Model Dialed Her Ex From The Oscars

[CDAN] Oscars: This former A list model and currently a reality star and single was not really ready to mingle. After getting way more drunk than she usually does she started making some calls and ended up calling her ex. Turns out he was out with someone. Well, actually because of the time difference they had already been out. Now was just the cleanup stage. Our model broke down in tears.


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      • wellyeah says

        yeah… don’t think it’s heidi ’cause theoretically, she’s not single yet, since the divorce isn’t finalized.

        I’ll go with Tyra Banks I think…

    • modelle18 says

      BINGO! – she was at the after parties and she was known more for her modelling whereas now she’s known for project runway

  1. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Heidi Klum calling Seal? She was a model, now a reality star on Project Runway. May be too soon yet for her to start calling though.

  2. Sea Turtle says

    Heidi Klum! She was @ the 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in Beverly Hills last night.

  3. thefantasticspazzomatic says

    Couldn’t be Heidi, she wasn’t at the Oscars… i dunno who else is relevant as a model and a reality star?

  4. noelle1524 says

    Dayana Mendoza, who’s on Celebrity Apprentice now and a former model
    (Hi, BG! never got to formally say hello since signing on)

  5. Deltabelle says

    Definitely Heidi Klum. There was an article saying she was photographed “downing drinks” at Elton John’s Oscar party.

  6. JoshuaTree says

    Plus the “time difference” is a key, Seal is in Australia shooting their version of The Voice. She’s here in LA.

  7. MrsGosling says

    Gosh this is just a guess….Heidi Klum & Seal? She was an A list model but now is probably better associated with Project Runway. I’m not sure if that would be categorized as ‘Reality Tv’. Seal just took off that wedding band not long ago…..

  8. Lizicia says

    Heidi Klum. A-list model, now doing Project Runway. I wouldn’t really call her single, though, she’s only recently separated but maybe that would’ve been too big of a clue. Can’t think of any other former A-list models at the Oscars.

  9. amagod121 says

    How did she know he was with someone and it was at the cleanup stage? Did he actually say something that gross to her? Kind of hard to believe.

    • sawyer319 says

      Ya know, after you have sex….the cleanup. Lol
      Don’t know of a more delicate way to put it.

  10. GoGetEm says

    Seal is hardly an ex yet. They are just separated. Besides, he’s in Australia and with the time difference it would be mid-morning or something. Too late for ‘clean up’ and too early for the next night of fun.
    Janice Dickinson would be my guess. She’s a mess, so it just sounds like her. No idea who the ex is, though, does it even matter?

  11. heymistay says

    I think it was Heidi and I also think the other blind item about Delta Goodrem breaking up a family is about Seal and Heidi

  12. thefantasticspazzomatic says

    Yes but does the blind reference her actually being at the Oscars? Cuz she wasn’t, she went to Elton John’s Oscar viewing party.

  13. jbit says

    Heidi Klum!

    If this is what it takes for Heidi to wake up and give Seal another chance then that’s what she needed! Sad truth.

  14. Dak1928 says

    Sounds like Heidi and Seal, only the time difference wouldn’t make sense. Time in Australia is four or five hours earlier than in Los Angeles, and if Seal had just come back from a “date” (quite a date if cleanup is required), he would have had to have been on his date in the afternoon, unless Heidi called at six a.m., which is possible if it’s a drunk dial …

  15. saucykitty says

    Eh, I’m not so sure Seal would be all out… or so I suppose.

    How’s about one of Leo DiCraprio’s (typo and it stays) exes? Were any of them at the Oscars and are now reality stars?