Celebrity Feud Will Continue At Oscar Party


[BlindGossip] This celebrity feud has another round coming up in the next couple of weeks! In the competition for Oscar party guests, this Diva has scored a small early victory over her Rival.

The Diva sent out a super-early invitation to this very popular Singer and secured her commitment to attend her Oscar party. Diva then instructed several of her other guests to do everything possible to keep the singer at Diva’s party all night. The plan includes bribing the Singer’s driver to feign an engine problem once they have arrived at the Diva’s party. Diva wants to prevent the Singer from attending the party of the Rival, scoring points for the Diva’s popularity… and very effectively ruffling the feathers off the Rival, whose anticipation of the arrival of the Singer all night will end in bitter disappointment.





Diva: Madonna

Rival: Elton John

Singer: Adele

Madonna and Elton John feuded for over a decade. lots of name-calling and animosity. This article (which we have condensed) from CBSNews details the feud:

Madonna and Elton John:

Inside their decade-long feud

Madonna and Elton John’s latest feud is nothing new. For years, their remarks have been playing out on a public stage.

John, for one, doesn’t hold back when he talks to the media, oftentimes spewing controversial comments about the “Queen of Pop.”

elton john madonnaHere’s a look at what has gone down between the two stars — and one-time friends — over the past decade:

November 2002 – John bashed Madonna’s theme song for the 007 movie, “Die Another Day,” calling it “the worst Bond tune ever.”

October 2004 – John famously slammed Madonna at the 2004 Q Awards in London. During the show, hosted by British music magazine Q, John said he was surprised to see Madge nominated in the best live act category.

“Since when has lip-synching been live? Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay 75 pounds to see them should be shot. Thank you very much.”

August 2005 – Madonna and John were still on rocky ground a couple of years later. “I did send her two Christmas cards and they both came back,” John said.

December 2005 – It appeared as though Madonna still wouldn’t forgive John for accusing her of lip-synching in concert. The New York Post reported that John tried to make amends by inviting her to perform at his and David Furnish’s bachelor party in London. But John reportedly told his guests, “Madonna, the miserable cow, wouldn’t do it.”

February 2011: And in 2011, John didn’t change his tune on lip-synching. “Anyone who lip-syncs should be shot. Just take ’em out on the street and shoot ’em. I think Madonna ‘s a fantastic showgirl — show-woman — and I’m a big fan of some of her records. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, and subsequently I’ve made up and apologized. I think she paved the way for everybody, but I am right. I’m right. Live means live.”

January 2012 – John’s partner, David Furnish, got involved. John and Madonna were competing against each other in the best original song Golden Globe category, and after Madge’s win, Furnish, blasted the singer in a private message on Facebook, which was later deleted. He reportedly wrote: “Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!”

“Madonna winning best original song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit,” Furnish added. The British filmmaker called Madonna’s acceptance speech embarrassing in its narcissism, noting that her criticism of Lady Gaga “shows how desperate she really is.”

John, meanwhile, launched into the Madonna bashing even before the ceremony began, telling Carson Daly that Madonna had “no f—ing chance” of winning the honor. When asked if “those were fighting words,” he said, “No, those are accurate words.”

July 2012: John reignited the Madonna feud this summer in an interview with  Molly Meldrum.

John said, “Why is she such a nightmare? Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger [expletive].”

“If Madonna had any common sense, she would have made a record like ‘Ray of Light,’ stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and made great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to prove that she was like …,” he said, not specifying. “And she looks like a [expletive] fairground stripper.”

adele 2012Elton John and Madonna each throw parties after The Oscars. They are very competitive about their guest lists. In 2012, each of them invited Adele, who was having a huge year in music. Adele wound up winning the Oscar for “Skyfall” that year.

Madonna is the one who invited Adele to her party prior to official invitations going out. Madonna is also the one who schemed to keep Adele at her party by any means necessary (including trying to bribe Adele’s driver) to thwart any attempts Adele might make to leave and attend Elton John’s party.

Congratulations to Strick1334 for being first with the correct answer!

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95 comments to Celebrity Feud Will Continue At Oscar Party

  • ally cat

    Madonna and ELton

    • delorb

      Great guess. What I find hilarious is that Madonna has never publicly said anything about Elton. Its all been so one-sided. Makes Elton look like an attention grabbing ho-hum. Best way to handle him, IMO.

    • PrettyInPink84

      Can these childish people ever GROW UP!?

  • WhatLolaWants


  • naomil

    Diva : Madonna
    Rival: Elton John
    Singer: Lana Del Rey ?

  • strick1334

    Madonna & Elton John. Not sure of the singer. Adele

  • darkhare

    Just wondering if the driver will keep his job, after the risk just to satisfy the Diva.
    The only one I can think of who has a post-oscar party is Elton John.

  • kitten

    Random guesses:
    Diva: Madonna
    Rival: Elton John
    Singer: Lady Gaga or Beyonce

    • WindyLAX

      Wouldn’t Gaga’s loyalties lie with Elton John in this situation?

    • MoeschaB

      Ha! If Madge could keep GaGa from Eltons post-Oscar party that would be hilarious, and not in a good way. Ooooooh, ouch Madge, that would be mean. Gaga is the Godmother to Eltons child. Yikos!

    • Weazle

      I thought Madonna didn’t like GaGa?

      • Slammi

        I really think she doesn’t, but I also think Gaga does genuinely like Madonna, so she would go due to her being so fond of her. Women invite women they don’t like to their parties all the time (why, is beyond me, and I’M a woman, myself).

        What better way to spite your rival than to invite one of his/her best friends (that he/she probably knows you don’t like) to your party and bar her from leaving in order to make it look like she ditched her rival for a night to hang out with you?

  • mssnarnd

    Diva: Madonna
    Rival: Goopy Gwenyth

    I love this site. I’ve been home with a cold for two days, and I’ve never had so much fun being sick! :-)

  • Sleuth

    Elton John

  • AmyWinelake

    Diva: Madonna
    Rival: Elton John
    Singer: Adele?

    Sorry, this guess is a bit thin but its all I’ve got

  • terry123

    Beyonce, Rhianna, Katy Perry

  • Dana5570

    Madonna and Elton John for the Diva and Rival, respectively. For the singer, Lady Gaga or Adele maybe?

  • Shelley


    Not sure about the singer, either Rihanna or Adele

  • escape2

    Diva Madonna
    Rival Elton John
    Singer Lady GaGa

  • Juniper

    Madonna and Elton John as the Diva and the Rival continuing their Golden Globe feud…as for the singer…no idea, but if Madonna really wants to annoy Elton John she may have booked Lady Gaga, that would also be major publicity for her, with Gaga being named bigger than Madonna by many and Madonna apparently saying she can’t stand her, so that would be the ultimate stunt of Queen Madge to ruffle Elton John’s feathers.

    • WindyLAX

      I feel as the Godmother to Elton John’s son, Gaga has already chosen a side of this one. I could be wrong about that, we are talking about a whole mess of divas here.

      • Juniper

        WindyLAX, that’s why I think Madonna booking Lady Gaga for her party would be especially divalous or should I see devious of her and really spur on that feud. sure booking her for a performance, I am sure Elton might not be too upset, especially if he is assured that Godmother after her business gig then shows up for his party, but if Madonna goes to all those lengths to torpedo that…Definitely lots of diva messes!

      • WindyLAX

        You are definitely not wrong there! That would be deliciously evil!

  • pizzemama

    Elton John
    Lady Gaga

  • Bigmama

    Madonna and Elton – they hate eachother

  • iamnumber21

    diva: Madonna

    rival: Elton John

    singer: Adele

    it says pre-oscar party, i know madge holds post-oscar party for the past few years..

  • Realitee

    Diva: Xtina IDK

    Rival: Adam Levine IDK

    Singer: Adele I do know that much

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Well, it’s AJ and Madonna but as far as the singer in question…?

  • LaPerla

    Madge & Elton
    Singer: Not Gaga….

  • amagod121

    Diva: Madonna
    Singer: Katie Perry
    Rival: Gwyneth Pultroid

    Or the Diva and Rival roles could be reversed.

  • bananas

    Madonna for the rival, Elton John for the Diva and Adele for the singer.

  • MrsGosling

    My guess:

    Diva: Madonna

    Rival: Sir Elton John

    Singer: Adele

  • Mardy Bum

    madonna, elton john, adele

  • Northstar

    Diva: Gwyneth Paltrow
    Rival: Madonna
    Singer: Adele

  • buttercup

    Diva: Madonna

    Rival: Elton John

    Singer: Gaga?

  • lolocolo

    sounds a lot like Madonna (Diva) and Elton John (Rival). Not sure on the singer… Adele? Rihanna?

  • AuntieM

    Elton & Madoonna

  • jujubee

    Elton John
    I can’t believe it would be Gaga, but maybe. Or how about Nikki Minaj?

  • raslebol

    madonna/elton john/adèle or beyonce

  • doberdawg

    Diva: Madonna
    Rival: Elton John
    Singer: Adele?

  • jacqueline

    Diva – Madonna; Rival – Elton John; Singer – Adele

  • alcarcalimo2364

    Diva: Madonna

    Rival: Elton John

    Singer: Lady Gaga

    Just for fun, cause this would be awesome if it were true.

    • alcarcalimo2364

      I will say that I’m pretty sure this is between Elton and Madonna, just don’t know who the singer is

    • amagod121

      This is an awesome blind! Both Madonna and Elton are such big egos, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in both homes and watch the fireworks.

      Likewise if it’s Madonna and Gwyneth, but more fun to see Elton get all riled up.

  • boombox

    Diva: Madonna
    Rival: Angelina Jolie
    Singer: Adele

  • mommie dearest

    Singer is Adele?

  • ShockingBlue

    This sounds like Madonna and Elton John.

  • BackinStOlaf

    Angelina and sociopath Madge.

  • caela94

    Diva – Madonna

    Rival: Lady Gaga

    Singer; Taylor Swift

  • saki

    diva: madonna
    rival: elton john
    singer: gaga

  • maybe21

    Madonna, Elton John and Adele as the singer!

  • momof3


    Rival:Elton John

    Singer:hmmm… Lady Gaga?

  • marsci

    I am thinking Madonna is the Diva, Adele is the singer and the rival is Elton John.

  • tgsf05

    I am thinking maybe this is Madonna, Elton John and Angelina Jolie?

  • cheryl14

    Diva: Madonna
    Rival: Elton John
    Singer: Lady Gaga

  • Beachlover

    I’m thinking Madonna for the Diva and Elton John for the rival. Adele for the singer????

  • dee123

    Diva is Madonna

    Rival is Elton John

    Singer is Gaga

    Or something like that.

  • akajenb

    I know this is wrong but here goes;lol

    Diva Angelina
    Rival madonna
    Singer could be adele or beyonce

  • Shells

    Madonna vs Elton John, fighting over Adele! First timer, this is fun. Have a good one!

  • jjonesy

    I can’t help but think Beyonce is mixed up in this somehow.

  • sarahbear

    Diva: Madonna
    Rival: Elton
    Singer: Adele

    I love their cat fights!

  • La Lurker

    Diva: Madge

    Rival: Elton

    Singer: Beyonce / Rhianna ??

  • LaVieDetoile

    Diva: Madonna
    Rival: Angelina Jolie
    Singer: dunno but probably one of Brad’s pals?

    Maybe she invited Adele? Who knows. Anyways, she’s so petty. It’s getting ridiculous. Someone should send her a truck full of hydrangeas.

  • Rocket McZoom

    Beyonce – everyone wants to see the post-preg Bey making her “popular.”

  • QubbuQ

    I agree with Madonna Elton being the two feuding… but the singer, I don’t think it’s Adele as she flipped the bird at the suits at BAFTA on stage. She doesn’t strike me as being the sort to allow herself to be manipulated in that way. Seems like a silly plan anyway. If my driver all of a sudden had car troubles and I had somewhere to go, then I’d call another ride and get the hell gone. It’d start to feel like an orchestrated manipulation pretty quickly I’m sure.

    • QubbuQ

      Perhaps I should clarify… though I suppose it Could be Adele that is the target… I meant I don’t think Adele will fall for it. :-)

      It would have to be a singer who wanted to be manipulated who would allow that little scheme to succeed. Someone who laps up that sort of attention.

      Adele seems like the sort who upon catching wind of it would say “Scr3w you lot, I’m outta here!”

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    I’m on board for Madonna, Elton, and Adele. I’d be surprised if Gaga snubbed Elton for Madonna. They’re good friends. Also, Adele is having her moment in the sun right now, I can her being a very sought-after guest, even among the most elite.

  • trewhitt

    Definitely Madonna and Elton, but after the way Madonna has dissed Gaga in the media (essentially saying Born this Way is a rip off copy of Express Yourself) I would be surprised if Gaga would go to a Madonna party even if Elton was out of the picture. I think the singer must be Adele.

  • NomiMalone

    How ridiculous is this? Bribing the driver to fake an engine problem? I hope the singer sees this before the party and derails this B.S. lol

  • jackhammer

    Maybe elton got wind of this rumor and arranged for madonnas car to pick her up 11 minutes late from the airport….

  • caela94

    I’m changing before reading posts after sleeping on it

    Diva- Elton John
    rival- Madonna
    Singer- Lady Gaga or Adele

  • Baloobie

    Engine problems would not keep someone from leaving – unless there are no other cars in LA?

  • hallcat61

    Though I like the Madonna/Elton guess, the parties don’t seem to match the blind. Elton’s party is 4pm, and Madonna’s is at 10pm. I guess it could be reversed to Elton/Madonna…with Gaga being the singer.

    • QubbuQ

      Sounds good- and I thought Elton could be a Diva too… but in the post they say ‘her’ in reference to the Diva. Many of my gay friends call each other ‘her’ and ‘sister’ but I’ve not seen that in the media unless being derisive. So, I figure the Diva must really be a her.

  • sweetiepie51

    Here’s the problem with naming Elton John. His party is always post Academy Awards.There is a well known party held by Barry Diller the day before the award show. It’s usually a picnic at his house.

  • keepmeinmind

    The Diva is definitely Elton with the rival being Madonna. I’ve read several articles where they refer to Madonna as Elton’s rival – and he’s usually being a catty diva about her, considering he’s the one that started this feud by accusing her of lip syncing (which I’m sure she does, but it was a catty thing to call someone out on.)

    Singer is Adele.

    • Arina

      This is where you and elton are wrong: Madonna sings 95% of her shows live. elton truly loathes Madonna and always found reasons to put labels on her such as “lip syncer” in 2004 even when it was totally FALSE. he is very aware that the media picks up on that and its a label a singer can’t easily get rid of. he’s a shady diva.

  • law2be

    I agree with this
    It would make Elton really pissed off since Gaga is the Godmother to Elton’s son

  • SpoiledFrog

    ^ this

  • ethel skinner

    So… who was it then?? I’ve heard nothing!

  • CoCoJoe

    Adele looks stunning in this picture!

  • Bamadex

    Elton and Madge arre both tiresome but he’s been the bigger bitch, by far.

    After all, he sits at a piano and performs. Of course it’s live. She lip-syncs parts of her show due to the amount of dancing. She could sing it entirely live and cut back on the acrobatics, but apparently this is what her audience wants.