or do the parents not care? So sad, thank G0d he’s dead.

  11. Olliebeanzmom says

    #2 is Erin Moran and #3 is Scott Baio who were on Joanie loves Chachi, short lived spin off of Happy Days. He had a reality show a few years back on Vh1.

  12. glen says

    #3 is iCarly, head of show being Dan Schneider from Head of the Class, 2nd lead Jeanette McCurdy?

  13. JKLSMM says

    This makes me so angry!!!! There is NOTHING worse than people (men) in a situation of dependence taking advantage and basically raping young girls (it’s still rape even if they are ‘in on it’, if they’re underage and in dependency to the person)!!

  14. Ebonyangel20 says

    Wow!! That’s scary and creepy and sad for the stars that it happened to, I hope he went to hell and is suffering after what he did to these teens and children. It could explain why some child stars are messed up later on in life. I’m glad some stars like Corey Feldman are speaking about situations like this. Producers, directors, writers, even parents need to be careful about who is around the set. As for the guesses for #2&3 it might be Erin Moran and Scott Baio, for #4 icarly, I’m not sure about the actress.

  15. phyllis says

    This guy should be arrested. Thank you for bringing this to light. A big thumbs up to the head of the show who fired the tutor. Now, if he only followed up with a police report….

  16. jonsmommy408 says

    Exactly what I was wondering. However, if the tutor had a special area of expertise, such as improving or erasing accents, that might help explain others looking the other way.

  17. CheshireKitty says

    Oh wow…. where to begin?

    #1 – This can’t be 90210 since they were above 16 when it began and that was kind of the hahaha about them all playing teens. Saved By The Bell works – Lark and Tiffani were 15 when the show began. Thing is, I feel like #2 and #3 are supposed to be SBTB even though Tiffani has done more than SBTB and the College Years spin-off; she was a key player on 90210 in later seasons.

    Going with my instincts: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.

    #2 and #3: The whole skeezy co-star womanizer seems to point at Mario Lopez, but Tiffani doesn’t fit here, Lark didn’t do the spin-off and neither did Elizabeth B. Comedy rules out 90210.

    #2 – I’m going with (thanks, fiance!) Lisa Bonet of The Cosby Show. Spin-off – Different World.
    #3 – Sinbad, Different World. I’m interpreting “reality C” as “C level not because they still act, but as a joke, like a reality star”

    #4 – Ariana Grande, Victorious. The show head was on Head of the Class in the 80s. She turned 17 mid-2010…

  18. wfreshie says

    the tutor is recently deceased so can’t be arrested, but his name should be exposed, not his victims

  19. laili6 says

    This is one of those blinds where I don’t feel comfortable even trying to guess – It’s important to keep sexual assault victims under the age of 18 anonymous.

    • mahalaskater says

      I agree. I say that when this is “solved” the victims are not revealed, but the bastard is.

  20. GERSEYGIRL says

    This CREEP needs to be exposed!!! Child stars are to be protected on set, not victimized by a pedophile!

  21. Annhog1 says

    I call BS on this one. Even if pedophilia ever was or still is common in Hollywood, there’s no way a simple tutor would ever wield enough power to be allowed to sexually abuse actresses with the execs being in the know. It’s just too much liability and risk to have for a nobody.

    • CheshireKitty says

      You’d be surprised how little people care about sexual assault overall. I’m very familiar with the legalities and many cases and often, the perps get off or survivors get paid off. Sadly, this blind rings true.

    • kendo100 says

      The details in this blind are true more often than they are not true.

      Dan Schneider is the Jerry Sandusky of Hollywood, and all he makes is tweener shows. He loves his underage girls, and everyone knows it and everyone looks the other way. EVERYONE. Because Schneider makes a lot of money for the powers that be.

      These girls were essentially the victims of rape and I will not try to guess their names.

      • Annhog1 says

        Okay but the point is that this supposedly is a tutor. A tutor does not make “a lot of money for the powers that be” so there is no incentive (for lack of a better word) for allowing him to carry on the behavior. There literally are hundreds, if not thousands, who could provide exactly the same service without the added risk/liability. That’s why I call BS, unless this person somehow is connected to someone powerful.

      • kendo100 says

        I tried to post more info about this blind, but Ace wouldn’t allow it. Sorry.

        Yes, it sounds odd that ‘just a tutor’ could have this kind of access repeatedly, but Hwood is all about keeping each other’s secrets and looking the other way and staying loyal to the people you call to clean up your messes. So he may have been just a tutor on the books, but who knows what else he was doing for people in the position to hire and sign paychecks.

  22. LeahLynn28 says

    Creepy and nasty.Too bad he died.He should be alive to be arrested and pay for all these crimes.He was a perv,a paedophile,and should have had been punished.
    I really don’t know who these girls are,but they should ask for help.Sad.

  23. outlineboy says

    Wow… I just have to say this. I’ve worked on a lot of shows in my career and known a lot of these on-set tutors/teachers and they are such dedictated and good people, I have a VERY hard time believing this blind to be true. I simply don’t believe in the show set environment anything like this could ever happen. These kids have guardians with them on set AT ALL TIMES.

    I seriously hope it’s a made up blind.

    • outlineboy says

      Of course, I’m going by today’s standards. If this happened 30 years ago, things were different. This kind of thing could never happen today, bet my life.

  24. ash says

    If pedophiles are running rampant in hollywood then the possiblity is he got involed in shows where he knew other pedophiles were in a position of power. It’s a sick business.

  25. NiceVixen says

    #1 Maybe a Mouseketeer, from one of “The Mickey Mouse Club” franchise shows. Unsure of which actress of what year. What other show saw 100 teens?

    #2 and #3, I think is an actress on “The Facts of Life”, there were spinoffs for every girl on that show, so again who knows…

  26. Shells says

    That’s terrible. Can’t believe a guy like that wouldn’t be caught and stopped. Where were the parents and guardians of these kids on set? If number 2 and 3 are Erin Moran and Scott Baio from Happy Days, then I would go a bit later for number 1 and you have 90210’s Shannen Doherty, who married Ashley Hamilton for half a minute and that creep Rick Salomon.

    • CheshireKitty says

      I originally thought Shannen too but she was 17 when 90210 started… and he targets under 16 according to #1.

      • Shells says

        Oops you’re right. Well then, I’ll go a little earlier than Happy Days and say Melissa Gilbert on Little House on the Prairie. Although I do hope this whole blind is fake. I don’t wish this on any kid. I don’t understand why some tutor would have such power, which makes me skeptical about this one.

      • MoeschaB says

        You might be onto to something here. I dont believe there is anything made-up about the assault against children in hollywood. Its very sad, but very true.

  27. Rosario Scarsci says

    I think that we can all agree that the last one is iCarly and the target was Jeanette(sp) McCurdy. poor thing. At least Schneider fired the dude.

  28. Dangerousmess says

    I also believe that the last one is iCarly and Jennette Mccurdy being the girl. Show has been on since 2007 and is a very well known tween show which is still airing. She’s 20 now. Hit network back in the day being ABC??

  29. sparklie says

    For #4 Possibly Fred Savage was the head of the tv show (and former TV star himself) that fired the tutor. He is now producing and directing kids shows for Disney et all. He recently tweeted about domestic violence and is quite vocal about speaking out about this and other issues. He starting producing/directing from 2000 i think. Absolutely terrible situation.

  30. Bananalicious says

    #1: Jennifer Love Hewitt (Party of Five)
    #2&3: Erin Moran & Scott Baio (Happy Days/Joanie Loves Chachi)
    #4: Kind of hard to pinpoint. But I think Dan Schneider is deff the “head of the show.” This could be a few shows.

  31. KatarinaJ says

    I’m sorry but I’m not sure I believe this blind. yes powerful people like producers could possibly get away w this, but a tutor? how much power would he have unless he was some execs bro or something. why would studios put up w a tutors abuse over prioritizing a star even if it were a minor? and where we’re the parents…surely they have more power than an on set teacher? also he seems to have circulated too much and abused too many kids. I just don’t see this having been kept a secret for so long unless there were hefty playoffs and again why protect a tutor? ur not talking about covering up for an a list actor doing it?

    also I don’t see this guy being rehired over and over no way.

  32. DesertGhost says

    People need to name names or shut up. If it happened, then those responsible need to be arrested. Those who covered it up also need to be named as well.

    • violetbeauregard says

      sweetviolet – I’m sure you have found the horrible guy who did this. What an awful creature if so.

    • angela says

      He seems to fit the description but it can’t be him because the Blind Item says the tutor in question is deceased now.

  33. PastyWhite says

    Geez…now I know why childhood stars usually grow up to be such tragic figures. Whoever this was, I hope he went straight to hell.

  34. sweeeeet says

    Number 1 mentions hundreds of teens had been on the set so it sounds like someone from Mickey Mouse Club, Boy Meets World or The Facts of Life? Not quite sure.
    2 and 3 are Erin Moran and Scott Baio for sure.
    4 could be Selena Gomez or Miranda Cosgrove

  35. sweeeeet says

    It really upsets me too, the girl who played Kathy on Father Knows Best was molested, and Patty Duke was molested, all this was going on while their shows were airing, and nobody knew. So sad! I watch the reruns and feel so sad for them

  36. samarie says

    Could #1 be 7th Heaven, the actress being Jessica Biel? The last few seasons featured a lot of young actors playing troubled teen type characters.

  37. Guestimate says

    I really want to know who the tutor was. Here’s the key.

    “It turns out the tutor had sex with two of his former co-stars on a hit network show back in the day.”

    So, the tutor had to have once been a star himself who had sex with two of his former co-stars “back in the day” and he died not too long ago.

    • Guestimate says

      Ooops. Maybe I need to rephrase who the star was.

      1) The head of the hit tween show used to be a star himself back in the day.
      2) The head of the hit tween show fired the tutor.
      3) The tutor also slept with two former co-stars of the “head of the hit tween show” back when the “head of the hit tween show” used to be a star himself.