Thin For Nothing

[LaineyGossip] Lower tier actress – you know her name – is desperate for a big(ger) break. When she heard The Director was working on a new blockbuster, she begged and begged for a meeting. And he repeatedly kept d*cking her around, cancelling at the last minute, making her wait for a couple of hours before sending the assistant  out to tell her he wasn’t showing. I mean, he’s a legendary misogynist. And there’s nothing he likes more than playing mind games with young actresses.

Though he has no intention of putting her in his movies, he’s having a great time f-cking up her head. So he sent word that he might agree to see her but only if she loses some weight. This girl was fit to begin with. Like really fit. So she’s starving herself to let go of an extra 10, even though there’s not much there to begin with. But it’s not like it would help. Again, he’s just doing this because he can, for sh-ts and giggles, because he’s a twisted f-ck. As he explained to a colleague, “That girl is regular person pretty, and not even really regular person pretty. Definitely not hot enough for one of my movies.” And it’s like he’s almost insulted that she thought she was. Which is why this game, this game is just his way of putting her in her place, of punishing her for actually thinking she’d be good enough, sexy enough, to be his new model muse. He justifies it by saying he’s giving her a “life lesson”. Oh, and “if she offers me a blowjob, I’ll take it. One of these days, maybe I’ll throw her a favour”. Sad part is…she’s coming close to it. She’s coming very close.

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104 comments to Thin For Nothing

  • Mermaid

    Jennifer Love Hewitt for the lower tier actress

    Michael Bay for the misogynist director

    • Mermaid

      Clues: “desperate” for a bigger break. Many call her Jennifer Love Desperate. And she already got a break by snagging the lead in the Jewtopia soon to be indie movie. So this would potentially be a bigger break for her.

      Also, I think she looks good but she’s gotten a lot of flak for having only average looks and needing to lose weight.

      Director – blockbuster movies – misogynist – is there anyone else but Michael Bay who fits this? And a clue also is “model” muse being that VS model Rosie Huntington Whitely replaced Megan Fox as the both literal & figurative “model” muse.

    • lonelydroid

      Wouldn’t call her a young actress

    • vitaminc

      I agree with the Michael Bay guess, but how old is JLH? I don’t think she fits here.

    • Sugar Cookie

      She was the first person I thought of too. She’s starting to remind me of Paula from MTV Real World/ Challenges. JLH does seem desperate.

  • MamaCat

    Ashley Greene

  • tallzeez

    Blake Lively for the starving actress. I know of her from Gossip Girl and Green Lantern and The Town but she’s not exactly an actress with a great caliber of roles.

    But whoever the director is, he’s evil.

  • lonelydroid

    Michael Pig Bay for the director, ugh, he should be banned from earth to a remote location elsewhere in the universe.

    As for the actress Ashley Greene was first to come to mind. She just seems like someone insecure with low self worth ( wasn’t there a solved blind about her starving herself for an ex?) and desperate enough to go down with this. She also has one of those seemingly crazy rep teams who probably couldn’t care less about the well being as long as they keep/make her relevant and continue receiving those paychecks.

    I honestly don’t care for her as an actress but nobody deserves this. It’s just mean.

    • lonelydroid

      This was posted on Lainey on Ashley Green’s birthday by the way, could be the clue to her

      • redstilettos

        But she’s above ‘regular’ pretty. I’d go with Jennifer Love for this and d-bag Bay for the director. Others have guessed Blake and although I can’t stand her, she’s above ‘regular’ pretty too.

      • lonelydroid

        We are talking Michael Bay here, just because we think she’s pretty (she’s VERY pretty, IMO) doesn’t mean he does. He’s an *!

        When I hear ‘young actresses’ I think someone in their 20’s to be honest. Don’t think it’s JLH.

      • WhatLolaWants

        Ashley is above regular pretty? That’s a matter of opinion. I think JLH is prettier than Ashley…

      • redstilettos

        JLH has an ‘ant’ shaped face to me. lol Oh well. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

      • thejadedentrepreneur

        In my area of the country Ashley Green would be considered average at best. I never got the hotness from that one. JLH is something like 34 or 35, she’s no spring chicken. And while she has a hot, curvy body that I personally find very appealing, she could easily find 10 to lose (not that she NEEDS to but she could).

  • Anilas

    The director screams Michael Bay to me, not sure on the actress though.

  • JooliaGoolia

    First time poster… Ashley Greene?

  • Alison

    Jessica Biel

  • modelle18

    the director being Michael Bay… no clue on the actress

  • RexyRum

    Ashley Greene and Michael Bay
    (No sympathy though…)

  • New Belgium

    The Director is most likely Michael Bay and Lainey makes that pretty obvious in her clues. She wants us to know that. So the issue really is who’s the actress? There’s a lot of young actresses who fit this description. I’m going with Rachel Bilson. Not much going on (a line of home products that I’ve never heard much about and is her show “Heart of Dixie” even still on the air?)

  • couldbe

    I’m guessing either Brett Ratner or Michael Bay for the director…no clue for the actress! I’ll leave it up to the BG geniuses for that one 😉

  • Christian

    I feel pretty sure the director is Michael Bay… no idea about the actress, though.

  • PandoraWolf

    For some reason, I am thinking Lea Michelle? Has a big break in Glee, certainly doesn’t need to lose weight, and — not to be insulting — isn’t really super pretty.

  • MrsGosling

    Actress: Ashley Greene
    Director: Michael Bay (GAG!)

  • GG brought me here

    The director sounds like Michael Bay.

    As for this actress… I was thinking Vanessa Hudgens? But that was my guess only, can’t figure out which actress this may be about.

  • omgitskrissy

    I’m new at this, but my first guess what Jessica Biel and Michael Bay, because he uses models as “muses” and we all know who she is, and how she’s been waiting for a break. Also lainey often refers to what an asshole she thinks Bay is.

  • LaurenP9519

    Ashley Greene?

  • amandajo

    this has to be quentin tarantino which is sad because I love his movies but he does often feature beautiful women and its very well known that he considered uma thurman his muse

  • Brittttt

    Some actress and Michael Moore?

    • thejadedentrepreneur

      Michael Moore. The DOCUMENTARIAN. Let’s think about this for a second. Okay, done, not him. He’s not that kind of director.

  • DEE233


  • randijane

    The director sounds like michael bay. Not sure on the actress – amanda seifried comes to mind.

    • riddlemethis

      That is who I thought right away too. And Michael Bey. Although a few years ago I would have said James Cameron

  • michelle

    Ashley Greene

  • funkybee

    Michael Bay Ashley Greene

  • tinks53

    Jessica biel

    • tinks53

      Lainey is also always talking about how desperate Jessica is regarding her movie career and the comment about the actress being really fit makes me think Jessica biel.

    • smallbite

      How can this be J Biel? She is planning a wedding and trying to rope J Timberlake into signing a I will not cheat clause. Don’t think that it is her

  • melissakoz

    “The Director” = Terence Davies?

  • pattycakes

    Miley Cyrus

  • Lavinia

    Ashley Greene.

  • malkatz

    Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  • ILoveDlisted

    Ashley Greene and Michael Bay of pigs

  • Blitzed

    Ashley Greene/Michael Bay? No idea.

  • MoeschaB

    Oh wow am I waaaay off but i cannot get Winona Ryder and Harvey Weinstein out of my head. Is there a new project being developed called The Director? She isnt “young and new” but she could really use a “big(ger) break” following Black Swan. She certainly has the acting cred (from the 90’s)but has always taken hits for her looks as well as her kleptomania.ahem. Weinstein is known for his “life lessons” and taking advantage of desperate actresses. As well as his “favours”. I so hate to read stuff like this but it real in that world of celebrity. The actors take it too- especially from “The Director”s. There is a clue in there but i dont know what it is. Help?

  • Rebecca

    Michael Bay for the director. The actress could be anybody- I’ve got nothing.

  • Marina

    Ashley Greene

  • melmac

    Michael Bay / Blake Lively

  • Beauty

    Michael Bay and Vanessa Hudgens? Vanessa is in a hit movie now I hope she doesn’t do it.

  • bibibrock

    Not sure, but what a terrible person the director is… Her agent should set her straight and tell her to walk away. 2nd time poster… love the site. Thank you.

  • bunny22

    Actress: Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games – ‘the game, the game’, ‘mind games’) And Hunger Games is already a ‘big’ break hence the ‘big(ger).. Hunger Games has a pretty needless mention further down the page in the Jennifer Anniston article too.

    Director: Michael Bay – known for using models in his films such as Rosie Huntington-Whitley.
    Perhaps the bl*w job reference is related to the Aerosmith video he directed, “Falling in love is so hard on the knees”? The new blockbuster might be “Pain and Gain’?

    • redstilettos

      But Jennifer is def sexy and stunning, IMO. She’s not average at all to me.

      • bunny22

        To me she seems very plain compared to your usual hollywood starlet…she looks like a normal girl you could find in any town? I don’t think she’d be Michael Bay’s blockbuster type at all. I just think there are so many ‘game’ references in there…!

    • thejadedentrepreneur

      Yeah, that’s about to be one of the largest money makers in history. It’s not her. Oh, and she’s pretty much gorgeous by any measure.

  • amagod121

    Director: Michael Bay
    Actress: Blake Lively

  • Whatzmyname

    Director must be Michael Bay!
    Actress…no idea.

  • louise

    ashely green and michael bay

  • Purrana

    Ashley Greene

  • CapnZebbie

    For the director, I’m guessing Michael Bay. No idea about the actress, but I hope she wises up soon.

  • dawggy

    Lea Michelle

  • KingKatie

    Can’t think of an actress but I’d put money on the director being Michael Bay.

  • missbee18

    First time poster, longtime lurker! :) And my guess is Jessica Biel?

  • kamy

    I would so like it if it was Katie Heigl. It seems she lost some weight this last few weeks.

  • Up the Coast

    Sounds like Lindsay Lohan to me.

  • heather99

    michael bay for the director….the actress must be Hayden penatierre? Pretty much a guess but she is really really fit. or maybe amanda bynes?

  • rosiedoes

    Is, “Every struggling young actress in Hollywood,” a viable answer?

    • raslebol

      yes! (smile)
      i don’t understand why so many people guess Ashley Greene:she’s not more thin than usual

  • ImWearingVersace

    Megan Fox and Mel Gibson?

  • Xanderbaby

    Michael Bay for the director and Ashley Tisdale for the actress. I hope whoever she is reads this blind or someone who knows her and she realizes she’s better than this.

  • buttercup

    Michael Bay and…Kate Bosworth?

  • CatInTheHat

    Ashley Greene / Quentin Tarantino

  • KWDragon

    Woody Allen and Megan Fox. He is known for picking “muses” and being rough on actresses. I think she is desperate to get back in the game.

  • ItsSoColdinTheD

    Ok so we all agree it’s Michael Bay and….
    Eva longoria “desperate”
    Jennifer Beil ” fit”
    Jennifer Love Hewitt ( nicknamed desperate)

  • HushYourMouth

    Ashley Greene?

  • Bob

    Honestly, the young actress could be anyone, even a stunning girl, if the director is Michael Bay. Keep in mind he famously hired Kate Beckinsale for Pearl Harbor because he thought her looks were average at best.

  • candice3870

    Brooklyn Dekker – she is mega fit.
    Cannot lose weight
    But basically a blonde girl next door look

  • dee123

    Ashley Greene.

  • bonou2

    I think it’s Bay/biehl as well, jessica always described as fit but lately she has lost that and has a slimmer less athletic look of late

  • stephie

    Miley Cyrus.

  • Stackhouse

    After the beef between Fox and Michael Bay, I would say this sounds very plausible. This genuinly made me sick to my stomach, he sounds like a psychopath. Wouldn’t shock me if he was.

  • ClaudeFunston

    I kinda like the Jennifer Love Hewitt guess. Have you seen her lately? I follow her on Twitter and Facebook and she’s as skinny as a rail now. I’ve never seen her so thin.

    By the way, side note: I don’t care what the director says, JLH is really beautiful, even more than “regular person pretty”.

  • Cecilia

    Michael Bay and Blake lively, she is looking very skinny this days

  • Bananalicious

    Didn’t Michael Bay make Megan Fox GAIN weight for the second Transformer’s movie?

    Also. I don’t think it’s JLH.

    My guess for a girl…Vanessa Hudgens?

  • BritishPound

    A story in the UK press recently stated that Rosie Huntington Whiteley is so desperate to be in the next Sherlock Holmes film that she asked her BF Jason Statham to pursuade Guy Ritchie (who is besties with Statham) to just give her the role. She’s already thin and has been recently been looking emaciated. Rosie seems that desperate and I wouldnt put it past Ritchie.