1. usadevolved says

    Tyler Perry is probably B list now with his new movie coming out. He takes his religion and himself very seriously and would probably feel justified if he turned someone in.

    • RedScience says

      Tyler would be labeled as a director first. Even a producer, before being identified as an actor it would seem.

    • akajenb says

      Tyler should be almost A list now, and I doubt it’s him, maybe someone who follows the scientology religion.

    • Singapore Slang says

      I agree with the others. NO way is this Tyler Perry. He is nearly A list as a director/producer who also happens to act in his own movies.

    • spikekuji says

      Buddhism doesn’t work that way. There is no one to turn someone into and breaking the tenets of Buddhism doesn’t work like sin does in Christianity, but it results in negative karma. And that is your religion 101 lesson for today.

  2. SilentStar says

    Since this sounds like Scientology, I’m going to guess Jason Lee or Danny Masterson. Purely guess work though.

    • terry123 says

      I think you’re right – don’t think Travolta or Cruise would be considered B/C list but Jason Lee or Danny Masterson sound about right.

      • wendy hood says

        my crush ended the second i found out he was a scientologist. such a dealbreaker, even crush-wise.

      • Blitzed says

        I agree with you. The scientology thing really threw me for a loop, but then I found out what he named his kid, and there was no going back for me. This guy is a moron.

      • thefantasticspazzomatic says

        I just found out Danny and Jason were scientologists; what did Lee name his kid? Something Xenu-eey? Well, anyway, I would guess out of the two the one whose career ended, like, 20 years ago and who has nothing better to do than narc on his fellow scientoloholes. And to think, he was such a cool dude on That 70’s Show; always my favorite…

    • Megley says

      Turn in who to what? He dropped that Kabbalah nonsense like a hot potato now that Demi doesn’t control him. He’s the answer to the blind about the actor who couldn’t go to the premiere of his film b/c the wife said religion comes first.

  3. saucykitty says

    Gotta be someone from Scientology. As Tom is still considered A, and I think Travolta is, too, I’ma say Will Smith.

  4. heelsoverhead says

    I’d say Tom Cruise but as much as I can’t stand him I have to admit he’s probably permanently A-list. Maybe John Travolta?

  5. LooLoo says

    That dude from That 70s Show with the big fro and sunglasses. He’s a very strict $cientologist.

  6. EaterOfWorlds says

    This sounds like someone who is Mormon. Jon Heder springs to mind but it could be any Mormon. They do tell on each other, in my experience.

  7. Katmandu says

    Danny Masterson?

    I must say, I am rather surprised there have not been a slew of BIs regarding the Oscars Sunday night. Are the celebrities actually behaving themselves like ladies and gentlemen this year????

  8. rtsew says

    Who is the person turning the offending party into? A priest, pastor, or reverend couldn’t do anything about it. It has to be scientology. I read that they are very protective about their privacy and encourage members to turn in people they consider to be slandering or going against the church.

  9. Shouldbeworking says

    Call me old, but I think Richard Gere is higher than B/C list. And as a fellow Buddhist, I must say that there are neither strict tenets that must be followed nor leaders who could do anything about it if you didn’t. The number one tenet is “be conscious of and take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions.”

    • heelsoverhead says

      The Church of Scientology is VERY rough on members who break church rules, oftentimes excommunicating them and then going out of their way to sabotage their life after.

      • wfreshie says

        you know….Charles Manson looked into Scientology but decided it was too crazy….that says it all !!

    • WindyLAX says

      This is actually quite well documented with Scientologists. It is a totally creepy eye-opener, so much so that I find it impossible to support any of the actors who are Scientologists, as I cannot suspend my disbelief enough to imagine them as anything other than Scientologists.

      • heelsoverhead says

        The Church promises that if you move up the ranks of the religion, you’ll also reach the top of your profession and become very wealthy. It’s funny because I can only name two or three REALLY well known $cientologists.

      • WindyLAX says

        Also, step one is “confessing” EVERYTHING you have ever done, so by the time you might want out, the “church” has very damaging information on you that they will not hesitate to use against you. It is bonkers.

      • redstilettos says

        Thanks Windy and Heels. I’ve always wondered what the draw was and it makes sense that blackmail/brainwash is the way to keep them there.

      • WindyLAX says

        Holy cats! My comment was edited to take out terms to search for more information. Is BG run by Scientologists? Say it isn’t so!

      • Shouldbeworking says

        I kind of doubt it, because then we’d simply never see items like this one or the one about the “church” going through a defector’s garbage (the one everyone thinks is Lisa Marie Presley). Scientologists won’t publicize anything that allows anyone to be critical of them. Strangely, though, my link from that other item has also vanished. I explained it thoroughly: it was a long, detailed New Yorker article on screenwriter Paul Haggis’s split with Scientology.

      • Shouldbeworking says

        My mistake: the link IS up, but under a different blind (“Why You Won’t See the Sex List”). Forgot that one was about Scientology too. Yours was probably only edited because of caution over weird links or search terms that might get spammy.

      • WindyLAX says

        Mine was very benign searchable terms that would lead to the same information! It’s fishy, I say, FISHY!

      • mommy smurf says

        Hi BG, this my first time posting, because I have always been too lazy to register, but I loved the “you suppressing person” reply…made me giggle!

      • BlindGossip says

        We found out later it’s supposed to be “supresSIVE” person. We’re not up on our Sci lingo. Love, Ace

      • mommy smurf says

        I actually thought you used it correctly! i wasn’t laughing at that. What was funny was she thought you might be a scientologist and you , all in good fun, played along with the accusation of being an undercover scientologist, by accusing her of being a supresive or suppressing person…I would not have known you used it incorrectly as I am not up on the li go either!

  10. Laurel says

    I was thinking Jim Caviezel too. As I recall, he was a bit outspoken and critical of others (and Hollywood) after “Passion of the Christ” came out.

  11. brijazz says

    Definately a scientologist. Maybe Travolta. I’m not sure who but I know the religion has to be scientology. I agree with WindyLax, Scientology is super creepy.

  12. SoWhat says

    I am going to say John Travolta…he seems like he can be an a** to go pointing fingers out on pple who are not keeping up the scientology rituals.

  13. amelia says

    I quit watching My Name is Earl after I found out he was a scientologist. I just couldnt support him after that

  14. dani948 says

    What religions have leaders that you can “turn somebody into” for breaking “tenets”? Scientology? Kaballah/Judaism?

    The problem with guessing something Christianity-related is that there are so many branches of Christianity. The only Christianity branch I can think of that might have somebody that devoted and fanatical and where the term “religious” would apply – and where it would be easy to find others of the same ilk because it’s large enough – would be Catholic. But I’m not so sure I’ve heard “tenets” used in relation to describing Catholicism practices.

    So my guess is it’s something related to Scientology or Kaballah, something unusual and cult-ish, but on a lesser note maybe Catholicism.

  15. BeatBoxBetty says

    In Christianity, there is only ONE LEADER and that’s Jesus. So even if a Christian actor did turn in another Christian, we wouldn’t know it, nobody would. No phone lines directly to Jesus yet, just prayer lines. While Catholicism is viewed as Christianity, it is merely a denomination of Christianity, and not all Christians adhere to the rituals of the Catholic church. Non-Catholic Christians have ministers, and Catholics have priests and nuns, but even then, none of them are called “leaders” apart from the Pope. Now if you’re suggesting that a Christian actor has a direct line to the Pope, and he reports on other Christian actors to him (the Pope), I’d be interested in hearing that because it’s preposterous. The Pope has little interest in American actors.
    Religions with “leaders” are: Mormons, Scientologists, and Muslims.

  16. goldieb says

    “While Catholicism is viewed as Christianity,”…? “VIEWED AS”?! Catholicism is rightly called “the MOTHER Church”! Before 1517 and Martin Luther, ALL Western European Christians were Catholic!

    And we don’t “report” anyone TO anyone, for there is no system of “punishment.”

    This BI is OBVIOUSLY referring to a Scientologist.

  17. BeatBoxBetty says

    quoted from goldieb “Catholicism is rightly called “the MOTHER Church”! Before 1517 and Martin Luther, ALL Western European Christians were Catholic!”

    Darling, I have no desire to argue with you. We’re both on the same side of the cross, which is below it, kneeling, imho. I will suggest that you delve a bit farther back than 325 ad, to read up on the “early Church” which was primarily Jewish converts who accepted Jesus as their Savior. Catholicism did not exist until the Romans accepted Christianity as the religion of their empire. The ‘mother church” as you lovingly refer to it, is not the mother of Christianity, for Mary is not the Creator of it, but Jesus, if you believe His words to be true, is the author & finisher of the faith of Christianity. Catholicism is no different than being a Baptist, a Lutheran, a Presbyterian, and further, my friend, denominations of the same faith should not quarrel with one another over such things. You have every right to believe as you choose, but your denomination of the Christian faith does not lay claim to Christ alone. Jesus Christ is owned by nobody but the Father.
    Back to the BI, I too believe it may be in reference to a Scientologist, and I have actually been reading a book on my kindle written by a well known woman who left Scientology, and she tells stories very simliar to the Blind Item. It’s left to us to determine who is being discussed. It’s easy to lean toward Tom Cruise but I think this is somebody less powerful in Scientology, and because the BI says it’s a b-c actor, I’m going with Danny Masterson.

    By the way, like I said before, the Mormons also have leaders but when you leave them they simply pretend you no longer exist, although they will come at you with a powerful legal force if you attempt to smear them in public. The Muslims who also have leaders, have been known to kill those who leave their religion, at least outside of the USA this is the case. I won’t claim that this is also true in the USA or European countries, but my point is that if we were speaking of a Muslim actor who reported fellow Muslims to a leader, we’d surely be hearing more about this in the news, because of the steps taken against those who were reported (I’m guessing!).