Speeding And Donuts

[BlindGossip] This well-known funny actor is known to enjoy a drink or two over the course of an evening. While driving home (sober) after a recent dinner in Southern California, however, he was pulled over for speeding.

The officer walked up to the driver’s side and asked the actor for his license and registration. The actor smiled and asked the officer, “Don’t you recognize me?” The officer replied, “Yes. Now show me your license and registration anyway, Funny Man.”

Uh oh. This did not bode well for our actor. He produced the documents, but continued to smile and engage the officer in conversation, hoping that he could establish a rapport and avoid a ticket. The officer looked at the documents and then looked at the actor.

“Have you been drinking tonight, Sir?”

“No. Why?”

“Because your eyes look a little red.”

The actor couldn’t resist asking a question in return.

“Officer, have you been eating donuts tonight?”

The officer, visibly annoyed, said “No. Why?”

“Because your eyes look a little glazed.”

The officer stared at the actor for a few seconds, then burst out laughing. The actor got off with a warning, and the officer went home with a good celebrity story to tell.

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