Job Hunting At An Oscar Party

[BlindGossip] While many people use Oscar parties as an opportunity to network, this well-known film actress just took it to a whole new level. After a few drinks, she started getting very bold in her approach of directors who might be amenable to hiring her. Even though she is only in her thirties, she is concerned that her offers are going to slow down as she ages, and she wants it to be known that she is willing to do whatever she needs to do to continue to get cast in good projects. To that end, she would walk up to a director, playfully throw an arm around his shoulders, and pose the following question: “So, who does a girl have to f*ck around here to get a job?” Fortunately for her, more than one director answered, “Me.”


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71 comments to Job Hunting At An Oscar Party

  • bunnymother

    Cameron Diaz :) love her

    • Mermaid

      I think Cam’s a really good guess. She’s crazy like that. And if she’s had a drink I wouldn’t put it past her. Also, she’s tight with the GooP who tweeted something similar in regards to her hubby’s album. Cam’s clingy and a bit of a parrot with her GFs so I could see her aping GooP like this. And Cam’s ego is probably still crushed due to A-Rod so she would love the ego boost from that. Cam prob passed it off as a joke but she prob meant it as well.

      Yep, Cam is a better guess than GooP because I think the blind would have stated “award-winning” or “Oscar-winning” if it was GooP. 😀

  • dee123

    Cameron Diaz for sure.

  • usadevolved

    Sounds like that hot, mess Cameron Diaz. She getting desperate because she was never a good actress and her looks are fading due to the partying.

    • EmeraldCity

      True but I have a hard time believing it is her…I mean she’s so obscenely rich, what does she care??? But then again who knows

      • gumbii2662

        I had the same thought, but then I remembered just how many “rich” celebs end up bankrupt or broke when they die unexpectedly (Whitney Houston was basically broke apparently- how is that even POSSIBLE?), so I try never to assume that these celebs making obscene amounts of money are actually well-off. Many just do not know how to save their money.

      • Robb Ess

        It’s not about being rich right now, it’s about being perceived as a hasbeen in an industry built on “only as good as your last movie.” I’m on board with the Diaz guess.

      • Mermaid

        Absolutely. Most of these celebs would trade money for fame (their drug of choice) anyday.

      • Singapore Slang

        There are many ways to get rich, but only one way (acting) to get attention and adoration from the public.

    • redstilettos

      It could be The Joker a.k.a. Cam D. She’s turned into a Butterface. Too much partying has made her look rough. Her schtick also has gotten old. How much longer will she be able to play the bouncy California girl? She needs to branch out. Even if she’s rich beyond measure, celebs mainly care about how relevant they are.

  • raslebol

    gwinnie Paltrow ? it looks alike her twitter sentence about Colplay’s last album :i think it’s a joke

  • Sea Turtle

    Totally sounds like it would be Cameron Diaz!

  • salamanca

    Whoever that is, although it’s terrible, knows how to play in H-wood, even if she can’t act.

  • jillsey

    Cameron Diaz

  • terry123

    angelina jolie’s LEG

  • mommie dearest

    Except for the actress being in her 30s, I wouldn’t guessed LiLo. But, I’ll guess…Christini Ricci. She was on Pan Am, but is mostly known for film. I could see her doing this!

  • mommie dearest

    Oops! Would’ve guessed LiLo

  • brunettegal804

    Cameron Diaz

  • Spanx101

    Cameron Diaz springs to mind

  • Sugar Cookie

    Olivia Wilde. Just a guess.

    • Katmandu

      Beg to differ, Olivia W. is on a mad roll.

      • Mermaid

        A mad roll of bombs though. All her movies bomb. But she’s not in her 30s yet so it can’t be her. And when she is in her 30s she will already be forgotten (my opinion).

      • Sugar Cookie

        You’re right, I should’ve checked before I posted. She’s only 27. She looks older to me (30 +)

  • princesslisa

    Cameron Diaz?

  • melmac

    Kate Beckinsale

  • dallasJAC

    My initial thought was Cameron Diaz—totally sounds like her. She is 39. I’m not too sure.

  • up2trouble

    Cameron Diaz

  • dumpsterbaby

    Cameron Diaz.

  • pattycakes

    Cameron Diaz

  • shelaur22

    All of them? Kate Bosworth.

  • firebugdvm

    Cameron Diaz

  • YesMaam

    Cameron Diaz.

  • kitteekat

    Cameron Diaz

  • MamaCat

    I would kill to be a fly on the wall at one of these events.

  • mommalovesapuzzle

    Cameron Diaz. She has no talent and no class.

  • brainy

    Katherine Heigl — just a guess?

  • ZuzuBee

    Cameron Diaz?

  • Mermaid


    What’s wrong with a little honesty? Pretty much ALL actors sc*ew for roles. Including, allegedly, the insufferable Rooney Mara (who is better than you, btw) & who comes from a super rich & powerful family. If she has to do that, then why not an actress in her 30s, 40s, 50s, etc? And actors too.

    Ingrid Bergman allegedly did it. So, allegedly, did Grace Kelly. And a bunch of well-known & award-winning actors as well (though I forget their names).

    And I’ve heard more than one director say that the reason he got into directing in the first place was to get laid.

    Just for the gags, I’m going to guess the only film actress I know whose name can be uttered in the same breath as Bergman & Kelly and who I could see “playfully” throwing her arm around directors’ shoulders. And that would be the venerable Gwyneth Paltrow, or GooP if you’re nasty!

    • Mermaid

      Also, the Goopy one tweeted almost the exact same phrase about getting an advance copy of her hubby’s album a while ago viz “who does a girl have to bang to get a copy of the Coldplay album” or something like that.

      Also, “So, who does a girl have to f*ck around here to get a job?” (by whoever said it – my guess Goopy) was probably said “in jest”, but not really. LOL.

    • pattycakes

      Joan Crawford was also famous for that as well.

  • MoeschaB

    isn’t that approach used alot? In Hollywood, its like the “hello, how are you?” of greetings. Is Jessica Chastain concerned about being in her 30’s?

    • thefantasticspazzomatic

      Yeah, just read Jessica Chastain is peeved because she wanted people to think she is 30 when she is actually 35? Its so shallow, just a 5 year difference to a normal person, but for female celebrities being over 30 is a death sentence. Conversely, for men its a gold mine ‘cuz they can play daddy and CEO and all those mature men roles Hollywood makes for men. You’d think with their million dollar minds they could come up with juicier roles for ol’ broads over 30…

  • Mardy Bum

    Cameron Diaz

  • clf1976

    Angelina Jolie. She has one project that she’s attached to right now, and even that is a long shot considering it’s been in the pre-production stages since 2010 and she’s the only one signed.

    • MoeschaB

      I heard this too. Are you talking about Cleopatra being in pre-production? I heard Lindsay Lohan tell Matt Lauer this morning that the role was hers….hmmmmn. No confirmation yet though. Angelina doesnt haqve the sense of humor to pull off that line in a non-creepy way. But then again, she was pretty creepy way at the Oscars. My vote is still Gwynnie or Jessica Chastain.

      • MoeschaB

        ignore what i wrote about cleopatra role above. i am an ass. Correction: Lohan role is a made for TV Biopic of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton – duh. sorry, Ace!

  • fotobandi

    Oh, what the heck: Diaz.

  • EmeraldCity

    I guess you can deduce based on who was in attendance at the oscars/after-parties….
    so my guess is either Kate Hudson (in her 30’s, doesn’t seem to be working much and her last big job was in Nine produced by Harvey, and Harvey distributed her bad rom-com…so maybe she is no stranger to these kinds of favors haha) or maybe Jessica Chastain? I heard she lies about her age and is really 37 years old…so maybe she’s worried people are finding out.

    • Mermaid

      After the year Jessica Chastain just had? Where she was in in almost every good movie? Doubtful.

      • EmeraldCity

        True…but if she’s lying about her age she may worry that she will be getting too old…that’s why I thought of her

      • Mermaid

        I get you. But I honestly think so many lie about their age these days. Women & men.

      • EmeraldCity

        Yup it’s sad!! And they all screw for parts haha…I was trying to think of ONE actress who doesn’t have rumors of screwing for parts…I came up with????

    • MoeschaB

      Agreed with Emerald city and understand Mermaids point. Chastain has had “on top of the world” success and is in some good projects coming up. But without winning that golden statue, she has to re-join “the game” to keep momentum. So quickly an aging actress falls in that Hood. She has the clout to use such lines and keep in sheilded ‘in humor, but not really’. But barely. I still go with Chastain.

      • thefantasticspazzomatic

        Honestly, people who do not watch new films, or follow celebrity news would NOT know who Jessica Chastain is. I personally just found out who she is/what she looks like yesterday on, so i dunno….

  • mocha2009

    One Ms. Cameron Diaz?

  • easter

    cameron diaz

  • Nosy51

    If this person stuck out her leg too, I’m going with AJ. LOL

  • kristipistol

    Paltrow did say the same thing about her husbands cd when it came out

  • newbatgirl

    I would say Kate Bosworth but she has a standard list of fees and most male directors in town have already seen it and passed on those nutty bones.

    So I’ll go with Cam Diaz.

  • DreamyVelvet

    Glenn Close.

  • MaliyahAngel

    I can’t explain why but I thought of Natalie Portman when I read this.

  • ggirl

    My first thought was Charlize Theron. Sounds like something she would do. She is in her 30’s. The Hunting in the title made me think of Snow White and the Huntsman. The dinner table pic made me think of her appearance on Top Chef. Also, didn’t she make some sort of brash statement, including an expletive, to the actress from The Help.

  • misskvalentina

    First post but this totally screams Gwyneth Paltrow. This year, she’s in an independent film and has a cameo role in another. Last year wasn’t too impressive, either.

  • vandra

    Kate Hudson.

  • leefitzwater

    Octavia baby!!