Singer Thinks Baby Will Complete Her Family

[HollywoodDame] This singer, who has been focusing on her other business ventures in lieu of music, has a new project in mind. She wants another child. While she spends her time with her kids and has no doubt that another baby would complete her family, her husband is busy sleeping with other women…and men. That won’t stop her. She is even considering adoption.

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    • Mermaid says

      Absolutely. And Gavin will probably read this FYI.

      A while ago on Perez Hilton, he had a piece on Gavin and his ex bf – some blonde dude in the UK, Marylin something I think – and everyone was sounding off. Some “new poster” came on and started defending Gavin right & left and swore up & down that Gavin was never bisexual, etc. Everyone thought it was Gavin himself. A few days later he referenced Perez on his FB page and admitted that he did have that bisexual relationship but it was “in the past”.

      Gavin’s been cheating on Gwen since forever and she has detailed it in her songs before they even were married. Apparently it all really bothers her but I guess she loves him so much that she lives with it. Seems sad.

      • ivyleaguer says

        Mermaid, no offense my craniate friend, but you’re out of touch if you think you’re sharing news on Gavin’s bisexuality and his affair with singer Marilyn from Dead or Alive. There’s even a solved blind in the solved section of BG about this from awhile back. His sexuality is no secret to us or his wife.

      • Mermaid says

        I’m not sharing news on Gavin’s bisexuality. I’m sharing news that Gavin reads the gossip blogs about himself!

        Which I think is news because most celebs (wisely) don’t.

      • akajenb says

        Everyone knows Gavin in bi, if my memory serves me correltly wasn’t Gwen dating or with that guy from her band Toni back in the day. I also think Gavin has a daughter from a previous relationship, he found this out a few years ago I believe.

      • outlineboy says

        Marilyn was some weird he/she singer of God only knows what and supposedly had the affair with Gavin. Pete Burns was the lead singer of Dead or Alive. I have no idea why I remember his name. While they kinda seem similar, they are not.

    • YourNameHere says

      I agree with this guess. It’s funny that as I went to type this a Loreal ad with her in it came on.

  1. MoeschaB says

    Gwen Stefani has children and is considering adoption after a miscarriage that happened a few months back. Not sure if her marriage to Gavin is too solid.

    • MoeschaB says

      There is little to “no doubt” that her bubby has/does step out with other women/men but that hasnt bothered her in the past. She has her passion for fashion plus 2 kids to keep her busy.

      • MaryRead says

        For sure. And I bet that like Posh, she has always wanted a little girl/mini-me to force all that fashion on. I feel sorry for the kid already. Turbulent home + fashionista mom = ED central.

  2. Herkeda says

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? Although Nick might be too sick to have the energy to sleep with men and women…

  3. iammeme says

    Too bad it says singer b/c this sounds like Nicole Richie. I think early on they tried to make her a singer but I would never describe her as one. Fashion/that TV show with Jess Simpson as the other ventures. Delta G as one of the other women and I think there have been rumors of him being bi. Adoption could be a clue since she was adopted.

  4. AshCakes says

    Gwen Stefani?? “no doubt” kind of gives it away, and Gavin Rossdale apparently likes to swing both ways

  5. sweetfeet says

    Hey Ace, 1st time poster I’m thinking Gwen Stefani?? The clues being the reference to No Doubt and the fact her hubby has previous for sleeping with men :)

  6. Beatrixie says

    Gwen Stefani–“her kids and has NO DOUBT that another baby”. Focuses more on her fashion line (or whatever) plus her L’Oreal modeling. Gavis Rossdale has a storied history of being bi and unfaithful.

  7. TexasGossipGirl says

    Gwen Stefani maybe? This is my 2nd post maybe I’ve finally “solved” my first blind item!

  8. VelvetyRichChocolate says

    It seems as though I am bad at this game but here goes…Gwen Stefani and her husband, Gavin…The hint says kids as more than one, she has two, and the husband has been confirmed to have slept with at least one man. And she is a singer. And she hasn’t been singing as much lately because she definitely has other projects…I’m prolly so wrong…AGAIN

  9. bunny22 says

    I don’t think this could be any more obvious…Gwen Stefani! :( So sad, they are such a gorgeous couple and family!!

  10. KabeeGee says

    I’m guessing Gwen Stefani. Not that long ago, Gavin Rossdale admitted to having an affair with a man when he was 17, so we know he swings both ways.

  11. mommagoosed says

    Who is Gwen Stefani, Alex? 😉 Hubby is bi, has kids already, hasn’t been focusing on music lately, and her band was called, “No Doubt”.

  12. akajenb says

    Another child is gonna be use as a pawn in a broken marriage. When will these celebrities learn they are just messing up the kids.smh

  13. HushYourMouth says

    It sounds like Gwen totally, but I hope it’s not her. They look like such a beautiful family, and she’s always seemed so nice. Not a stuck up diva a la Beyonce.

  14. reichan84 says

    This is for sure Gwen Stefani. No Doubt is the biggest clue. She hasn’t realized music in years, but she just debuted a new collection for her L.A.M.B. line which is the “other ventures”. Gavin Rossdale has been rumored to be cheating on her from the time they started dating. Maybe people were surprised that they even got married given all the cheating stories. He’s also talked openingly about having a romantic relationship with a guy in the past.

  15. kristiner says

    Gwen Stefani no doubt.

    She has some of the cutest kids in the business but Gavin has always struck me as weird. When I read this and think about him I can get on board with him being gay.

  16. somethingoriginal says

    I am not the maternal type but I’d have Gavin Rossdale’s babies any day. Bisexual? Even hotter. Let me know if you get sick of blondes Gavin!

  17. Tru Tru2 says

    you can see they have NO chemistry–just 2 kids that they both love very much.

    that band member that he carried on the love affair with said, he is gay or was gay-there were no women while they had their love affair.

    such a tiny tike in his skinnies at 40…yeech
    she could do so much better.