Popular Duo Will Seal the Deal


[TVLine] The prudes among TVLine’s readership may want to avert their eyes for today’s Blind Item. Wait? What? There are none? Fine, then. Read on, because said item of the seeing-impaired variety involves a couple that a lot of fans want to see get it on, actually getting it on.

Your clues are as follows:

* The duo in question is on a popular network series.

* Their nookie will not be of the “dream sequence” sort — it’s for real, yo.

* Their boosters will be pleased.

* Well, most of their boosters will be pleased. A few will probably grumble that it’s too soon, and the show is skipping too many beats in the pair’s unrequited love story for their coming together to be truly satisfying. (Mind you, a few people were always going to grumble, weren’t they?)

* The hook-up will take place during May sweeps. Okay, technically, that isn’t a clue. But it does seem germane, wouldn’t you say?


Michael Ausiello from TVLine was just asked in an interview about the subjects of this blind and the date when this blind would be solved. The interviewer asked it the subjects are Richard Castle and Kate Beckett from the TV show Castle.

Ausiello replied that he “Can not confirm or deny” if it is Castle and Beckett, and that “the episode will air in the next two weeks.” So, Blinders, it sounds like you will have your answer soon on this one!

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    • Aileanor says

      The phrase “it’s for real, yo” sounds exactly like something one of the supporting cast on Castle would say (Espo, my favourite!)

      However, the word ‘germane’ is used a lot by one of the characters in the Kathy Reichs book 206 Bones on which the TV show Bones is based. Also, Booth and Brennan (main characters) were previously shown hooking up, but it was a dream sequence which caused a lot of grumbles in the fandom.

      Brennan and Booth are together, but there has been no sex scene as yet. It maybe doesn’t fit the wording of the blind, but that could be what it means.

      *Fangirl out*

      • PandoraWolf says

        I watch the DVDs so I am not up to current episodes, but isn’t Brennan about to give birth to their daughter?

      • Aileanor says

        Yep, so it’s not really unrequited love.

        I don’t know, I’ve got no definite idea, just looking at the clues! As above, I’m fervently hoping it’s Castle!

    • thefantasticspazzomatic says

      ahahahaaha, I feel the same way. Its like, if you’re not in high school, or an immature 20-something, you’re probably not watching any ‘hit” shows…

    • jujubee says

      This is about the TV show, not the actual couple (if they are an actual couple). Their characters have already had sex, so it’s not them.

      The only couple on Glee (Boosters=high school supporters) that this could apply to is Will and Emma. They’re engaged but haven’t had sex yet, as far as we know. Emma could be called a prude by the uninformed, since she suffers from OCD. BUT, and it’s a big but, they’ve been circling around one another for 3 years and it’s not unrequited love. God, why do I still watch this show?

      I think it might be from New Girl. As much as I like Community, it’s not a popular series in the ratings.

    • HaNeull says

      It can’t be. The clue says “The pair’s UNREQUITED love story.” Their characters have been together for a very long time.

  1. ComicalEquation says

    I’d guess Scrubs. Boosters being the clue. Or Rookie Blue, Sam and Andy, nookie being the clue. Other guesses are Damon and Elena from Tvd. Or glee. Or the Mentalist.

    • watcherspet says

      I like that idea! But didn’t Damon make it clear he was going to back off from Elena and stay ‘the bad guy’?

  2. bonnie says

    Robin/Barney HIMYM.. Reveal at the wedding of Barney from episode 1 of this season


    Beckett/Castle from Castle

    Would be happy with either one…

  3. sophiedg says

    New Girl seems like the best guess offered so far. To get the Jess and Nick characters together only a few episodes into the first season would be unusual and risky

    Scrubs has been off the air for a couple years. Barney and Robin on HIMYM dated/hooked up several times so it’s not them. Bones does have the sexual tension element but haven’t Temperance and Booth already hooked up? The Glee characters mentioned are engaged so that rules them out since there would not be a shock value. I’ve never seen Community so don’t know about that one.

    This has to be a new-ish series or story line. I really like New Girl so if it’s them it may really screw up the storyline doing this so soon. Anyone remember how Moonlighting jumped the shark big time when David and Maddie got together? And it hurt the show despite viewers being able enjoy the dancing around for a long time.

  4. luvprue1 says

    Damon and Elena from “The Vampires Diaries”. Damon has been in love with Elena since season 1, but she always been Stefan’s girl.

  5. Vee427 says

    COMMUNITY: TROY AND BRITTA, or JEFF AND ANNIE due to the “dream sequence” allusion only because JEFF AND ANNIE made out earlier this season in an alternate time line (Advanced Chaos Theory) and the show has been alluding to it since their “actual timeline” debate kiss in Season 2.

    • VeronicaMarsBars says

      And, at the start of this season in Community, Jeff had a musical daydream forecasting hopes for the year ahead and one of them was that he and Annie sleep together.

  6. justjinx says

    I hope it isn’t Castle. It would just ruin the dynamic of the show if Beckett and Castle get involved for real. The sexual tension between them is part of the chemistry of the show.

    Robin and Ted from HIMYM is a good guess.

  7. Ralphie says

    Dude, I’m the biggest Community fan there is and I would never call it popular. Cult-fave yes. Not popular. :(

    I’m sure it’s someone from Glee, which I don’t watch and never will, so I have no guess.

    • ToadKisser says

      I don’t think this is it, but if it happened in May I do think it would be too soon. Those two actors are so funny together, the humorous possibilities for them as a sexless couple are endless!

  8. HaNeull says

    I’m totally on board with Barney and Robin. It was recently discovered by Ted that Robin still loves Barney and, when Ted told Barney, he didn’t seem to care. In the most recent episode, he actually seems to be entering a relationship with another woman — probably to throw off the “Fans” of Barney and Robin into thinking that he won’t be marrying Robin (but, man, he TOTALLY should).

    I also dig the idea of Sheldon and Amy (or “Shamy” as someone said above), but I just don’t see that happening. He is too germophobic and really dislikes the idea of that sort of intimacy. However, I do recall Amy kissing him and his reaction was simply, “Fascinating.” So, who knows? It’d be kinda strange, though.

  9. Vee427 says

    Ralphie, while I agree to an extent, “Community” is pretty popular if you take into account it’s a fan favorite, it’s fans are rabid, and it gets pretty decent viewership in non-Nielsen markets (DVD, online, HULU) Maybe network and popular are mutually exclusive?

    Besides, the “not in a dream sequence” really makes me feel like it’s Jeff and Annie, as I said, because of alternate timelines being a thing Community is really into this season.

    Also, back in Sept. EW (I think) ran an interview where both Joel McHale and Allison Brie confirmed this was the season their “romance” ramped up.

  10. wickidsparkle says

    Jack and “Emily” on Revenge! The black water in the photo is a clue.

    Hi, Ace! This is my first post, because nobody else guessed it.

    • jasper says

      I thought Dallas and George were heading toward Official?
      she gave him the “Georgas” bag.

  11. saucykitty says

    Jenna and Kenneth from 30 Rock. She’s on sexual walk-about, right? (Btw, I am SO kidding with this.)

  12. gingersnappped says

    deeks and kenzi from NCIS LA. this week deeks made a reference to how the “dream sequence” began when kenzi took off her shirt to check an injury….

  13. MissFaye says

    I only watch Mad Men and this blind doesn’t appear to about it so out I go…

  14. BritishPound says

    Just putting this out there – My little fantasy would be Don Draper & Peggy

  15. DelohciN says

    In last week’s episode of NCIS LA, Deeks says something like ‘that’s the how the dream sequence starts’ when Kensy takes off her shirt for him to look at a wound.

    NCIS LA is a popular network show and has only been on a couple seasons, so compared to other shows (like NCIS), the unrequited love hasn’t gone on very long.

    So, my first thought was Deeks and Kensy.

    But, I visited the site where this blind came from. A few days after the blind, there was a ‘spoiler’ about Nate coming back and learning something out about Nell’s feelings for Eric.


    So, I vote either Deeks/Kensy or Nell/Eric from NCIS LA.