The Devil She Knows

[CDAN] This former B list television actress who was on a really big hit network show just a couple of years ago now just seems to float mindlessly and flit between boyfriends. She comes from a broken home and abusive home. Her dad used to beat her and get into bed with her. Her mom just let it happen because she was being beaten herself and did not want to provoke. Well, now the actress who is still very young only seems to date boyfriends who are abusive and willing to hit her. Her last boyfriend (former A list athlete with B list name recognition) was so scared that he would kill her he broke up with her. Her new celebrity boyfriend does not punch nearly as hard but seems to love it. Probably getting out his anger because he is closeted.

BG Note: CDAN items are fraudulent and are no longer carried on BG. See here for details.

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    • akajenb says



    • LolaVee says

      This can’t be anybody but her, can it? Her dad was known to be abusive to her mother, and she has been photographed with with bruises and welts all over her before.

      An obvious clue seems to be “her new boyfriend doesn’t hit nearly as hard”, which would make sense considering her last boyfriend was a gigantic boxer!

    • pumpkin says

      Unfortunately, I think you are right. Her boxer boyfriend was five times her size. She’s damned lucky she’s not dead.

    • thefantasticspazzomatic says

      Oh my god you’re right this is her! I’m so upset, I think she is a wonderful little actress. And the ex was Vladimir Klitchko? He was like a million feet tall and she is a petite 5 footer, if even that without shoes on. WOW, so so sad :(

  1. miller205 says

    Sounds like Minka Kelly to me. She has recently been rumored to be dating Wilmer Valderrama and of course just broke up with Derek Jeter a few months ago after being off and on for years.

    The Devil in the title could be a play on “Charlie’s Angels”.

    • LolaVee says

      Minka was raised by a single mom and, at 32, probably wouldn’t be considered “very young”.

    • NYCMEL says

      And Derek Jeter is not an abusive boyfriend or any other kind of abuser! Are you out of your mind? The press is ALL OVER HIM…this is crazy talk. Take it back.

      • digitallyspeaking says

        Whomever it is, it’s not something you’d hear about. Abusive men are very careful in the women they choose. It’s almost redundant to think that the woman would talk. That’s the way they roll. People don’t advertise they’re abusive nature.

      • thefantasticspazzomatic says

        No he doesn’t abuse girls. He just f^cks a whole bunch of them and then gives them a giftbasket as a parting gift. No, yeah, lets not make him sound like a dingbat…

    • NJDevilGirl14 says

      I’ve actually met DJ and there is no way this is him. Sorry DJ rather punch a bag in his workout room than hit a girl. DJ is very cognizant of what is “beneath” him as a person. (and lol Cami D is on that list too)

      His mom and dad are some of the nicest peeps you’d ever meet. I used to see both of them at a vet hospital near me when his first dog Yogi was sick. All in all he is actually is a really good hearted person. Plus his mom vets all the serious girlfriends, she doesn’t like you, it’s OVAH!
      (and if you’re a girl dumb enough to go home with him on date #1 SORRY you deserve the gift basket and no phone calls)
      Oh and for the record I’m a STEM fan, not a Yankee fan.

  2. whitney19 says

    Elisha Cuthbert. Former athlete boyfriend is Sean Avery from the New York Rangers. Current, closeted boyfriend is Dion Phaneuf from the Toronto Maple Leafs. First time poster!!!

  3. dc reader says

    Actress: Elisha Cuthbert
    Original boyfriend: Sean Avery
    New Boyfriend: Dion Phaneuf

    • dani948 says

      If it’s Elisha then how crazy is that? Considering she played a girl who was being molested by her father and who’d crawl into her bed at night while the mother looked the other way in the movie “The Quiet”?????

  4. Enigma says

    First of all, very, very sad story.

    I know everybody guesses this is Hayden P.

    The thing that strikes me as odd is Wladimir Klitschko as the former A list athlete. Sure, he could kill her, no doubt about that, but both Klitschko brothers have spotless reputations and have never been known to be violent outside of the ring. I’d expect the press to have a field day if there was any rumour about one of them mistreating a girlfriend. I also don’t get the “former” part, but I can speak only for Germany here. Over here, Wladimir has been A-list for years and since he’s still active and he did not lose a title, there’s no reason for a “former”. But that might be different in the US.

    Of course, you never know what happens in a relationship and I don’t even mean to defend Wladimir Klitschko as such, I just think it is a very heavy allegation that should not be bandied about lightly.

    This being said, I hope the girl (and the men) get help before it’s too late :(

    • La Llorona says

      You know, that was what was tripping me up about this blind too, I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t make sense it was Hayden (although it fits that she was on Heroes and Heroes was HUGE, so I would hesitate to say she was a former B+ Television Actor, she had to be way bigger than that at one point, possibly A list). I realize some of these blinds are written in rather USCentric lingo so perhaps that’s just it, of course, Enty Lawyer admits his blinds aren’t always factual and he skews up facts, so perhaps he’s tripping up on facts again.

  5. apple martini says

    Hayden Pannettiere. Wladimir Klitschko as the last boyfriend (A-list boxer but not THAT well known), Scotty McKnight as the current one.

    • paiged says

      and lets not forget Milo Ventimilgia, her former boyfriend when she was on Heroes that supposedly had some anger issues.

    • MaryRead says

      Definitely Hayden. I think the odd choice of words that she “flit” between boyfriends is meant to sound like “Klit”schko. Scotty McKnight is widely believed to be gay.

  6. witchmagpie says

    I have no idea who this is, but this blind just makes my heart break. I hope she finds the strength to break out of this terrible, destructive cycle.

  7. dani948 says

    Don’t know, but whoever it is I feel sorry for her. Nobody should have to endure their dad alternating between crawling into bed with them and then beating them up. Or a mom who knows but just looks the other way. I hope she realizes that she’s attracting in boyfriends like that because it’s the only thing she knew growing up, and knows that she deserves better and breaks out of the pattern.

  8. bg8181990 says

    I’m guessing Hayden Panatierre. The hit show being Heroes on NBC. Her ex would be Vladimir and obviously her current boyfriend could not punch nearly as hard as he does

  9. modelle18 says

    honestly i dont know who this is but I feel really sad – no one should have to live their lives this way

  10. KimiD says

    Hayden P??? I think there have been rumblings about her penchant for rough action before.

  11. catcab says

    this is very sad. i’m not good at guesses but i can only think of mischa barton, and i’m not sure of who her exes were. anyway i wish someone could intervene for the poor girl

  12. iammeme says

    So many clues… someone’s going to figure it out, but not me (it’s been a long day…). So so sad :(

  13. MoeschaB says

    Dont know this much of anyones family/dating history. Horrid.

    Justin Timberlake – Closeted celebrity boyfriend
    Jessica Biehl – Blist actress on network show (7th Heaven)
    Mila Kunis – That 70’s Show. “Friendly” with JT (closeted celebrity).

    This is so wrong, on many levels, I am certain.

  14. heyImightKnow says

    Ugh, idk but that’s unfortunate :-/ everyone count your blessings! Proof that money & fame aren’t everything.

  15. LeahLynn28 says

    Poor woman,this is so sad.I don’t know who she is,but she needs help.One day one of these boyfriends will kill her,if she continues hooking up with them.I hope she finds a man who will really love her,not beat her.Sad.

  16. Ebonyangel20 says

    I hope she gets out of the relationship soon and that she stops attracting guys that hit and are willing to hit her. She needs to stop the pattern of abusive boyfriends.

  17. Mermaid says

    No it wasn’t. It was “outed” by some anon poster called … wait for it … “Himmmmmm”.

    Yeah. I don’t believe Himmmmm. I’m not saying it’s not Hayden P., but I don’t get how people are so QUICK to believe the word of anon posters. Enty didn’t reveal this. One of his anon posters did. Called “Himmmmmm”.

    People need to realize that Himmmm’s comment is unsubstantiated and based on hearsay.

    As an outside observer, Himmmmm’s comment may be true. But I think it more than likely is not.


    Because he adds in unnecessary details about himself (e.g. cross-dressing, etc) for “believability” and writes that he “may have to erase this comment if it becomes too controversial”. Both are well-known tactics to provoke & titillate on a blind gossip website that thrives on dirt.

    Let’s be clear here. I’m not saying these celebs don’t have vices but I highly doubt that some of the celebs associated with Sanela Diana Jenkins would be into these perversions that could ruin their career if found out.

    Next thing you know, Himmmm will be spouting Illuminati garbage.

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy it. It’s too easy to say stuff like this because no one asks for proof and most people here WANT to believe the worst so they don’t look at it logically.

    Why would Himmm be posting it if it’s not true? Attention. Drama. etc. There’s some medical syndrome where parents invent illnesses for their kids just so they can go to the hospital and have attention showered upon them. The posts by Himmm read similarly.

    I’m sorry but Himmm’s “cross-dressing LOL” reference doesn’t ring true at all and his other stuff seems highly suspect. A celeb would not be coming here and wasting his time posting for the “masses”. He just wouldn’t.

    It’s not that I don’t believe the blind. I just don’t believe Himmmmm.

  18. dilettante says

    I’ll say! I’ve never seen such a detailed reveal as the one in that comments section. Absolutely unbelievable and horrible.

  19. MissFaye says

    Hayden Panettiere. But the rumors used to be that she had bruises because of the wild sex games she was into. I guess this is an alternate explanation…

  20. wykkyd says

    I don’t understand why this blind is about “her”!!! Yes, she needs help but would be greatly so if somebody would use a bullhorn to out these men – who like to beat up on little women – and send their a$$es to jail!!!

  21. tonisl says

    Wow — Hayden P. I really had no idea. So very sad – and illegal – and immoral – and vile.

    Between this story and the one about about the male tutor who allegedly was known to sexually assault hundreds of little actresses year after year, I am deeply disturbed about the roles of those in power over children in our society.

    Regarding Hayden’s lovely parents, take a look at this pic: Am I the only one who sees the marred face and sorrowful eyes of an abused mother and the crazy look in the eyes of the father? (The eyes, as you know, ARE the windows to the soul.)

  22. Cocovenus says

    I think some posters are missing the point of this Bind a little. I’m reading it as the abuse she’s suffered as a child has lead her to having warped views on sex etc and as such she has an inclination towards either violent men or those who are willing to engage in some very rough acts at her request. Hence why she broke up with the athlete as he was afraid he was so powerful one of these rough sessions to could horribly wrong. I’m I’m no way defending or condoning any of this behaviour but just suggesting that the blind should be read as her requesting this form of abusive contact from partners because of her mixed up views on sex etc which have come about as the result of prior abuse.

    • bigtexashair says

      That’s exactly how I’m reading it. I was reading something where any type of sexual contact or even sexualized speech can mess kids up for years and years and warp there view of what sex is supposed to be.
      So basically this abuse had led her to want to be hurt and she thinks that it’s supposed to being some type of pleasure

    • susie loo hoo says

      I’m so glad you pointed this out. After reading the blind a few times, that is exactly the conclusion I came to. If this is true, the boxer ex-bf could be considered a decent guy for getting out of a relationship he felt could result in injury to her (brought on by her requests). I don’t think anyone should automatically conclude he is an abusive person outside the ring. Nevertheless, this is all very sad.

    • Ebonyangel20 says

      This makes more sense now, I thought it was that she was in a abusive relationship, not that she thought she had views that make her think that sex/relationship a is supposed to be the way she saw when she was younger. I’m glad the boxer didn’t want to hit her, he’s a good guy.

  23. stephie says

    This is super sad. I hope friends of this person are reading this and help her see the light. Noone deserves to be treated that way :(

  24. Katmandu says

    This is nauseating, to think of such an young and pretty woman so very messed up. She’s stuck in a sick, sick pattern she needs major help to break out of. See, because of past abuse, she seeks out even more pathology in her relationships – it’s all she knows.

  25. RedPeggy says

    Anyone else get shivers at the line ‘he seems to really love it’? I hope whoever he is gets outed so I can boycott everything he is involved with.

  26. ItsSoColdinTheD says

    Well I won’t be redundant – HP –
    I just want to say hello to my favorite puzzle solvin gang and the wittiest people I know :)

  27. beesave says

    100% has to be Hayden.
    Her father was arrested for spousal abuse a few years ago.
    So so sad. I like her, I hope she learns to love people who treat her well.

  28. wendy hood says

    He connects way too many dots. if you have a certain type of mind, you can follow and extrapolate a whole lot from the gems he drops. hollywood is jam packed full of mortals that have the resources and power of modern gods – there is simply no reason to spend that much time typing up well planned out, thoughtful BS just to stir the pot. everything himmmmm says is just the top of the iceberg. people with limitless power, fame and money (or any combination of the 3) are people that can let their inner demons go wild. what kind of environment do you think that breeds? exactly the one that himmmmmm refers to.

    “A celeb would not be coming here and wasting his time posting for the “masses”. He just wouldn’t.” really? and you can verify this how? everyone has a breaking point, and if he is a recovered person with possibly personal ties to the blind item subject, just how do you know WHAT his reaction would be?

    want to believe the worst? most people cant even fathom the worst. please. that room 23 book ties about a billion blind items together, and now we know how george clooney finds each and every girl he “dates”.

  29. wendy hood says

    there were rumors about hayden as soon as she hit the scene. i remember watching her neutrogena commercials thinking, “does this company even know who this girl is?” she just gives off a bad vibe, always has.