Popular Duo Will Seal the Deal


[TVLine] The prudes among TVLine’s readership may want to avert their eyes for today’s Blind Item. Wait? What? There are none? Fine, then. Read on, because said item of the seeing-impaired variety involves a couple that a lot of fans want to see get it on, actually getting it on.

Your clues are as follows:

* The duo in question is on a popular network series.

* Their nookie will not be of the “dream sequence” sort — it’s for real, yo.

* Their boosters will be pleased.

* Well, most of their boosters will be pleased. A few will probably grumble that it’s too soon, and the show is skipping too many beats in the pair’s unrequited love story for their coming together to be truly satisfying. (Mind you, a few people were always going to grumble, weren’t they?)

* The hook-up will take place during May sweeps. Okay, technically, that isn’t a clue. But it does seem germane, wouldn’t you say?


Michael Ausiello from TVLine was just asked in an interview about the subjects of this blind and the date when this blind would be solved. The interviewer asked it the subjects are Richard Castle and Kate Beckett from the TV show Castle.

Ausiello replied that he “Can not confirm or deny” if it is Castle and Beckett, and that “the episode will air in the next two weeks.” So, Blinders, it sounds like you will have your answer soon on this one!

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