• ivyleaguer says

      Does Diddy have any more money? With his nouveau rich lifestyle and a non-existent recording career and Sean John mostly owned by investors. And the label’s hey day is long over. AT this point he probably has a second mortgage against all his houses.

      • Tru Tru2 says

        I can’t stand him but Forbes in 2011 has him listed at 475 mil..

        he’s the reason I refuse to drink Ciroc, that deal was HUGE for him financially and it just keeps on growing.

        I guess since he stole most of his former artists catalog right to their music–he gets a least 30 mil a yr from that alone.

        his mom is not obese, I’d say she is a size 12…but in those shops–a 12 is almost plus size, I guess.

        I think its someone else, Jay-Z’s mom is tall and thin..

        LA Reid?? 50’s mom is deceased.

        Diddy’s mom, Janice is not fat though.

        What’s Dr. Dre’s mom looking like???
        he has some srious loot, but play its low-key to hide his penchant for tall trannies.

  1. MoeschaB says

    JZ- NYC Hip/Hop mogul who can afford carte-blanche. Not sure of the Mom and Aunts sizes?

  2. Herkeda says

    This can only be P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, or perhaps 50 Cent, because of the New York connection. I’ll go with P. Diddy.

    Jay-Z’s mother doesn’t look like the shopping spree type. 50 Cent’s mom has been dead since the late ’80s. Have we ever even seen Simmons’ mother?

  3. Mia444 says

    It could be anyone. My only thought is how nice of him to let his relatives enjoy his wealth.

  4. VelvetyRichChocolate says

    Is Diddy’s mom PLUS SIZED…she didn’t look bigger than Mary J Blige in the pic I saw. However, Rev Run, Russell Simmons brother looks pretty hefty and I believe that “grandma” which would be Russell’s mom was ah, pretty robust….I’m going with Bathroom Lover, Russell Simmons. She didn’t look like she was on the fabulosity diet.

  5. mymysmama says

    i saw diddys mom in a store on madison ave years ago…wouldnt call her svelte..but dont know that i would call her plus..they did, however, know her and what size she wore without her asking for help….

    • thefantasticspazzomatic says

      Yeah, this is probably them. Who else is this close to their aunts? And his mom has a large bust, so she would need bigger shirts. His aunt looks tall and muscular, and from my experience in those kinds of stores, the close are made very narrow (see: small for skinnyyyyy people), so she might be too broad for the higher end styles…
      If you know your body, you would know not to shop at these places. Unless you’re very svelte, they are not.

    • Herkeda says

      In that picture, Puffy is with his mom and his sister Keisha. His aunt isn’t in that photo. However, I do think this BI is about Diddy’s family though.

  6. beesave says

    It’s gotta be Diddy.
    His mom isn’t huge, but she’s at least a size 12, probably more like a 14-16, and most trendy spots carry only up to size 12, if they even do that.
    Oh well, sweet of him to do that. She seems like a lovely woman at least.