1. randijane says

    First name that came to mind was Hayden Panettiere – she’s “dating” Scotty Mcknight from the Jets and used to ‘date’ Stephen from Laguna Beach. I’d hate to call her B list though…

  2. jess8771 says

    Scotty McKnight maybe, or Jay Cutler but I wouldn’t consider Kristen Cavalleri B-List, or even an actress for that matter.

  3. Juniper says

    Going for the picture clues….Because of the “fear the beard picture” I will say the NFL player is either named Wilson (like Brian Wilson from the San Francisco Giants Baseball team- the man behind the fear the beard thing), a SF 49er player, a NY Giants player, or a Cincinnati Bengals Player for the Orange that sticks out.

  4. AnguaDelphine says

    How amazingly efficent. The beard will both protect his heterosexual image and help get him laid. And why not? That said, I’m on board with the Hayden and Scotty guesses, even if I’d never have thought of them on my own!

  5. Ralphie says

    No way is Hayden Panatroll B list. And Scotty McKnight is completely irrelevant in the NFL.

    There’s gotta be a better answer here. My NFL gaydar needs tuning.

  6. terry123 says

    I’m thinking an athlete from the Cleveland Browns since their team colors are orange and brown like the blind photo…

  7. nawlinschris says

    Hello, BG. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I also did a photo search, and while I am not sure if I should post it, some of the pics I found did look suspicious. Also, in NorCalDude’s link, there are a dozen more pictures that only prove the faux relationship between the two. One thing that was odd, amongst other things, was the distance between them. I’d keep that in mind if you were to find other pics of the two of them, or any bearded couples for that matter.

  8. court929 says

    NFL Player: NY Jets WR Scotty McKnight
    B list Actress: Hayden Panettiere (Heroes)
    Reality Star: Stephen Coletti (Laguna Beach: The Real OC)

  9. pscheck2 says

    I’m glad this ‘blind’ came up, re: ‘beards’ for athletes! I don’t know if you noticed, but lately ‘beards’ for NFL ‘suspected’ dudes, have been springing up like Mushroom’s on a hot , moist evening! Consider this, (1) famous ‘star’ hooks up with an internatonal model, after abandoning a B+ actress; (2)same ‘star’ is rumored to have a healthy relationship with a fellow teammate, who, in turn, is now engaged to a super endowed silicone model! (3) two ‘suspects’ on a team made famous (lately)by a QB (no ‘suspect’ for now) one of the ‘suspects’ having been rumored to have ‘visited’ a m4m dating site; and the other was/is? rooming with another teammate, without any reference (I know a stretch) to hooking up with any females. the two are now ‘safely’ dating (1) a popular? western singer and the other a B? actress. There are others, but due to the constraints of this post, will leave them for another time. But the salient point here is that all these hookups are with celebs; not some chick they would meet at a sports bar or a gf from their days playing football in high school and college! I almost believe the NFL has a ‘dating’ hookup service they provide for these ‘suspects’, especially when the rumors start flying around about their sexual preferences! (Just say’en).

  10. wonderone says

    It’s Tebow… He was spotted with a somewhat unknown British actress and was recently on a “date” with the go-to beard, Taylor Swift.