• Bromance1979 says

      Wasn’t there a blind recently saying Charlie’s people are claiming he’s still a mess for publicity, but he’s actually okay? At least we all thought it was Charlie. Otherwise, I’d agree.

    • lindseyann says

      The blind says, “but Hollywood seems to finally be over his outlandish antics.”
      Matthew’s never been known for outlandish antics like Charlie Sheen has..

    • terry123 says

      I was thinking the same thing…
      Hope it’s not though – he’s going to be on the “Good Wife” soon

  1. Incuriosity says

    I know the obvious answer is a certain Mr Sheen, but could it be Matthew Perry, who’s been trying to make a bit of a comeback in the last year or so?

    • WindyLAX says

      I agree with you that this appears to be Sheen on the surface, but it CAN’T be. Hollywood has proven they aren’t over his antics, he has a new show!

  2. Spanx101 says

    Charlie Sheen? I thought there was a recent blind that said it was all a publicity act and he was still clean?

  3. lizard49 says

    This has got to be the same as Blind Gossip’s “Slipping Back Into Bad Habits” posted Feb. 19. “High As A Kite” is just National Enquirer’s version of the same question. In any event, the answer is Charlie Sheen.

  4. up2trouble says

    Oops, has to be Charlie Sheen. Sad for his boys … they need at least one sober parent. Maybe Denis Richards or his oldest daughter can step in and raise them.

  5. sweetcheeks says

    I think this is Alec Baldwin… my biggest sign being the blue bird in the pic, a blue bird is used in the American Airlines logo.

  6. missmarian says

    I want to say Charlie Sheen, although there is another blind making the rounds that says he’s faking the crazy/drugs for publicity. Although if you’re desparate enough to fake crazy for attention, you probably are somewhat mentally ill…

  7. mommagoosed says

    If this is, indeed, Charlie Sheen, I’d believe BG’s blinds over any other blinds. That being said, could it be John Stamos, even though he isn’t known for antics? *sigh* NVM – talked myself out of Stamos, but still don’t think this is Sheen.

    • HappilyEverAfter says

      Momma he was drunk/high on a tv show a few years back and does have some outlandish activities associated w him over the years so maybe… Good guess. Don’t doubt yourself!

  8. jeannie says

    Charlie Sheen. BG had a blind recently about an actor who was pretending to use again and act out but was only doing it for publicity. That blind was obviously Sheen and it looks like either A. BG is right and it’s just an act for publicity and it’s working because now there’s blinds about him using or B. BG is wrong and Charlie Sheen IS using again and just telling people he’s acting out for publicity to cover up his drug use.

  9. witcheywoman says

    Hi all this is my first post, I am not sure if it is Charlie Sheen, I don’t think he said he had cleaned up his act. I am thinking Andy Dick we have not heard about him in years.

  10. amagod121 says

    Charlie. But didn’t we just have a blind stating that it’s all an act on his part? Let’s hope so.

  11. outlineboy says

    Don’t forget, according the previous blind from a few days ago, Charlie is faking it just for the publicity and he’s actually clean and sober.

  12. Realitee says

    This is definitely Robin Williams. I knew he was faking the years of sobriety..and yes, he is annoying. Could the bird in the picture be a clue to Robin as well as the rainbows,hmmm.

  13. pinupgirl says

    COULD point to the recent BI about Charlie Sheen; however, I’m going to go with Matthew Perry. He recently signed on to “The Good Wife” as a series regular. I hope not. I really like him.

  14. darkhare says

    Matthew Perry KNOWS it’ll be curtains if he ever get back on drugs.
    He’s helping other addicts, anonymously.

  15. mzmarymac says

    If it is Charlie and he does decide to kill himself with drugs, are we going to go through a whole other mourning stage like with Whitney? I mean, I know that addiction is a disease, but some of these people don’t even TRY to get it treated! If I had a disease that could take me away from my young children, I’d do everything in my power to fight it! Just so sick of the drugs!

  16. tkw1955 says

    Andy Dick. Now bare with me:
    He was a voice in “Batman Beyond”. Is that blue kite a bat?
    He was a voice in “Rick and Steve the happiest gay couple in all the world” and “Queer Duck, the Movie. Those are rainbow kites.
    He was also a voice in “Castle in the sky” – the cloud.
    Just a thought.