A Team To Fix Her Body

[BuzzFoto] This big-time celebrity who just had a baby is loving motherhood, but is having all sorts of trouble with her body. She’s frustrated her figure didn’t magically snap back into shape and she’s hired a team of experts to help her look even better than before her pregnancy. Her doctor’s are concerned about her diet and plans (which involve surgery) but she is determined. 620

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107 comments to A Team To Fix Her Body

  • Rosario Scarsci

    Well we know it’s not Beyonce.

    • 4sixx2

      Actually, I think this IS Bey. The Blind just leaves out the “fake” before the “pregnancy”. I do believe she wasn’t pregnant, but towards the end, it did appear she was taking some medication to swell herself to make it believable. Well perhaps she didn’t “unswell” like she would have expected and is now freaking. Oh the irony…

      • Singapore Slang

        I agree with 4sixx2. If the blinds were right about Bey taking prednisone, she could be frustrated that the weight didn’t just fall off like she thought it would when she stopped taking it. She has been looking all kinds of post-preggers chunky.

        Here’s a link that talks about weight gain from prednisone


      • thefantasticspazzomatic

        Yeah, i’m not easily led but in the industry its commonplace to use experimental measures to keep up appearances, and according to other blinds, Bey and Jay were well aware that a lot of people were not buying their crap. She took prednisone, and then “stagged” a breastfeeding in a restaurant.
        On another topic, anybody curious as to whether Blue Ivy is actually INSIDE of those baby bjorns she wears??? Never see a face sticking out of there; is she intentionally smothering the baby? Conspiracy theorist unite, LMAOOOOO!!!?

      • akajenb

        Crazy Beyawnnnnnnnnnnce.lol

      • Rosario Scarsci

        That is true. Well, she wanted the real experience, she got it! Partially, that is…

    • redtape09

      I believe she was pregnant.

  • msbagfries

    King B?? Beyonce by a long shot

  • kitteekat

    well we know this isn’t Beyonce!

  • MoeschaB

    Jennifer Garner. She had her son a whole 2 days ago. In Hwood timing she should have been back in tip-top shape 7 hours ago.

  • Nakeya_j

    None other than Beyonce! First time posting BTW :)

  • emmabea

    My first guess is Beyonce, but I don’t believe she was actually pregnant

  • blessedjess226

    This can’t be about Beyonce…considering she wasn’t really pregnant.

  • Mermaid

    Nat Portman?

  • GandTPlease

    Alyssa Milano! Magically = Charmed
    First time posting – my favorite site.

  • Confusus

    Jennifer Garner?

    A little soon, but to gain weight during a pregnancy you actually have to be pregnant, and that rules out Bey.

  • stolidog

    Posh. The only way surgery will help her lose weight is if they cut off a leg.

  • callmedave

    Well we know it can’t be Beyonce because her body was back in fabulous shape within 5 minutes of the birth, of course!

    Dido perhaps?

  • michaelboston80

    So wait, did Beyonce really have the baby herself or not? I haz confused…

  • Liberiangirl28

    Oh Mr. Ace, you know this is Beyonce!

  • luckysiu


    Whether she physically had the baby or not, she definitely gained weight and it doesn’t look to be sliding off super quick.

  • arm1970

    Well, since we don’t really know if she even had her own baby I suppose this is supposed to be Beyonce. From what I’ve seen of her her boobs are bigger and her hips are wider and that is NATURAL and something that a trainer can’t quite get rid of. She just needs to embrace her curves and move on like the rest of us.

  • Toenail_Stew

    Guess it’s not Beyonce though…

  • Marina

    Bey? But …

  • Freggelkop

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    • emeraldeyes

      I agree with this guess. I didn’t see any pictures of her at the Academy Awards, and I would have guessed that she would have gone to support The Help and get a little press in!

    • redstilettos

      She would make the most sense. Beyonce (IMO) wasn’t really preggo and J Garner just had her baby 2 seconds ago.

    • thefantasticspazzomatic

      Yes. Beyonce wasn’t pregnant, and J Gar just popped out the future first baseman of the Red Sox…

  • jennerz

    Beyonce’s surrogate?

  • modelle18

    beyonce – it doesnt get anymore big time than that and she seems thicker than pre pregnancy

    • VeronicaMarsBars

      Perhaps she indulged in her “pregnancy” cravings and that is what is refusing to slide off the hips?

  • gigi24

    I want to say Beyonce, but I’m not convinced she was the one who gave birth to Blue Ivy.

    • PandoraWolf

      Somewhere there was a photo of her breastfeeding the baby in New York. I can’t decide whether it seems ‘staged’ to stop surrogacy rumors. She can hold the baby there as if she was feeding it, but who’s to say for sure? I just don’t see Ms. PRIVATE BULLETPROOF MATERNITY WING breast feeding in public.

      • RedScience

        I think that I have read/heard that even adoptive mothers do in fact have the ability to nurse their new infants. You don’t have to give birth for this. Nature is a wonderous thing…

    • saucykitty

      Well, if she did indeed fake the pregnancy, she could also be taking hormones to induce lactation. Just a thought.

  • kaygan

    Jennifer Garner

  • mellodee822


  • islandqueen

    queen bey?

  • Jessiekinz83

    Beyonce? She has a live in trainer and I read somewhere that she wants to have lost all the weight by early March.

  • SiG621

    NOT Beyonce, she didn’t even have a damn baby…

    I will be so angry when reports of her slim-down and how she did it start to surface!

  • mocha2009

    WEll it can’t be Beyonce as the rumor/gossip mill says she used a surrogate. I can’t think of another “big-time” celebrity that just had a baby!

  • Chocadoodledoo

    Beyonce had a pillow baby so it couldn’t be her! If the picture is a clue I would say January Jones. She’s not a big celeb in the UK but is she in the USA?

  • Mia444

    Well, it can’t be Beyonce unless she’s having trouble stuffing her pregnancy pad back into her closet.

  • cindyl

    since Beyonce didn’t really give birth, I’ll go with Mariah. Can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head.

  • SoWhat

    hmmm …i would say beyonce…but i honestly believe she did not have that baby…soo i’m going to say mariah carey since she is working on an album and will start promoting it soon.

  • Sassy1

    Sounds like Ms. Sasha Fierce is rearing her ugly head.

  • VelvetyRichChocolate

    Can’t be Beyonce as she is rumored to have had a surrogate…maybe she didn’t use one…who else had baby recently, struggling with the weight…mmmmnnn? After that awful vicious rumor on George, how can think!

  • Thirty_Nine


  • iamnumber21



  • Ebonyangel20

    Other than Beyonce, I have no idea who it could be.

  • riddlemethis

    This is either Beyonce or Mariah – I am thinking Beyonce.

  • mssnarnd

    Well . . . we know it’s NOT Beyonce. She’s already lost all her baby weight with the new, trend-setting pillow work-out.

  • terry123

    But wait – there’s more. Rumor has it that she had a surrogate so could it even be her???

  • Deeva E

    I would say Beyonce, but that would be true only if she didn’t orchestrate that disastrous surrogate scam.

  • lalaland

    beyonce… ?

  • Johari12

    I’m going to say Beyonce; wasn’t there a blind about her taking some meds simulating her “pregnancy”? I don’t remember all the details but I would imagine the side effects are the ones that are making it harder to shake off the lbs. First time poster, usual lurker

  • HeadhuntNYC

    I think it is Beyonce . . . not because she had the baby but as PR diversion to gin up attention, etc.

  • Quanah

    I’m thinking Jenna Fischer from “The Office”. She had a baby a while ago, and is still carrying some baby weight.

    • Quanah

      Never mind. She’s not a big time celebrity.

      • HeadhuntNYC

        Quanah . . . I gotta ask . . . are you from Quanah, Texas?!?!?! My father is from Quanah and there are just not that many of those folks out there. Just curious. Have a good night.

        And on topic, I good go with Jenna but she really isn’t a big time celebrity. What about the actress who is married to Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher? Does she qualify for a big time celebrity . . . prob not. Oh well, I go with conventional wisdom of Beyonce but with the twist that she is doing this as a PR stunt to deflect thought that she didn’t really have the baby herself.

      • Quanah

        No, not from Quanah, TX. My mother got my name from ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee’. I’m a girl though, named after Choctaw Indian Chief Quanah Parker. You have a good night too.

  • Quanah

    Christina Applegate.

  • kathystr

    Beyouce. She was just seen breast feeding so she must have been pregnant.

    • amagod121

      Believe it or not, you can take hormones to fake your body out and be able to produce milk, all without being pregnant.

  • RedScience

    well if this aint posted to look like Beyonce…

  • tanten

    I believe this is gossip planted by Beyonce’s “people” to convince the public that she physically gave birth. There is also a story floating aroung today from her “people” claiming that she was breast feeding in public. Any woman can take hormones to produce milk to breastfeed. Bey and her camel like husband think the public is really stupid.

    I still do not believe Bey gave birth. After seeing the fake baby bump at the VMAs, the folding baby bump and fluctuating baby bump, I will never believe she was pregnant.

    Also, there were a few things I noticed in the photo of her ‘pregnant’ in the white swimsuit. She had prespiration on her arms and face but there was none on the baby bump. And the style of swimsuit is prosthetic friendly.

    Lastly, regarding Baby Blue. She is a cute baby but not extraordinarily beautiful. Her hair is the one thing that stands out. Other than that she looks like the average african american baby.

    • WindyLAX

      Definitely agree with you.

    • Marina

      Another thing about Bey is – other celebrities seemed to be pregnant ‘forever’ – Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Garner – and public had tons of pictures. Bey is completely another story – preggo for a quick second, and zero to none pictures of her baby bump which leads me to believe that if just never existed in the first place.

    • PrettyB

      Please enlighten me on what a “average” african american baby looks like?

      And who throws shade at a newborn? Lol

      • tanten

        No “shade” (sigh) thrown, just sweet honesty. As I said, Baby Blue is cute. But she does look like the average african american baby. It you interpret me stating that as an insult, then thats indicative about how you feel about yourself. I think it is really sad when people seek racial insults where there are none.

        Are you one of Beyonce’s paid Stan online defenders? Or are you one those sad unfortunates who live vicariously through her? Or are you the surrogate? Hmmm

        Find self-worth within yourself instead of worshiping and defending so called celebrities who have no inkling of who you are. Especially a newborn baby.

        Well, I shall bow out for now and allow you to get your tee-shirts ready for the “Free Chris Brown” rally next week. I’m sure you’re probably the head organizer.

        Oh and for the record, I am african american myself.

      • jessicarabbit

        Jeez tanten, calm down a litte, hey? Instead of insulting, because that’s what it is, Pretty B and going off on a COMPLETE tandem (mentioning chris brown, really? someone must have a major case of the grumps…) honestly your post made me so mad because you seem to be quite hateful and aggressive for no reason! this is supposed to be a fun site, and people like you ruin it. and ps, just because you’re african-american, it doesn’t make the comments you said about blue ivy any less rude.
        and also, i am not one of “beyonce’s paid Stan online defenders” before you suggest it.

        don’t really have a guess for this blind, hope it’s not jessica alba. just wanted to point out that being rude to people over the internet because they question something you have said is not okay.

    • g33wizz

      Not to mention when she leaped into the SUV the day before she alledgely gave birth…hmmmm.

  • MissSichuan

    Either a fake Bey (oh, she really WAS preggers!) or Posh.
    First timer!

  • catiesd

    Natalie Portman, tho she didn’t JUST have the baby…

  • redtape09

    Paula Patton?

  • Tracy511

    January Jones 4 something diff

  • stanton

    Jenna Elfan tina fey or Jane Krakowski

    • saucykitty

      I was actually just thinking this. Fey and Krakowski both had kids in the past year. I’ll go with Krakowski, since I don’t think Fey would give a flip.

  • whydoireadthis

    This is not Jennifer Garner. I doubt after only 2 days that she would be worried about her body not snapping back into shape. That really would be magical feat. Beyonce and Mariah are big-time celebrities. Even January Jones or Nat Portman is stretching the definition of big-time.

  • jasoncat

    Mariah. Was not impressed by her Jenny Craig ads (weird tube top and black drape?). Not that it’s important or realistic to be stick thin after a pregnancy, but still.

  • Ralphie

    Love all the Faux Bey-bey discussion!

    I’m going rogue and guessing Carla Bruni. Being the first lady of France would be a big time celeb, and as a former model, she could easily be frustrated she didn’t lose the weight immediately.

  • Scorpio13

    For something different, Maya Rudolph.

    • lindseyann

      Even though I don’t think she’d be that worried about it, I kinda agree with you.
      She had her baby, what, last year? She’s still carrying a little of the weight.

  • liteNOTSObrite

    Jessica Alba

    • phyllis

      I like this guess. What a shame if she messes with surgery. I will never understand why these stars think spending mucho dinero to inject, cut, remove, plump your body will do anything but make you look far far worse than staying firm to the beauty that got you there in the first place. THere is nothing shameful about aging, only a different kind of beauty, ageless and full of life experience. Otherwise you are a bloated plastic doll, removing your personality along with the wrinkles.

  • phoenix

    Kinda thought of Pink for this. Big time made me think of the Funhouse tour, and she hasn’t dropped all the weight since having the baby.

  • Vee427

    Selma Blair? Daily Mail had something about her big debut after baby on “Anger Management.”