The Church Is Digging Through Her Trash

[CDAN] This once upon a time almost B+ list female singer is now more famous for being famous. Hey, at least it keeps her wealthy. She is also known for being a devout member of this church. She recently left it though after she suffered a nervous breakdown and went on an alcohol binge that would make Arthur proud. She went to rehab and while in rehab began seeing a psychiatrist. Uh oh. She also left her church which is never a good thing. However, if you are wealthier it is easier to avoid them. They knock at her door everyday and dig through her trash, but she just hires more and more security to keep them all away and stays locked inside her house. It is a stand off. Oh, the tales she will be able to tell. But what about her kids? Her other relatives who are also in the church?

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90 comments to The Church Is Digging Through Her Trash

  • randijane

    Lisa Marie Presley

    • terry123

      I agree that it is LMP – but would she be considered almost B+?

    • stephie

      I don’t think Lisa Marie was ever a B+ singer… ?? but I am also at a loss as to who this could be..

      • LAMomma

        Lisa Marie Presley would qualifiy as an “almost B+ list singer” because both of her albums are certified platinum. And she received a lot of attention when her first album was released, even garnered the cover of Rolling Stone. In addition, she is Elvis’ daughter which means she automatically receives a leg up on name alone.

      • stephie

        aww. thank you. I had no idea #outoftheloop !

  • kamy

    Jennifer Hudson

  • Incuriosity

    Lisa Marie Presley is the only person who springs to mind – the “Church” of $cientology never lets go easily, especially when it’s a rich and famous member who quits.

    • WindyLAX

      Yeah, and specifying the “uh oh” in reference to seeing a psychiatrist can only mean this is a Scientologist.

    • Bromance1979

      It has to be her. No church, besides the Church of Scientology, would send people to go through her rubbish. Other churches would send a spiritual leader to check on her and make sure she’s doing okay. Scientology is like a cult that you have to escape. The blind also points out that she’s wealthy, which Scientologists love. I would also guess Marie Osmond, but I don’t see the Mormons going through her bins.

    • law2be

      and the “Oh, the tales she will be able to tell” line also applies to her since there were rumors of writing a tell all last month (but her mom was trying to stop her from doing that)

  • jillsey

    I can only think of one name…Marie Osmond

    • Jet17

      People are kicked out of the Mormon church – if they stop going they are “not-active”. Since I have been “NA” for 20 years plus but have family that is still very active, I hope my insights are viewed as fair.
      This just would not happen. If Mitt Romney made the choice to change to another faith someone might request a meeting – but not the head of the church. The LDS faith has rules that are hard to live by – but is based on free will. If someone wants to walk away – they can.


    Lisa Marie Presley?

  • lizard49

    What horrible people in that church. I think this blind is about Marie Osmond.

  • zephyr66

    The first two religions I thought after reading this were Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, so possibly either Marie Osmond or Janet Jackson. Although I would have thought Janet would be a solid A, despite her lack of many (any) hits in the past decade.

  • Spanx101

    Lisa Marie Presley

  • thebohemianlife

    I bet it’s either Juliette Lewis or Lisa Marie Presley. Both have had singing careers, although neither really have had major radio/award success with it, (least not in an overwhelming sense), but both are famous for being famous, esp. Presley. Both are known party-ers. I would Imagine the church would hate to see Presley go, especially. That’s a big name for them. Isn’t her mom in the church too?

  • karlos

    This sounds like a blind item posted on this site in December 2009 – – Lisa Marie Presley.

  • iamnumber21

    britney spears?

    • beesave

      Britney is definitely A+ list.. I’m going with Juliette Lewis. I would consider her more o a B- celeb, but it seems like her kind of.

  • lilnez

    idk this one is hard..hmm Maybe Paula Abdul or Fantasia? Cher? Debra cox? I got nothing =(

  • Doogy Howzer

    Lisa Marie Presley?

  • riddlemethis

    Scientology is famous for digging thru the trash. This is Lisa Marie Presley

    • hannavas

      I was thrown by the ‘singer’ part for a second, then the ‘more famous for being famous’ part kicked in. Scientology is the only religion I have heard of that will relentlessly hunt you down if you leave. I read the book “Blown for Good” a while back and it still sends shivers down my spine.

  • ILoveGlitter


  • wonderone

    Lisa Marie Presley, perhaps???

  • bubbajane

    Marie Osmond!

  • idontknow

    Lisa Marie Presley

  • bubbajane

    Changed my mind… Lisa Marie Presley!

  • LooLoo

    I’m thinking Marie Osmond obviously, but I think she was A list, if not extremely close to it, in the 70s. Half the kids in my class had Donnie and Marie lunch boxes.

  • bluecatsforever

    Lisa Marie Presley

  • michaelboston80

    Lisa Marie and Scientology?

  • Ireland

    Lisa Marie Presley

  • rosiedoes

    Lisa Marie Presley?

  • Sunflower

    Lisa Marie Presley. She & her son went through Scientology’s form of rehab. I think her mother Priscilla is still Scientologist.

    Last summer Celeb Dirty Laundry ran an article on how she had a breakdown & Travolta lent her, her hubby & their twins his Bahamas retreat. She must have escaped her keepers & found some help somewhere. Good for her!

  • ikewad

    Don’t know the identity of the singer but the tactics used against her point to the church being Scientology.

  • ASBO5ive

    Lisa Marie Presley and the Church of Scientology.

  • Sea Turtle

    ummm Lisa Marie Presley & Xenu?

  • fotobandi

    Lisa Marie Presley?

  • redstilettos

    Kirstie Alley and Church of $cientology? That sounds like something $cientologists would do. Does she have kids?

  • MoeschaB

    Has Marie Osmond left the Mormon church?

  • enelso32

    Christina Aguilera, but wouldn’t she have been A list? Her family is mormon.

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings


  • jaa1169

    sinead o’connor

    • Guestimate

      This answer actually cracked me up, but I could see Sinead being part of some kind of cult. What really shocked me was looking this one up to find that she actually released an album in 2007 titled, “Theology”, that was all about God and mostly Old Testament scripture! Shocking!

  • Krisssssy

    brandy? lisa marie?

  • Sensibleguess

    Lisa Marie Presley? Although a B+ singer, even in the past, I’m not too sure…

  • sfgal

    The only reason I’m leaning towards Marie Osmond is because the alcohol binge would be more against the Mormon church since they don’t drink alcohol at all. Also, saying her “relatives” plural still in the church. Besides Priscilla, what other relatives of her would be Scientologists?

  • lookeehere

    LMP! For sure. Mormons don’t do stuff like that…sounds more scientologyish.

  • up2trouble

    Geri Halliwell – Jehovah’s Witness
    Jill Scott – Jehovah’s Witness
    Jacksons are Jehovah’s Witness but Janet is totally A++, Rebbie might have been B+ 20 years ago, and LaToya – never listed

    Lisa Marie Presley – Scientology – but doesn’t fit clues

    Julianne Hough – Mormon – B+ singer is a major stretch
    Gladys Knight – Mormon
    Marie Osmond – Mormon – but doesn’t fit clues

    I’m confused so going with Gladys Knight.

  • Guestimate

    Let’s face it. Only the Church of Scientology would dig through your trash. This must be Lisa Marie, since she’s more famous for being famous. However, I never realized she came close to being an “almost B+” singer. Come to think of it, I’ve never heard her sing.

  • heelsoverhead

    I’m only guessing Lisa Marie Presley because that sounds EXACTLY like the Church of $cientology

  • VeronicaMarsBars

    I’d be lacing my garbage with “love letters” and other tokens of affection.

  • BackinStOlaf

    I finished reading the definitive book on this “religion”, “Inside Scientology”. I believe this is about Lisa Marie, too. She moved to England..what, on a whim? Just cause? No. You move to a foreign country like that when you want to be removed from a situation. I also believe she is the answer to a blind item that came out around the time she moved to the UK about a famous mother and daughter that are estranged because one of them left a controversial…organization? I can’t recall if that was the word or if the item came right out and said “church”.

    Lisa didn’t experience anything new to the lower level sheep, where it seems nervous breakdowns are the norm. Good for her if she did leave. Her mother will probably never talk to her again, but at least she is free. Is her husband a $cientology member, too?

    • Incuriosity

      To clarify, Lisa Marie moved to the UK to “study the tech” at their UK HQ, Saint Hill Manor in Sussex. It’s there that she was alleged to have had a breakdown whilst undertaking the Purification Rundown, the oil- and exercise-based “detox” that Katie Holmes allegedly puts herself through on a regular basis. When she moved to the UK, she was more “in” the cult than ever, but something seems to have happened to tip her over the edge. All I can say is… about time.

      • LAMomma

        This is not true. Lisa Marie Presley had considered moving to the UK for a long time, her home was on and off the market for months before it finally sold. Prior, she was in London working on her music and it is one reason why she relocated to the UK among other things but not for the church.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Incuriosity is correct, LAMomma. She could have chosen to live anywhere in the world. Since she wanted out of LA and apparently, out of the country, there’s absolutely no mistaking that she moved to the UK specifically because of St. Hill. When you’re a scientologist, every area of your life is thoroughly examined and controlled.
        And no matter how much internal strife she may suffer because of scientology’s practices (mental breakdowns included), she’s still at their mercy. What projects she pursues, where she lives, how she lives, who she works with – the cult has a hand in every decision. And who she surrounds herself with is an issue unto itself. The cult is very, very careful to put the right people in the right places to influence her daily life. There’s absolutely no question that her life will be turned upside down.
        But the reward she’d receive is her freedom. She’d be free of this hell, this sometimes moment-to-moment torture. She’d gain perspective enough to see her life in the cult has been one big con. She’d be free to seek help for her inner turmoil in ways that actually work; she could learn to be a much more well balanced, contented and peaceful individual.
        Right now, everything is at risk. Her life as she knows it. All her relationships including the ones she has with her mother, her husband and her children. She may or may not succeed but I hope she does.

      • ASBO5ive

        Not true at all. She was already living back and forth between the UK and LA.

        After Michael Jackson died, she removed all posts and signs of Scientology off her MySpace and Facebook pages, which are actually run by her (including religion, the blogs defending CoS, and the widgets for the CoS site).

        It’s been a long time coming.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      “Lisa didn’t experience anything new to the lower level sheep, where it seems nervous breakdowns are the norm.”
      My understanding is that more commonly, those that reach OT7 (operating thetan level 7 of 8) experience turmoil that includes but is not limited to severe weight gain, depression, despair, hallucinations, delusions and psychosis. Those on lower levels are still hopeful that they will one day reach an understanding of the universe that allows them superpowers. Lisa Marie (I think) has reached OT7.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        *seven of eight. I don’t know why a smiley face was created.

      • Wabisabi

        It does that if you put 8 in front of a ). 😉

        And I think it’s Lisa Marie.

      • Shouldbeworking

        Level 7 of 8: when you realize that you’ve been sucked into a cult that will never let you free and it turns out they believe in some cheesy third-rate science fiction aliens.

        They may call it depression, delusion,and psychosis, but it sounds like level 7 is your last glimpse of reality and your last chance to save yourself before you go full-on Tom Cruise kooky.

  • possumblossom

    Liza Minnelli.

  • BackinStOlaf

    I forgot a point I wanted to make. According to Janet Reitman’s book, there are members leaving in droves. $cientology can not control the Internet or the blogs/boards that say things about them. Younger members ARE going online (breaking church law)and they are reading for themselves what the real history of this dangerous organization is. They are, in my opinion, a paramilitary alien cult. So much is kept from the wealthy members, especially the celebrities. Tom Cruise apparently pulled away from the church when he was presented with the Xenu papers.

    So, the church is heavily pressuring wealthy members like Tom Cruise and Lisa Marie and Priscilla for money because they do not have the cash flow that they once did. The former members Janet interviewed predicted that the freely available wealth of information online will be one of the great undoings of $cientology and could even lead to it becoming extinct.

  • njchicaa

    Marie Osmond fits. Lisa Marie Presley has never been a B+ star

    • hannavas

      while more than one person may fit the clue, there really is only one religion that fits it, which narrows the field immensely. If there are other religions that denounce psychiatry and refuse to let members leave (to the point of hunting them down), I have never heard of them. Whoever this person is, I am sure they are a Scientologist.

  • Jilliterate

    The reference to seeing a psychiatrist absolutely locks in Lisa Marie as the answer to this blind. Not sure what the Church of Latter Day Saints and Jehovah’s Witnesses’ stance on psychiatry is, but either way, no one is as vocally opposed to it as the Church of Scientology. The digging through the trash is just more icing on the cake, and totally their style.

  • amagod121

    Lisa Marie Presley is considered a B+ singer? Darn, then I must be an A!

    That aside, good for her if she left them. And better still if others are also leaving that cult.

  • cposter123

    The comment about “that would make Arthur proud” has to be a clue. Anyone have any ideas?

    • LavaMama

      It’s a reference to the movie “Arthur” in which Dudley Moore played a super-rich, super-alcoholic who spends most of the movie in one long alcohol binge.

    • ASBO5ive

      Also, Liza Minelli was in the original Arthur, and one of her most famous songs has the lines “It’s Liza with a Z/Not Lisa with an S” …It’s Lisa Marie.

  • Dont Know For Sure

    Definitely not Jehovah’s Witnesses, they don’t care at all if people go to a psychiatrist. They wouldn’t dig through trash or knock on someone’s door everyday. The most they would do is call a memember that they haven’t seen for a while to see if they are doing OK but if you formerly leave they likely wouldn’t contact you ever.

  • Hubbell

    The LDS church may knock on your door and come by unannounced but they don’t go through your trash or invade your privacy to that degree. They may be weird but they aren’t psycho.

    The Church of Scientology, on the other hand, is a different animal. They are famous for creating innovative ways to invade and take over your personal space. They break laws, they harass and in some cases injure people. This blind reads like their m.o.

    This is Lisa Marie Presley or some other Scientology member.

  • pj77777

    This is definitely Scientology and more than likely Lisa Marie Presley. There was some mention about a year or so ago that she was going through some bad postpartum depression and issues with her new husband. However, that could be Scientology jargon for hiding the fact that she was leaving their cult. It’s a very evil cult, based on some lunatic sci-fi writer’s idea of utopia. I just cannot believe that there are people so stupid as to fall for this idiocracy. Let’s hope that if this is Lisa, that she is protected and able to stay strong. Bring on her dad’s Memphis Mafia. Oh yeah!

  • maireswain

    Hi Ace,

    I’m a first time poster. i just had to point out that the way the article is worded ‘Once upon a time…’ sounds like a fairytale…And fairytales often have princesses. Since Elvis was the King it makes sense that the blind is about Princess Lisa Marie.

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    And it seems the news has broken:

    The article goes into some detail regarding the song “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” from her new album Storm and Grace. It’s being interpreted as her way of publicly saying that she’s done with scientology.

    *fingers crossed* 😀