It’s Not Fair It’s Not Fair

[BlindGossip] It must be difficult sitting there in front of billions of people waiting for your name to be called. It must be even more difficult when it isn’t. This actress did a good job pretending to be happy for the winner of this award last night, but behind the scenes was a different story.

She was seen in a corner of the bathroom being consoled by a friend for her loss. While she was not wailing or screaming in a dramatic fashion, there were definitely some tears and some nose blowing going on. One of them was also saying, “It’s not fair… it’s not fair!” although we honestly don’t know if those words were uttered by the actress or the friend who was helping her. The good news is that she did manage to pull it together enough to attend more than one party during the evening… plus there’s always next year.

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    • Singapore Slang says

      I would probably feel the same if I were here. Meryl Streep is on oscar number 3 now and Octavia Spencer ended up winning one for the same movie.

  1. tallzeez says

    Duh. Viola Davies as the crying actress who lost to Meryl Streep for Best Actress. She acted gracious and kissed Meryl on the cheek after she won. This is must be hard for her especially since several people on the internet and news outlets were saying she was a show-in or at least a very strong contender for the award.

  2. somethingoriginal says

    Probably missing most of the clues but my guess is Jessica as Octavia is in the photo with other best supporting nominees but she won so perhaps her co-star.

    And I agree Ace, forget the films, the hardest acting job is pretending to be thrilled for the winner while you’re disappointed to be missing out.

  3. La Llorona says

    I think this is Viola Davis. It was reported by Mark Wahlberg that she was going to win for Best Actress and she didn’t, Meryl Streep won, once again. And frankly, imho, she should have win. I normally love Meryl, but I didn’t think her acting was that amazing. And she kind of annoyed me with her faux-shock act when she won, especially when she said “I know I’ll never win again…” I mean, I get she was making a joke of it, but for some people, this actually means something. For heaven’s sake, take your award and sit down already.

    • iammeme says

      I think Viola was robbed but, to be fair, Meryl hasn’t won and Oscar in almost 30 years. She wins a Golden Globe every year, which maybe why it feels like she one “once again.” I think she was in shock bc she an Viola are friends and Meryl is ALWAYS singing her praises.

      • Megley says

        Yeah, but it’s harder to play a living person, methinks. Actresses vote for actresses, so, apparently, more actresses voted for Streep as the best actress. Mary Tyler Moore should’ve won for Ordinary People, but she lost to Loretta Lynn. Not that Spacek wasn’t worthy, but it’s all subjective, in my not-so-humble opinion.

      • darkhare says

        Not quite like that. At the SAGs, Viola won the Best Actress award, voted by her peers. However, there are 5,765 oscar voters, who are primarily white, male and old.
        94 per cent are white. 77 per cent are men, and their average age is 62, with only 14 per cent being under 50 years of age. Furthermore, only 2 per cent are black, and hispanic, each.

      • darkhare says

        And, now Meryl Streep has more Best Actress oscars than THE WHOLE BODY OF AFRICAN AMERICAN ACTRESSES in history.
        It must hurt more because it’s African American history month. “The Help” was showing us what it was like back then. It didn’t sink in with the old voters who were around when it was going on. And I’ve heard from white folks who were in the south back then. They say it was way worse! That has to hurt!

      • La Llorona says

        Yeah true but she does get nominated A LOT, like almost every year she gets a nomination. So even if she hadn’t won this year, there’s always a new opportunity for her to win again. Good roles for Black women don’t come often enough, and even if this was a terrible role for Viola Davis (although that’s an argument for another time), she still played her role well. With that said, maybe Viola can work her acting magic with another role and get herself another nomination. One can only hope…

    • wendy hood says

      yeah, but it shouldnt mean anything to anyone. its the absolute height of silliness, these awards – and meryl knows it. no one has any right to tell meryl how to accept an award, ESPECIALLY not someone who has been in attendance to the oscars less than 30 times.

      • La Llorona says

        Yeah I get that, and you’re right that Meryl knows this game better than anyone (she’s been nominated too many times to count), but still, for someone like Viola, who comes from a working background and is a black woman, it’s still a big deal to be able to get any kind of recognition for the work she’s done, be it a nomination or an award. Part of me can identify with Viola’s struggle so I guess that’s how I’m reading this…if I were to get an Oscar nom and lose, especially to someone who’s won already many times and constantly gets opportunities to win, I know I would be devastated. Even if it shouldn’t mean anything, for an actor or an artist to get recognized, it still does because it’s easy to fly under the radar in this business. Still, I’m sure she’ll get nominated again, she didn’t win for Doubt last year, so hopefully, this will be one of many nominations…

  4. Aquaboogy says

    Rooney Mara. She’s in the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, which is why “there’s always next year.”

    • mommie dearest says

      I hope you’re right about this! I would rather Rooney be the sobbing mess rather than Viola!

  5. SammyBad says

    I swear everytime I read these stories i read it in kristens bells(gossip girls) voice from gossip girl because these blinds are written like the blasts she sends lol/csb.

    Viola davis I didn’t get to watch the show, but I heard she didn’t win and was suprised because everyone said she would plus she got nominated before and lost so I guess she was counting on this year.

  6. Sea Turtle says

    Well seeing as how Octavia swept all the other awards, her win wasn’t surprising. The best actress was a toss up between Meryl & Viola, so I reckon this could be about Viola. Although the mention of a friend makes me think of Michelle & Busy, just that these 2 seem joined @ the hip. Also, Glenn was so invested for years in Albert Nobbs, not sure if she has ever won.

  7. Caz1310 says

    Michelle Williams. All that campaigning didn’t win her the prize. I bet she stamped her foot too.

  8. VeronicaMarsBars says

    Judging by the pics, the actress in question was up for a Best Supporting trophy. I doubt McCarthy or McTeer would have this reaction and really don’t think Jessica Chastain would think she out-acted Octavia Spencer in The Help. I’m going to guess the only remaining contender, Berenice Bejo… Given all the other statues that The Artist (and her partner and costar) walked away with

      • MoeschaB says

        Agreed with Veronicamarsbars 100%. Could you imagine all surrounding cast members going home with gold and your role is only rejected. Happy she pulled herself together – she is a pro!

  9. cposter123 says

    I guess this has to be Jessica Chastain (“The Help”), since she is missing from the pictures. Janet McTeer is also missing here, but I’m going with the hint of “by the actress or the friend who was HELPING her”.

    • lin123 says

      She kissed Meryl Streep when it was announced, and the “friend who was HELPING her”, she was nominated for her role in The Help.

  10. Synapse3 says

    Michelle W. The big clue being “a freind,” as Michelle attended with B. Phillips. Personally, her behavior seems perfectly normal. Nothing wrong with being unhappy losing, particularly to Streep, whos has 2 already. Michelle Williams is a terrfiic actress who takes on very challanging roles.

  11. AnguaDelphine says

    Well, my guess is Jessica Chastain, because of the final clue “there’s always next year”. She’s got tons of projects coming up. On a side note, I don’t think this is very shocking – it must be really tough on Oscar night for the nominees, and it’s not surprising that one of them has a case of the sniffles afterwards.

  12. teach819 says

    My guess is Michelle Williams with her BFF Busy Phillips. Phillips seems like the type to be saying “It’s not fair.”

    • MommyPalooza says

      I actually REALLY think this is Michelle. She could hardly contain the tears when the camera showed her listening to Streep’s acceptance speech. She seemed to really thing she was going to win. (And I feel bad for her, I wanted her to win also.)

  13. deebee says

    Rooney Mara…’plus there is always next year’, there are two more movies in the girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy to come out

  14. twosecondsago says

    I can see Rooney Mara pulling something like this, but I think its someone from the Best Supporting Actress category (judging from the picture) so I’m going with Jessica Chastain. All the other ladies are too classy to act like a whining, petulant child.

    • silbie says

      Rooney was interviewed by German reporter before the show and she said that she didn’t expect to go on stage and win, but she felt honored to be nominated.

    • HotTeacher88 says

      I don’t see how it’s whining like a petulant child to want something really, really badly and then be disappointed. Perhaps it seems “not fair” for one person to have gotten two other Oscars or swept all the other awards like Octavia Spencer did.

  15. silbie says

    I have 2 guesses:
    No. 1 Bérénice Bejo, everyone else, who was nominated won, but she was the only one who didn’t and she is dating the director, so she is always reminded of that- but she will probably do more French films this year, so I don’t know whether she will be nominated next time.
    No. 2 Jessica Chastain, she was sitting near Octavia Spencer, and when she won, Jessica looked as she had to try hard to keep on smiling and be happy about it.
    Overall Jessica is my favourite for this blind.

  16. smd1004p says

    viola from “the help”…she was the favorite and people were shocked she did not win…the friend was has “helping her” is the clue

  17. tessa says

    The help actress who didn’t get the award for best actress I think and Meryl Streep took home the Award. She acted happy for her. :) best guess

  18. jeannie says

    Viola Davis? She ran up to Meryl and hugged her after she (Meryl Streep) was announced the winner. Seemed like a gracious loser but she was supposed to be the front-runner for Best Actress.

  19. ajax says

    It’s Viola Davis. She was so sure she’s gonna win so when Meryl won she’s kinda shocked to say the least.

  20. Anaishilator says

    Viola Davis.

    Im still shocked she didnt win. I mean, I love Meryl but this wasnt even one of her better performances.

    Ah well, she will get it eventually. 2 years back to back tho is rough. Same for Michelle Williams.

  21. pyTiffany says

    I’m thinking Viola Davis. Only because she won all the awards inher category leading up to the Oscars and that usually means your a show-in for the Academy Award. Also, the fact that she wasnt crying hysterically and that she attended parties after but was visibly upset when it first happened lets me know she was shocked but handled it like a mature women.

  22. redtape09 says

    Michelle Williams, being consoled by Busy Phillips. “There’s always next year”, since this is her second year in a row.

  23. antiaphrodite says

    Jessica Chastain?

    Since the pic is of the supporting actress, and maybe it would be one that isn’t pictured? I can’t really picture any of the best actress noms whining. Since Chastain was in the same movie as the winner, maybe that is why she is extra-bitter? And she has a lot going on in the next year..

    • WindyLAX says

      No way. There is just no way Melissa McCarthy thought she was a serious contender. She was there to have fun with her husband and pals!

  24. cocobeannns says

    On second thought, the picture is of he supporting actress noms.
    Second guess: Jessica Chastain

  25. BackinStOlaf says

    I think this could be either Rooney or Viola. Viola has annoyed the hell out of me ever since awards season started. My perception of her was someone who got just a little bit too big for her britches. Seeing her not win actually made me cheer. Let this be a cautionary tale: you may think you have it in the bag but there’s always someone that performed a little or a lot better than you did.

    • sawyer319 says

      I believe this is viola Davis as well.

      I don’t dislike her, but I’m thrilled meryl steep won. Streep is a heavyweight, and Davis just isn’t at her level yet.

  26. ummidk says

    as much as i hate saying it, viola davis. wasn’t she the frontrunner that everyone thot would win?

  27. kjc520 says

    I did feel badly for Viola. BUT, if you’re going to lose to someone, at least it was Meryl Streep!

  28. jjonesy says

    Jessica Chastain and Janet McTeer are the only two Supporting Actress nominees not pictured. Of the two, I’ll go with Jessica Chastain, I guess. Tough break, but all the nominees are talented. I guess I’m with the “it’s an honor just to be nominated” school of thought. Not that I ever would be nominated. I’d have to be an actress for starters.

    • jjonesy says

      Or, since Octavia Spencer won, perhaps Viola Davis felt she also should have won. Especially since Iron Lady (Meryl Streep) did not have other major award nominations.

  29. Brittany920 says

    rooney mara…. going to have another tattoo movie, and is young and naive enough to think she actually had a chance against queen meryl.

  30. Arcadia says

    It was Viola Davis. A picture is worth a thousand words and when her name wasn’t called you could clearly see the pain and confusion on her face. I felt very sorry for her.

  31. Sugar Cookie says

    Viola Davis. Maybe she read here that Marky-Mark said she was going to win and got her hopes up. LOL

  32. riddlemethis says

    First instinct is to say Viola Davis but the picture is of supporting actresses so maybe Jessica Chastain? I cannot imagine that McCarthy actually thought she would win.

  33. lilibel3333 says

    This is a tough one, but I think the last sentence “plus there’s always next year” contains the biggest clue, either alluding to “plus” as in size, or “next year” as in sequel. I don’t think Melissa McCarthy expected to win, but perhaps Rooney Mara did for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” What do you think?

  34. AbbyFab says

    I’d say Viola Davis only because Octavia Spencer was heavily favored, so the other supporting actress nominees had to know they were not going to win. On the other hand, the best actress category did not have a favorite and many expected it to go to Viola. When Meryl won, Viola jumped up to hug her on her way to the stage but behind the scenes I could see her being hurt about it.

  35. anyaberry says

    Well, she should start reading this website! The list was on here. She could have been prepared for her loss.

  36. mellymel517 says

    Jessica Chastain? She was clutching the had of whoever was sitting next to her when her name was called. Looked like she really thought she was going to get it. Probably said it’s not fair since Octavia (rightfully so, in my opinion) won a bunch of other awards.