• rosiedoes says

        Are you kidding? They’re all BFF. They met on Jarhead, playing best friends, which is how Peter met Maggie.

      • Wabisabi says

        They MAY have been BFFs. Doesn’t mean that they are now, or that Jake likes Peter as his sister’s husband. Some people don’t like the idea of their friends becoming their siblings’ partners. It happens. I don’t know, though, and I’m just basing my ideas on what I’ve read on gossip sites. (And Peter WAS born and spend his early years in my area! Kinda cool.)

    • WhoKnewNotMe says

      In this case, the “6-1-9”, means that the writer of the blind is a huge Rey Mysterio fan.

    • saucykitty says

      BuzzFoto (the source of the blind) sometimes numbers their posts, I guess to keep track of them. That said, I have no guess.

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      I’m guessing it’s a blind item count of some sort since the article behind it has 618. For the year maybe? I could be wrong.

  1. MoeschaB says

    Famous Bro: Joaqin Phoenix
    Famous BIL: Casy Affleck

    *although neither of them seem the destructor-of-property type. their could be alternative “emotions” flying? Just a guess…

    • YourNameHere says

      I also thought of these 2 while reading this. Probably because of the reveal about Ben & Jen maybe.

  2. pepperk says

    Rob Kardashian for brother
    Scott Dick for brother-in-Law (although they’re not married. Can’t see him getting along with others.)

  3. Ebonyangel20 says

    Rob and Lamar get along very well unless if they don’t anymore or for now.