The Name Of His Chauffeur

[BuzzFoto] This source comes from the driver of a long time A list actor. According to the driver, it took twenty years until the actor actually asked the driver what his name was. 621

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54 comments to The Name Of His Chauffeur

  • The Neurotic One

    Can’t be George Clooney, he apparently done this job when he was in his teens, you would like to think he would at least like to acknowledge his driver. Although it could be that the recent run in with the actor he used to drive everywhere made him think of his own driver and lead him to ask his name . . .

    Can’t see it being Brad, always pictures of him with his wife and kids in the car driving about.

    Possibly a *single* A list male actor . . . too many to pick from. -_- Need more clues.

    • JKLSMM

      Agree. And according to “rumors” Clooney and Pitt are supposedly very friendly and polite.

    • LolaVee

      Yeah. A little gander back at what George Clooney was doing 20 years ago (made for TV movies, Golden Girls, Roseanne) makes me think he probably didn’t have a full time driver at the time anyways.

      Probably somebody older!

  • amagod121

    Tom Cruise.

  • Quanah

    All of them?

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Jack Nicholson?

  • wendy hood

    jack nicholson

  • Cecilia

    impossible to know. where are the clues??

  • MoeschaB

    Never-say-names DeNiro! He is so guarded, by nature, he could have easily just missed the “names” part of the convo and who asks names after a few months much less 20 years? – dont want to appear rude! I get it. Doesnt mean the actor didnt have pleasant enough conversations with his driver. I am assuming this is his driver out-and-about NYC so they obviously spent alot of time in the same small space. Who would understand DeNiro better?!? I dont see him being a jerk at all – just aloof. (yes, clearly a fan)

    • msp96302

      I agree that this is probably an older guy and NYC based. Good guess.

    • WhatLolaWants

      The use of the word ‘driver’ makes me think of the movie “Taxi Driver” that he was in. Didn’t he also work as a taxi driver to prepared for the role? Could be him, but like you said, he always seemed shy and aloof to me too.

    • mcwmomma

      Me too, Gurl! I like your thots….makes good sense.

  • kscottpetra1

    jack nicholson

  • RedScience

    Arnold S.

  • Marina

    Robert DeNiro

  • ItsSoColdinTheD

    George Clooney!

  • ItsSoColdinTheD

    Who happens to have salt and pepper hair like the driver in photo

  • DutchOven

    what a d*! I hope he actually pays the driver well at least

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    It doesn’t say if the actor is still alive or not. If alive, Jack Nicholson? Michael Douglas?

  • akajenb

    That’s a dam shame

  • akajenb

    Maybe Mel Gibson

  • CindyB

    I don’t see any clues. A real *blind* item – ha! Okay, I’ll just guess Jack Nicholson. I could just see him calling the driver “Son” for twenty years!

  • rtsew

    Tom Cruise

  • ChattyCathy

    Tom Hanks

  • lalaland

    Robert deniro… I saw him at Nobu in new york once and he didn’t acknowledge any of the servers and talked on the phone for the majority of the dinner (while his wife talked on her phone as well). I imagine he would treat a car driver the same way.

    • mcwmomma

      Sadness, that he (or anyone) would do that to people…..oh well, still love him! But have read that Stallone doesnt want people to look at or speak to him…..not sure, either way its kind of sad.

  • Julie T

    I don’t know but the first person that came to my mind was Sean Connery. He has said in the past that it was okay to hit a woman if she deserves it. It has nothing to do with this situation, but if someone is that much of a jerk about that, I could see him being a jerk in this situation.

  • NiceVixen

    Morgan Freeman, Driving Miss Daisy? Not sure if I would consider him A-list…

  • sawyer319

    Im guessing this is jack Nicholson or Robert deniro, but I love deniro so much…hope it’s not him. This is INSANE. 20 years?! I love celebs as much as the next gossip hound, but to me this is just more evidence the stars ARE NOT like the rest o’ us. 0_o
    *grumbles with discontent*

  • RedScience

    A driver once told me that Sly Stalone personally instructed him (the driver) on day one to never look at him (Stalone). Maybe it’s him?

  • Dragnflyz

    My guess would be Sylvester Stallone… especially with his thing about not wanting anyone looking him in the eye.

  • liteNOTSObrite

    Clearly it is a star who has had enough dough to have a personal driver for 20 years. I’m going with Stallone or Schwarzenegger.

  • cowgirl13

    John Travolta. The weird hair looks like Travoltas and the uniform reminds me of a pilot.

  • ComicalEquation

    I’d go with Brad Pitt or Arnold S.

  • misskvalentina

    Tom Hanks.

  • malkatz

    I thought of Tom Cruise, but have heard he is incredibly courteous. Same with Schwarzenegger.

    I heard from the same sources that Stallone is beyond rude.

  • terry123

    Michael Douglas

  • JGordon

    Meshach Taylor?

  • MissOlivia

    Leonardo Dicaprio?

  • phyllis

    It doesn’t say that the actor is alive, right? Couldn’t this be some old time actor, like Henry Ford?

  • brijazz

    I have no idea but that is pretty crappy if you ask me.

  • CheshireKitty

    I’ll just throw out a definite NOT for this – Anthony Hopkins. Just after Silence of the Lambs came out and went big, a friend of mine and her friend were staying at a resort with a golf course attached. They wandered for a walk and got horribly lost. A man drives up on a golf cart, offers them a lift back and water, etc. Very nice. They got back to their room, happened to see a commercial and realized Sir Anthony himself was their saviour from dehydration. (My friend was embarrassed that she didn’t recognize him back then).

    Clooney and Pitt are also too nice.

    I’ll go Deniro because I haven’t a clue.

  • cazkinscandycat123

    well its definitely not Tom Cruise. I allowed to share a wonderful story about tom cruise? I was visiting my daughter who was at Kent university (England) a few years back. On the return journey home, my younger daughter then aged about 10 was desperate to go to the toilet and we still had over an hours journey home. Through countryside and miles of fields, we had no choice except pull up near a field surrounded by hedges. My daughter scrambled over a stile into the field and was gone a longggg time so much so we got out the car climbed the stile and there she was coming over the field with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise! They were filming a tv show called Top Gear at an old airfield in Kent , i think they filmed outdoor car driving on the old airstrip, my daughter had interrupted them having a picnic lunch break on the edge of this field and they thought it too funny she had gone in to use the field as she had been caught short, theyd let her use a trailer bathroom, given her autographs and were walking her back to our car safely and then posed for pictures, a wonderful person

  • tawse57

    No idea but aren’t most of the guesses here for actors way too young – who have not been A list for long enough.

    I would have thought it was someone of the Douglas, De Niro, Big Jack, Stallone, etc, era. Someone who was A list in the 80s at least.